Saturday, December 04, 2021

I’m back….

 I haven’t been anywhere much….but I did forget to post last week.

So….last week I had a stay the same which I deserved. I had an “off” weekend and there wasn’t a lot weight watching involved. I was left -15 for the beginning of this week so delighted with a 500g loss today. 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve had Skye’s 18th birthday, her year 12 graduation and today Williams 1st trampoline comp.  So proud of these grandee’s of mine.

Jaydene was there for Skye’s graduation as was Jahzara with her carer so Grumps and I got to have cuddles 

Work is getting super busy what with Christmas just a few weeks away now.  The new company I’m finding ok. Loved our supervisor so was very surprised and saddened to hear yesterday that she has resigned. Wonder what will happen now. I’m counting down to retirement next year. 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Weigh in again…

 Gee it’s Saturday again, this last week has flown by. Nothing exciting has happened, I lead a very boring life obviously.

Yesterday I went gift shopping. My granddaughter turns 18 tomorrow…..can’t believe how quickly that time has gone. Seems like last week I was giving her cuddles after I watched her mother give birth to her. Skye also graduated from high school yesterday…..though her “official” graduation is on Thursday evening.  She is off with her “besties” getting things ready for her 18th birthday party that her mum is giving her for her 🥳 🎂  🎉  Well I hope her mum is paying for it and not Skye. Her friends were going to give her a 🎊 party but that fell through thus her mum stepping up. We were planning to give her a party but Skye’s friends wanted to do it so we backed down. Guess we’ll have cake on Sunday when she comes home.

She is relying on friends for transport. She did take over her Dads old car but that is off the road and she is looking for a more reliable one. We did warn her that Shawns car was “passed it used by date” but she so wanted it and the independence. Anyways hopefully we’ll find something within our budget for her….something that she can afford to pay us back for. 

Hope tonight is a great night for her. 

Lunch time.

I’m having the laziest of days. Only hubby and I here today and tonight so making the most of it. 

Ohhh the scales were nice, 400g down. Little by little I’m going down.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday again.

Another week has flown by.
Nothing exciting has happened. It’s just been work and home. 
Have William and Summer all weekend, Mum has work today then has taken tomorrow off as she has her partners Christmas Party to go to tonight. She is so excited as it a cocktail party up in Perth. She has bought a dress and some new make up from a beauty specialist who showed her how to “ make herself up”. Kylee is like me and very rarely wears make up or dresses so she has been practicing her makeup daily and wearing her new high heels around the house. 
Micheal, her partner, is not going to know her, he has never seen her “dressed up to the nines”. 

Today of course is weigh in day. Pleased to see a loss of 700grams.

It’s McHappy Day today, so took the kids up to Macca’s for breakfast. Later on going to a few Christmas fairs, hopefully they will find a few little gifts for their parents that I can put away for them.

Sunday, November 07, 2021


 Was weigh in day……and a 200g loss. Could have been more but I had a couple of days where I wasn’t drinking enough. And last night, even though I had the points to spare I ate way too much.

I took the kids down the park early yesterday, it’s just down the road and very popular. The kids love it and love that I get them down there before everyone else (except a few other early birds) so they can enjoy all swings, flying foxes and climbs to themselves. After a few hours playing it was time for home, get their bags packed ready for when Mum arrived to pick them up and take them to Mandurah and hand them over to their Dad for an overnight visitation.

Then it was work for me….. and that is where I fell off the wagon. Darn self sabotage. Once I started I couldn’t stop BUT today I’m on the wagon, drinking my water and being a good weight watcher. 

Monday, November 01, 2021

Doing ok

I am doing ok, except my knee.

It is really giving me some pain. Doesn’t help that although it is November now and we still still getting winter weather. I am so over the cold, wet and dreary weather. 

I’m just getting ready to go to work, but thought I’d better record Saturday’s weigh in. 400g down.

WW changed their program, not too sure about it it, but I’ll keep to it and believe it’s going to keep working. 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

I managed…..

 Another loss…700g down. I’m happy with that, especially as last Saturday I ate as though eating was going out of fashion. 

I’ve had my 1st week of work with the new company that took over. Wonderful friendly people so far, very professional but not over the top. Not a real fan of the uniform…..mainly coz I think I look like a policeman 👮‍♂️….but because I have to have the shirt tucked in (which shows off my belly apron 😳) wear a belt and also because I have to iron the dratted  thing!! I do not iron!! Going to have to dig deep and find the darn thing. I’ll get a pic of me in uniform soonish. My supervisor is a lovely lady and has given me the hours I require. That was made hard for her because centre management has cut down our cleaning time in the centre by over 2 hours. They not too happy about those changes 😚


I’m nearly at my first weight loss mini goal, and I do have to admit though sometimes I feel I’m not getting there fast enough BUT I am FEELING  a heck of a lot better within myself. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

A loss, then…….

Weighed in (lost 500g) Friday morning as that afternoon Shawn was hosting his friends and workmates to his birthday BBQ at ours. 

I worked at not over indulging and I didn’t, well not much, but come Saturday I could NOT stop eating, I made short work of the leftovers 😳

 I counted everything and believe me the damage was BIG. I was so peeved off at myself. 

We were so proud of our son. He handled hosting his party with ease and enjoying showing off us and his home to his friends. 
It’s been 5 years of him being drug free and out of trouble. In that 5 years, he has paid off all his fines, bought himself a car and a 4x4. He has had part time work which led him to the permanent position he has now. 
His friends and work mates that came to his bbq spoke very highly of him to us and kept on telling us what a great person he is. So so proud. 

Anyways Sunday I got my act together and I’m very firmly back on track. 

Fingers crossed  I haven’t done too much damage 🤞  

I’ve got till Saturday to rectify the damage.