Saturday, March 10, 2018

Slowly I go....

Weigh in day today...a 200g gain on ww scales, 300g loss on mine, guess the day will come when they both will be the same. No matter if they don't...because I won't be forever going to ww meetings. Will see how the finances go after I come back from holidays, I may change to online for awhile till $'s mount up again.  
Very disappointed that I showed a gain on ww's. It's my first gain...and I am studying as to where I could have gone wrong ( I tracked every day). I actually thought I would have had a big loss as I was only over points for 1 day...the rest were spot on or under. Plenty of walks, heaps of active minutes. 
So my aim this week is to vary my diet a bit. Have different breakfasts and try out a few new recipes.  Should have a loss...have a colonoscopy on Tuesday...that means no grains or red meat tomorrow, fast on Monday ready for Tuesday.   Dear Daughter better not go into labour while I in hospital...well if she does at least I will be close, she going into the private hospital next door. 
Next Saturday weight watcher weigh in might not happen...I have an early shift that day and I don't know if I will make it to hop on scales. Will see what happens.

Right, daughter is here. There is a big fire in the next suburb....a lot of houses are without power including Kylee's. We are fine where we are, anyways we have solar power and work off the grid mostly. 

Kylee is over 38 weeks now....noticing baby is dropping. Come on baby, we are impatiently waiting.
Next Dr visit Monday unless bubba arrives before. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Baby Q

Last night we had a Baby Q to wish Kylee and Garry plus William all the very best for the coming of their little girl and Williams little sister.   It was a lovely night. They are on the countdown down, Kylee is 36+ weeks now.  No sign of her "dropping" yet, but I think she will soon, as I think she will go go early.
So....pen and paper was out yesterday, we have all written down our guess dates and weights and now wait impatiently for the arrival of our little girl.  She has a name...that will be revealed when she is born. Its S----- R---    Any guesses?? 

Weigh in was Saturday...a sts   A disappointment as I thought I had done real well.  
This coming week.....mmmmmm after last night and the over indulging I will have to work hard to redeem myself......

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Birthday week

Another week down but her above ^^^^^^^ is counting them too, 5 weeks to go and it can't go fast enough. She is loving the pregnancy, loves feeling baby grow, kick, and move around but is getting so tired. Sleep pattern is erratic but she now has the advantage of napping in the afternoon now she is on maternity leave and William is at Kindy or daycare. 
Bubby is head down, lets hope she stays there, Kylee desperately wants a vaginal birth this time around. William was stuck breech under Kylee's ribs so was a caesar. Fingers crossed it happens for her. Her gyno says it being a former twin pregnancy so it could go anyway...but he is letting her try to go naturally. 
Having a Baby Q on the weekend as a baby shower for both of them....just a few friends over, a lot have other commitments as we left it a little late to decide on a date.

Had a busy week last week. Visitors from the USA were here and we took them on a quick tiki tour down the South West...taking in the chocolate factory, wine and liqueur tasting and some beautiful coastal scenery.
Result at weigh in showed was a 100g gone....but I was happy about that considering my week.
Hoping for a better week this week although it is my birthday week.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Back to work...

Just a quick post. Its 6.30am Sunday morning, and I have my first shift back at work today after my op. Also have some American radio friends that are touring Australia and New Zealand coming this afternoon. Hubby has "met" both of them on ham radio and has been chatting to them for a few years now. Friends who live up the road (Neville is also a ham radio operator and chats to them too and his wife ) are going up to Perth to pick them up and bringing them down here the inland way and showing them points of interest as they travel. They will be dropped off here in the late afternoon as tonight we'll have a bbq with them and Neville and his wife Margaret, and tomorrow we'll take them touring a bit further down south before taking them back to Perth via the coastal highway (so they will get to see more) as Tuesday they fly to Hobart with their tour group. Looking forward to meeting them and doing the tiki tour with them. 

Weigh in was Saturday....yay to another 800g gone. Loving the new weigh watchers plan...its just so easy, too easy to be true...but I am stoked its working!!

