Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling confident...

I have been working really hard this week, trying new recipes, trying new exercises and   just keeping myself focused. And lost 500g...thought it would be more but hey as long as those numbers go down I am smiling.
Its not been easy, a few background drama's going on....namely my husband after 18 years of putting up with crap at his work has told them enough is enough and has told them he is finishing. Him and the manager are in the process of working out all the benefits he is owed. Hubby is 65 and ready to retire....but geee its scary when we have no retirement funds, and not a lot in superannuation to fall back on. But a few months ago we did go see a financial planner, we have a meeting with him coming up soon.....so hopefully things aren't/won't be as bad as I am thinking they may.  
We have no investments, but retirement, cutting expenses, living on a small income doesn't worry me....done it before, can do it again..
Although I want one....just one big overseas holiday before I retire.....I long to travel to Canada and some parts of the USA...wonder will my dream come true.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Melbourne Wedding

The trip to Melbourne was just great (other than I caught a cold) and I really enjoyed my time re-connecting with my niece and family. 
The wedding of Morag (my nieces maternal aunt) was small and very pleasant. I ended up taking a lot of pics for her as she dressed at the house we were all staying in, as did her son (who gave her away) and his lil family...so she will have lots of special memories to look back on.

I managed a few early morning walks while I was away before the weather changed and the rain set in, ate reasonably well from our prepared menu's and was happy to see on the scales this morning 600g gone. Thats over 2 weeks, so with the travelling plus getting the flu, I am happy.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

This week

 I have had 2 of my dear grand-daughters staying over for a few nights sleep over while they were on school holidays. These 2 are the "troublesome" ones eldest two. Absolutely gorgeous kids who really dote on attention, cuddles and some extra spoiling. They were so good and I hated taking them home but school started for them on Monday. 
 While they were with us we took them up to hubby's mother's house for a visit. Their great-nanna hadn't seem in ages so was extra delighted with our visit. 
I am off for a small holiday on Thursday, I am flying to Melbourne with my niece, her hubby and their kids and my nephews partner and their kids. My nephew was going too, but he started a new job a week or so ago and was unable to go......so they changed the ticket into my name and asked me to join them instead. I am looking forward to it and I am so thrilled they asked me.

Now.....drumroll please. My first weigh in on my new adventure with WW showed a loss of 3.8 !!!
All due to portion size. I have gone back to weighing and measuring everything that goes into my mouth....no more guess-timating !!!
I will miss next weeks weigh in as I will be still in Melbourne...but I am on a roll now, so there will be no "going off the rails" for me. My niece and I sat down the other night  and planned the menu's  for our stay and did an online order of food and we'll be having that delivered to the house we are staying in after our arrival.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Yesterday I rejoined weight watchers...and what a relief it was, it felt good walking in that door and being met by an old friend. I was so excited that when I stepped on the scales I was still in my work shoes and had 2 phones and my work keys in my pockets !! What a duffer....but hey at least I know next Tuesday I will have a loss, cos I won't have them in my pocket then !! 

Yesterday was also exciting for another reason...I am just over the moon.
My dear daughter has been feeling very off colour for the past few weeks....so in her words, she piddled on a stick 3 times and 3 times it said she was pregnant !! After all the trouble she had trying to get pregnant with her ex and her last Dr saying she had polycystic ovary syndrome and possibly wouldn't be able to have children unless she had a op and possible hormone treatment....this was a HUGE surprise to her.....thus the appointment yesterday for an ultrasound to have it confirmed.
Its early days yet, she is only 6 weeks pregnant....but the grin on her face...and mine....are huge.
We are going to have a Christmas baby. As yet very few people know, I can't wait for her to say I can tell everyone.....shhhhhhhhhhh