Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nearly holiday time….

This is the Voyager of The Seas….the boat we will cruising on for 16 days….
Friday morning we board a flight to Sydney…we will explore Sydney for a few days, also catching up with a few friends before boarding this huge ship on Monday afternoon. We sail out of Sydney at 7pm…. Bring it on I say…I am ready to have some fun. Hubby is going boy oh boy all those people…but WTF I say…lets go enjoy. 

Weigh in…this is what I posted early on Facebook…

No weigh in today as I put my ww on hold a few days ago as I was meant to be working in another shopping centre and would not have been able to get to meeting. And you know what I shouldn't have done that as with no weigh in to go to it gave me a license to eat…and eat I did!! I actually gorged myself, one day eating so much I was sick, physically sick!! Once I woke up to how bloody stupid I was being, I got myself back on track, not 100% on track but a lot better than where I was. Anyways..things changed and I could have got to my meeting so this morning I weighed in on my own scales and was happy to see I had only gained a few hundred grams.
Anyways 2 more shifts to go then we fly over to Sydney ready to board the cruise ship. Now all I have to do is stay at least 90% on track…and not come back 7 kilo's heavier like a friend of mine did !!!!!!!

So this is the last post till I am back and ready to post in April…

Catch you then…...

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Another week down...

 On Friday I travelled down to Manjimup to catch up with my dear Mum. Took Mr Troublesome down with me as its been ages since he has seen his Nanny. As you can see she was absolutely stoked to see him. And he was great company for me on the way down and back. Ever soooooooo slowly he is getting his life back on track. A few steps backward every now and then but those backward steps are getting less. 

 I have a wedding to go to in May. Browsing the net the other day I saw this dress and fell in love, just love the style and the colour….so with a click of the mouse I have ordered and paid for it..just gotta hope it fits me now. 

And I just can't do a post with a pic of this lil darling boy.  He is now  approaching 14 months old and a utter delight. Kylee and Garry went away for the weekend and of course this little man was strapped into the back seat.
He was meant to go into daycare as of today, but the daycare had a approval retracted for some reason, and until that is sorted Garry is still the main carer.
Kylee turns 30 this coming weekend, would love to be there but unfortunately can't be, but Kylee's best friend is flying up for the weekend to celebrate with her.

We fly out to Sydney next Friday. The 2.6 I wanted to lose by then is not going to happen…but hey I gave it my best shot. I lost a 100g this week, I had a great week on track and sorta expected more, but any loss is better than a gain. Next week will the last weigh in before we go cruising….