Monday, February 29, 2016

Birthday Week

My Besties 

My kids..there is always one !!

Me and my Mummy..



It was the best night… extended family and closest friends.
My gorgeous niece made my cake…it was a surprise until she arrived with it…I just burst into tears.
besties were there, along with my kids and grandee's. Tanya came out too, very teary for her to start with, the last time she was out here with family and friends was for Paul's wake….which I understood as were a little teary ourselves.
My sister had herself a good night too even though she has just received some bad news. She has found a lump under her arm, tests results aren't the best BUT tomorrow we will know more…
Not the best ww week, but I did have a stay the same….unfortunately I don't it will stay the same next weigh in as I haven't had the best of eating over the past 4 days.

New month tomorrow and that means it will be cruise month…come Easter we will fly to Sydney ready to board our cruise ship on the 30th. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Another week gone by….

The last month or so we have had very hot weather with extreme fire conditions and had a lot of bush fires close by. A whole little town 30 minutes up the road was nearly wiped out and 2 lives were lost. The day before yesterday yet another fire started just 10 minutes away and peoples homes were once again under threat. Unfortunately we have some very sick people around as most of the fires around were lit by arsonists ! The last 2 days we have had some much needed relief with cooler weather, I have been loving it and so have the fire fighters too I guess as they finish mopping up the fires.

A week today and I will have these home for a long weekend….my 60th birthday celebrations.
I wasn't going to have a party but we decided it would be nice to get everyone together and celebrate a life. Will be sad too not having Paul but we will raise our glasses and salute those that can't be with us. 

Weigh in today…and I was delighted to see 2.1 gone this week. Going to be hard to maintain that with lots on this week, a few meals and drinks out….but hey I will give it a go. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

2nd Online weigh

And despite an emotional week I nailed it….lost a 1 kilo. 

5 months the other day since we lost Paul, and that was the only day we could get to see lawyers, needed to get in there and change our wills. Thankfully thats all done now.

Have work later today, then the weekend off. My 60th birthday coming soon and I am working all that weekend, but have a party organised for the following weekend, going to be great to have family and friends together….and best of all I get to see the little rascal above. Its icy pole time above, or "cold colds" as he calls them. He is growing up so quickly. 

Troublesome son so far is coping with his daughter living with him…she has him wrapped around his little  finger though.

Right outta here…a full and busy day ahead. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Online group weigh in

and that means its my first weigh in with my new online "Making Changes" group...
and yup the big question is….have I lost? Its only been 4 days since the challenge has begun so…..

so …. what are the dratted things going to say??

Well……..after a totally on track (except for the liquorice chocolate log I had) I managed to lose 600grams in the 4 days. 

So I am one happy chick

Its been totally awesome having a few friends in the group, and I am making more friends within it too. Have a few fitbit challenges on. The focus has been great for me. It's what I needed . I am still having "moments" like this morning. Ted has gone down to Paul's to take his ham radio antenna's down, and take his radio's out his car and after he left I had a total meltdown…he should be still enjoying his radio hobby.

Anyways onwards and downwards to a new week…..