Right...I gotta go move...a few more things to organise. Have to pack myself a lunch so I don't veer too much off plan today and I have some chores to get done before I leave. 
As the pic above ^^^^ shows I want to keep going and stick to the plan as much as I can. Holiday of a lifetime looms and I so want to travel in comfort. 

Focus Jen, focus...

Sunday, February 04, 2018


This is my new motto...and it seems to be working.
First weigh in at weight watchers on Saturday, a 1.5 loss. Wasn't sure what the scales would say even though I had a great week, but due to recovering from op I had no exercise to add to the mix. So I was thrilled with the result. Tomorrow is my first day out walking, this weekend I have felt great, very little soreness and no pain so think its time. 
Last night I indulged, had a few cookies with my jarrah hot chocolate which ate into my "slush fund" .... but thats what the extra's are for. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


 Yep...its back I go again....
Going into hospital on Tuesday and hopping on the scales there had me in tears....I couldn't believe it. Most of the weight I lost for my last cruise...all back on!! 
Came home the day after op, feeling sore and sorry for myself and while browsing Facebook  saw a post of a old blogger friend of mine "killing" the program!! Then in my emails an offer from WW themselves offering a good deal.... Before I knew it I was clicking join. Saturday morning I was at my local meeting...and ready to start...
So far so good...
I have about 16 weeks to go before we fly goal is to be a healthier fitter version of me by then. I want to be able to fly in comfort. 
 ok....which one is 7 months pregnant??
Kylee is looking terrific...but very tired. The hours she does at work have been killing her, it was just getting too much. 
But her gyno signed her off today....she is officially on maternity leave. 
Shawn is going well. As you can see very healthy... 
A friend of mine who is terminally ill has him working on her property a few days a week doing odd jobs which is earning himself some cash money....and helping her out too. Life is so darn unfair at times. 
Since getting out of prison we have found it very hard to get him moving...he is a bit of a slug...but very slowly he is getting better...
Hopefully as time goes on he will get more motivated to do more to better himself. He is still required to go to his corrections officer regularly, he has counselling sessions every week and also has centrelink job find appointments to attend.  Him having no license its up to either myself or hubby to get him there and back. 
But we'll take the Shawn we have now to the one we had this time 12 months ago!!! 

So far so good after op. Did a bit too much today and really feeling it....hence it heading towards midnight and me sitting up unable to get comfortable enough to sleep. 
I will rest more tomorrow thats for sure....

Saturday, January 20, 2018

What a week!!

What a week it has been.....
Since my Uncle passed away I have fallen big time off the wagon...I have eaten everything and anything, so much so I have been sick to the stomach and still stuffed more in. 
( Losing Uncle meant it was the end of an mum's family is no more, Uncle was the last one.  I feel my cousin's pain, even though its 21 months since we lost mum its never ever far from my mind...and my cousins will be feeling the same for their much loved Dad. ) 
Was so upset with myself, and really worried about my health, so much so I went to a Dr. Told him how upset I was about my weight, how I binge eat whenever "life" gets the better of me. He sent me off to the pathologist and a whole heap of bloods were taken just to make sure there was no underlying problem. I asked him about a appetite suppressant, namely Duromine....but that was a big fat NO! 

Anyways after a few more days of wallowing today is the first day I haven't gone out and deliberately sabotaged myself with my eating. I have not been 100% but hey its been heaps better than what I was!!  Maybe it was my weigh in...2.4 up....all that in 6 days!!
And here I am trying to lose weight. 4 months is all I  have got to lose a few kilo's, I want to be able to travel to Canada/Alaska and London in comfort in May/June. Our trip is coming around so quickly....we'll be flying out before I know it !

Have another few hurdles to jump yet. My Uncles funeral is on Monday....well actually its a service as he will be later cremated and his ashes spread across the farm where he grew up on farmed along with his family. 
Then Tuesday I am admitted to hospital for surgery, a prolapse is to be repaired....again. This is the 3rd time, so hopefully this time it will be done properly. 
So hopefully that will be one problem that I won't have to live with anymore.