Wednesday, April 01, 2020

The virus

This darn virus is getting to me....people just don't care!!
I'm still working, I am classed as an essential worker. Someone has to clean and sanitise the shopping centres that I work in and thats me and my workmates. So many people seem to think its "just another flu" ...don't know how many times I have heard that in the last few weeks. But the shopping centre is becoming quieter and people are slowly starting to obey the rules. They can't shop or browse anymore anyways, 95% of the shops are shut. 
I am also still looking after the 2 little grandies.They have been pulled out of school and daycare, not that Kylee wanted them to be, but because they both got a cold and had coughs and runny noses. Both saw the Drs so all good, definitely NOT the virus.  Kylee is a baker at Woolworths so she is an essential worker too, but she reduced her hours so she could isolate for a few days with the kids to get them over the colds. Plus..she now home schools William...shes a great Miss Mum 😊

Me and my weight....blah...but I am trying to get myself back on track. Im turning into a whale 🐳 out of water...I have some good days, but not many, got to find that mojo again.
Days off now...not that we can do much or go anywhere. I have a few things to get from the shop in the morning, I'll do that early then I can catch up on some housework here. 

Friday, March 20, 2020

Where I'm at...

I am slowly but surely getting myself back on track. A Dr visit and a change in thyroid meds has seen me improve. I am not following any "diet" as such, its a bit "hit and miss" at the moment BUT the scales are coming down. 
A lot is going on...what with this coronavirus outbreak there is a lot of panic buying, a lot of new school guidelines I have to follow with the kids when I drop them off to daycare and school. Work is the same, we are doing everything we can possibly do to protect ourselves and the shopping malls we clean.
I haven't panic bought, I only get paid fortnightly so have just been doing my normal shop. I will admit to using my pension card and going in at the new 7am to 8am opening where only those with a card can shop and buy a few extras that are not on the shelves come my normal shop time. 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

I'm back...

And fatter than I have been in a long time.....I feel yuk!!! 
Just looking at myself makes me want to cry.
Looking at the scales does.
I have gained 14 kilo's since January 11th to now....
A doctor visit today....then its time to get rid of this fat again!!! 

 I loved the cruise...had the best time with my sister...met some fantastic people...6 nights just wasn't long enough!!!  

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Getting there...

On February the 1st the online weigh in group started another new 3 month round. The last round was my all time worst round ever!! I went from my lowest weight in a long time to my highest weight in a long time. Some of it I will admit to cheap shonky scales...but the rest there is no one to blame but me. Lost focus, self sabotage, whichever way you like it all boils down to me losing the lot plot! 
Food is my go to when I am down, I'm an emotional eater and you would think I would have THAT learnt my lesson by now, heck I am nearly 64. I have been battling my weight for most of my life. I wasn't overweight as a child, but once I left school, married and started having children the weight slowly started going on. More so when I was diagnosed with an inactive thyroid...and that was after my daughter was born in 1985. So from then to now I have played the yoyo game....lowest being 64 kilo's to highest 114kilo's. I have lost weight with Jenny Craig...kept that off for 3 years, done Easy Slim and lost weight but the group folded and the weight went back on.  Weight Watchers was my biggest success. I started that in late 2004 got to goal weight of 68 kilo's in March 2006. I kept that off for over 5 years though I settled on around 74/5 kilo's. But then life got in the way and I ate my through them. I have managed not to get up into the 3 numbers again...and hope I never do again. 
I tried ww again last year, but what with work and looking after grandies I couldn't get them to gel...even online. I haven't been able to get into ww since I became a lifer. 
I am doing lazy kept now....and I love it. 
Yes, I do fall off the wagon and eat what I shouldn't but I am back to it again..and hope to get my starting weight down before I go cruising on the 19th. (First weigh in since starting this round is tomorrow morning so I will do a edit in the morning)

EDIT :- I lost 1.4 

I know I am not going to be able to resist while on the boat but I am hoping on my return to slide back into kept mode. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Where am I at....

I'm lost...

So much going on...I've lost focus...BUT I am slowly working my way back in the right direction.
Weight is only takes a few days of poor eating and those demon scales tell me off...but I have promised myself after this long weekend away I will be back fully on track. Will need to be...I won't fit into my clothes I have packed away for my cruise which is only 4 weeks away!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Paul 50th we like to remember and a smoke down the beach fishing....

Paul a few weeks before he passed..
Having a bit of a hard time today.
If Paul had lived he would have been celebrating his 50th birthday.....
......well actually we are going to celebrate later tonight. His partner Tanya and his 3 kids with her are putting on a small party so we can raise our glasses and say cheers....

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Slowly getting back on track.

First up, to each of you all

Happy New Year
I wish you all the very best of everything for 2020

Ahhhh how true is those that know me they would agree. I am forever losing my keys, my phone, my iPad... I put them down and then later on walk around in circles looking for them....

Anyways an update...
It was weigh in day today and since the 21st of December to today I have lost 1.2 kilo's.
I'm not 100% on track, but I have stopped the constant eating of junk and thinking a bit more about what I am eating.
Its a battle, a constant one...but I am getting myself back on track.
Its 6 weeks till we 
cruise, we being my sister and myself. Can't wait!! Its only 6 nights from Sydney to Hobart to Melbourne to Sydney but we counting down to it.
My sister hasn't done any travelling at all so its going to huge for her. 

My aim from now to then is to lose at least 4 kilo's. Hope I can myself together enough to do that. Have my 
nieces marriage vow renewal tonight...then I can work hard till the 24th when my brother gets married and a long weekend away. After that is only 3 weeks till we fly to Sydney.
Eeeeeeeeeek putting it like that its not long at all!!!