Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Holiday time.....

Tomorrow morning is the day we get taken to the airport, we fly to Sydney and spend a few days with our friends who will drop us off up at the ship on Sunday.....
Today we have spent doing the last minute things, I stripped the beds and washed towels, had my haircut .... Ted mowed the lawns, put the retic on a timer...

Kylee, Garry and William are moving in to help Shawn out, plus he will help them with the babysitting duties while they both work. 

Kylee is going well, getting quite the little tum now ^^^^^^
She has a ultrasound on Monday, and she can find out the gender too. She has decided if "its" legs are open and they can see they will find out BUT if they have to look to see they won't find out.
She has been given instructions to Facebook message me as soon as possible with gender. 
I thinking girl. 

Right off to zip up cases and weigh them. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Slowly slowly.....

Slowly slowly the weight is coming off...100g last week, 100g this week. I don't make it easy on myself, I tend to become a little piggy on weigh in day and the next day, then spend the rest of the week trying to rectify my binge. The tape measure and my clothes tell me lots of inches have gone!! And people are noticing. I see a difference in my pictures but not in the mirror. Disappointed in myself, I could have done heaps better if I stopped treating myself and stuck to my plan. But just the same, I am happy with the results that I have achieved, 12 plus kilo's gone since the 17th January. 

My troublesome one is settling in well. He's onely but is starting to believe that his family still loves him despite all that he has done. He is getting on real with his father again, and his brother and sister. He looks great. He was about 70 kilo's when he went into jail, he looked just skin and bone, very unhealthy. 

This is him now, a 100 kilo's, clear skin with a healthy appetite. A real pleasure to have around. I so enjoy his company once again. 

His sister is now 17 weeks pregnant...and all going well. She is slowly getting a nursery ready for our little bundle due March next year. Its going to be a "surprise" much to my frustration...I would love to know what she is having. Kylee was over 100 kilo when she had William so its hard to pick the difference between the 2 pregnancies. 

 The 2 pics above are Kylee, the first one she was nearly 7 months...but I think you could see thee difference in sizes. Kylee really feels this one is a girl...I am hoping girl too.

And this gorgeous wee man can't understand why Mummy is taking so long to grow his baby bruvver ....such a cutie. 

Now before I go...the countdown to our holiday/cruise is on. We fly to Sydney on the 26th to say with friends before sailing out to Fiji  on the 29th. We go to Lautoka, Suva, Lifou Island and Vanautu ... soooooo looking forward to it. 

Monday, October 02, 2017

Where's time go??

Well where has time gone...hullo October !!

Been so busy with shifts at work, babysitting William and in between I have attended a few court cases for Shawn.
He is out out on Friday on a 2 year suspended sentence on his own surety.
A long road ahead of him....BUT he seems prepared to face it.
Being inside has changed him for the better. A lesson has been learnt I think.
He is living with us for the time being. We are not minding that, as I said he has changed and he is actually a pleasure to have around. Its been a long long time since I have been able to say that!!

He has put on a heap of weight back on,  the dark skin caused from use of drugs has gone, his eyes are clear....he looks great.  Kylee and him already have got close again and he is enjoying time with his little nephew. 
We are trying to arrange some time to spend with his own kids while they are on school holidays.

Now weight....yoyo'ing a little till last week then I dropped 1.4 kilos and I am now at the lowest I have been in a long time. THEN last night I had a small binge on bread which I haven't been eating very much of.....

On cruise countdown now..25 days and we fly to Sydney, 27 days and we will be sailing......