Saturday, February 23, 2019

Stressed...but coping with Keto...

Damn Garry, Kylee's ex is a real bastard.
He's full of threats, he's sending Kylee horrible nasty and bullying texts and then also tagging her on Facebook with Memes saying he loves her and she's horrible for not giving him a second chance. I missed a chance on Facebook last night, he posted a picture that could have got him in a whole lot of shit....and we could have kept the kids away from him today (his access weekend) but being tired and stressed I didn't even think of screenshotting it!! Now that made me feel so damn bad.  I wish Kylee would just block him..on everything and only unblock him when he has the kids. 
Now come on Garry, you are the one that has continually cheated, you are the one that manipulated and are the one that made the mistakes!! Yet in his tiny little mind he is twisting it around saying that Kylee is the one in the wrong because she denied him affection.
It is really getting to Kylee....and truth be told it is getting to us too. 
Thinking maybe she is going to have to get legal advise. 

Simon is also having relationship problems. He and his girlfriend have split.  Our troublesome one Shawn is the only one that is happy and carefree....and doing just great drug free and sober...proud of him. Just wish he would get a job and start making plans for his future....that is move on and leave home again!! Really he is no problem...BUT I want just us again. 

Anyways another week done on Keto. 

And I have nailed it....
Another loss on the scales this morning...(600grams) Wasn't sure what the "demons" would say this morning as last Friday I ate a small block of chocolate, and then Saturday night I had pizza. It gave me a headache the next day actually and it made it easy to climb back on board the Keto way of eating. It proved to me I can do this....I surprise myself every day I eat this way...I don't miss bread, or pasta, or rice or potato's and I really thought I would.
Long may I keep feeling like this. Before I started I was rapidly heading towards a number I never wanted to see again, I felt miserable and ate more because I was miserable. I hated myself and my body...Keto way of eating has saved me....and I thank the friend who talked me into it. Thanks Rach.

Monday, February 18, 2019

So how have I been going?

So, how have I been going? Truthfully, great!! I am so loving this Lazy Keto and it seems to be working for me....which I was real surprised about. I didn't think I could live without my carbs...I loved bread and ate it frequently, but up till this weekend I hadn't had any since I started Keto.
I started Keto on January 16th and as of February 16th I have lost nearly 6 kilo's. 
On Friday night I had a blow out and ate a small block of chocolate and Saturday night I had all the kids here and grandies and they wanted a pizza we ordered in!! 
 It was such a lovely evening we all sat out on the lawn and indulged. I only had a 3 small slices and a taste of garlic bread but on Sunday morning I woke up feeling rather blah.  So its back on the wagon and back into doing what is working for me.  Slow and steady and lets see what happens. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

I'm still here....

 Yeah I am still here....
And I am going well.
Had a good long talk with some friends of mine, both have been doing Lazy Keto for nearly 12 months. One of those friends has lost over 20 kilo's and she has a lot of medical conditions that has hampered her progress. 
Anyways after a bit of research and feeling very apprehensive I started this way of eating on the 16th January. So far so good. I thought I would really struggle with the lack of bread...but so far I haven't even craved it. 
Saw my Dr and she approves and said it would help me with my diverticulitis. I sure know it has helped me with bloating and a lot of my aches and pains in my legs have gone.  
Best of all, I have lost 5 kilo so far. Long may these kilo's keep coming off!! 
I really needed help...just before I started this the scales were heading higher and higher, clothes were straining at the seams, I was miserable and hating myself and just couldn't stop the never ending emotional eating.

Two weekends ago and Sunday and Monday just gone we headed out bush for some time out. It was marron season (freshwater lobster would describe them) and we went out and caught our quota....very delish...

Time out was much needed. Looking after grandies a couple of nights a week (sometimes 4 nights in a row) does make me a little weary. William is now a real talk a mile a minute 5 year old (he never shuts up!!) and Summer is just starting to get mobile 10 month old.
Every second weekend I have Shawn's girls (15 years and 12 years) to give their foster mother some respite. They get their noses into their phones/tablets so don't get a lot of too much out of them.  Have to prise them away from them so get outside and get some fresh air. 

I may have to have the little ones a bit more often....depends on Kylee and Garry. 
Kylee has kicked Garry out....he is not to return. Once a cheater, always a cheater...but this time Kylee caught him out red handed.
He has the kids 2 night a week on his days off...Kylee will never deny him that, but thankfully she has rid of him once and for all!!