Tuesday, July 10, 2018

First weigh in

Last night was my first weigh in.....a gain of 400grams BUT I did expect it.  (My scales before I left for work that morning showed a loss) Weigh in was between 5 and 5.30pm and I worked from 10am to 5 pm so had to rush from work as soon as I finished to make it in time. After a day of being on my feet all day I knew my weight would be up. It always is. This meeting is the only one that fits in with my work roster at the moment. I have 2 other meetings, 1 x evening and 1 x day one to choose from as well so I will go to which ever one suits my roster. Anyways the first week is done and dusted. 

I had a busy weekend.

Babysat these two on Friday night.....My first time with Summer overnight....and guess what I was up and out of bed before they woke up!!  Miss Summer was a good little girl and slept through for me.....

Saturday Simon came down with his two boys....they stayed overnight....so the house was full. 
Kylee and Garry stayed to catch up with them and have dinner so we ended up having a bbq dinner...a great catch up. Its great to get the kids together like that. 

Anyways time to go start dinner....its been a busy day at work so it will be a quick and easy one....

Monday, July 02, 2018

Back to Weight Watchers...

 Tonight was my first night back at Weight Watchers.....5pm is the only time I can fit in with my work hours....but so be it!! 
I have gained just over 8 kilo's since my last weigh in.....when I go on holidays I holiday!!
I drink which I don't very often do at home.....and the true reason for the gain methinks was the drinking...AND all the carbs I ate. Leading up to the holiday I cut out 95% of all carbs, allowed myself very very little. Not always a good thing to do especially when you reintroduce them in mega portions like I did...BUT so be it, I did expect it.
Now I am back into it. I have joined up for 12 months....hopefully with all the ups and downs in any ww journey I will get my act together and achieve my goal...its been a long time since I was there.  I was happy on my holiday...my weight held me back only a few times and I knew sooner rather than later I needed to do something. 

I have a lot of aches and pains....80% I am sure are related to my weight...time is up, I am going to do this....I have to give it a damn good go this time around. 

I have this little cutie above to run round after soon.....and the big 4 year old below to keep up with...I struggle to do that some days. I want to fit on the slides with him, climb onto the trampoline and jump....and push him on his bike, go for rides with him...

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I'm back.....

I'm back....jet-lagged, but back....
What can I say...the trip was bloody fantastic!!! The long flights not so much, hubby really struggled with those, economy seats are not all that comfy but who can afford to travel any other class....certainly not us!! 
Alaska was out of this world...loved it and I would go back tomorrow if I could. So much more to see and do there.  The cruise was great, wasn't a fan of the ship. The crew on board were great, as was the food, the people....but the layout of the ship was terrible, we weren't fans of it at all. 

Vancouver was great too, we really enjoyed our stay there. Saw heaps and even managed to catch up with a long time MSN messenger friend who travelled way out of his way to catch up with us, that was awesome of him. 

I thought the cold would really bother me but it didn't, my scarves and jackets saved me from freezing.

England was beautiful...it was picture perfect in Surrey where we were. 
It was like looking at a postcard/picture then stepping into it. 
We didn't get to see as much as I would have liked due to our host being ill and us not wanting to leave him on his own. Maybe one day we will go back and see a bit more.
Hubby says he never wants to fly that far again....but I will. 

 I wish I had a camera on me when William saw us come out through customs on our arrival at home....we heard him before we saw him. It was a big "Jenna" "Poppy"  I looked up and he was standing there shaking with excitement from head to toe with a huge grin on his face. I just knelt down and held out my arms and he flew into them. From then on he never stopped talking....bless his little heart.
And our Miss Summer.....just look at her, how she has grown.
Thankfully she remembered us....we got lots of lovely little grins from her even though she is sick with the flu. 

What a holiday, one I will NEVER EVER forget.
But geeeeeee its nice to be home. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018


This is the last post for 5 weeks....tomorrow evening we leave for our holiday of a lifetime.
Perth to New York via Dubai and Milan, we overnight only in New York.  New York to Dayton in Ohio where we stay 5 days. Dayton to Los Angeles where we stay 2 days. Los Angeles to Anchorage in Alaska where we do a 3 day land tour around Denali National Park before boarding a cruise ship and sailing for 7 nights down the past glaciers and through the inside passage to Vancouver where we will spend 6 days. Then we fly to London for 10 days before heading home. 

So its goodbye from me till our return.  

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Alls well...

Kylee had some professional pics done of our little "Snugglebug" taken. What a beautiful job she did...how cute is this little girl.  She is her mummy all over at that age...certainly takes me back.
An absolutely gorgeous day today, the weather was perfect. Shawn had his girls, I had William so after lunch we took off down the beach, a 10 minute drive away to enjoy it while we can....rain and wind forecasted for tomorrow.
William had an absolute ball...he just ran and ran the whole 3 hours we were there. He should sleep well tonight thats for sure. He talked too...heck this kid can talk, its constant yak yak yak...drives ya batty after awhile. 

Now isn't time flying...little Miss is now just a few days off 6 weeks. She smiles, she gurgles and talks to you now, just an absolute delight. 
William is as besotted as ever...hope that bond stays.

Weigh in was Saturday, weight was down again...now reached a number I haven't been at in a long long time. Hope I can keep this up, would be nice to see a bit more gone before we board the plane for our trip of a lifetime in 2 weeks time. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Its been crazy...

Its been crazy here of late. 
Ted's 70th birthday is this weekend so been doing a lot of shopping and prep for that.
Been babysitting Master William and Miss Summer a little too. Kylee has had a few appointments, house has been sprayed for nasties and the list goes on. Also had Shawn's girls some too...school holidays and their foster mum works so they have had extra Daddy time.  William loves spending time with them too....I don't mind either as they wear him out and he has a arvo nap!!
Diet....well thats been up and down. Had 2 weeks of gains, anniversaries of loved ones passed really got to me.   But back to it and I recorded a good loss last week, hoping for another this weigh in. 

Will leave you with a few pics of the little ones...
4 weeks already, time has flown. She is a good baby, sleeps well most nights...Kylee usually gets a good 4 hours, sometimes 5. 

William is still besotted with his little "Sum Sum" as he calls her. Talks to her telling her how gorgeous she is,  always touching her and loves to help Mummy with her. 

This was taken today. Absolutely gorgeous day. Little Miss was not interested in a sleep after her bottle so I stripped her off and let her kick her little legs and play in the warmth for 3o minutes. She loved it. 

Monday, April 16, 2018


Little Miss Summer is now heading towards 3 weeks old and coming along fine. She is feeding well and gaining weight as she should. Has a small hernia in her belly button that we will hope will go away...clinic nurse is keeping an eye on that.
William is absolutely besotted with his cute little "SumSum" as he calls her.