Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is how I feel at the moment "WHATEVER" !! I am not sleeping properly, work is sooooooo busy, and I am tired, moody and downright bitchy!! And so hungry...I am eating too much these last few days, I don't think I have gone to much overboard...I hope!! I am drinking gallons of water daily, and excercising everyday. Emailing Berrie tonight and other than menopause and hormone troubles we think it could be lack of protein thats causing the hungery's. So think it's back to basics for me...weighing food, checking portion sizes etc and stop being so casual about all this and start getting serious again. RIGHT !!! I can do it!!!
Am hoping this new medication for hormones/menopause and thyroid I am on will start kicking in soon and I can get serious about losing this last little bit of weight....I do feel better than what I did other than the very restless/sleepless nights. Can't really tell as work is so full on and tiring anyways. Got 3 days off being a long weekend so hopefully I can have a bit of r&r. Some fishing hopefully if the weather stays fine...ohhhhhh and my nephews 21st Saturday night in Manjimup, and catching up with my dear mum, brother and sister and friends who will all be there.
But I am not going to put a time frame on it.....I will just keep at it and one day soon I will get there....I know I will.
No weigh in this Monday evening, so have time to get myself into gear and do something to get this body of mine back to norm and me feeling real good again!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All good

Just a post to wish me HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!
Yeaaaa this week I celebrated my 1st year with weight watchers and after my 100g loss last night I have lost a total of 24.9 kilo's!! Did my measurements again this morning even thou they aren't due to next week and in the year I have lost 126cm....wowwwww!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

We WON AGAIN .....


What a game.....

WE WON!! WEST COAST EAGLES beat Adelaide...yeaaaaaaa

I am so excited still.....I could hardly watch the game, my tummy had a herd of elephants in it instead of butterfly's, but I earned heaps of bonus points bouncing around in the last quarter willing the Eagles on to a win!! Gee, wish I could go see the EAGLES kick Sydneys butt at the Grand Final!! Ohhh I hope so anyways, its gotta be our turn this year!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Had a loss

After a topsy turvy week, I weighed in on Monday evening and lost 600g.......

Having another "topsy turvy" week this week...menopause and thyroid meds have been changed....and having some sleepless/restless nights and having cravings but I will be doing the best I can....

Saturday, September 16, 2006





My footy team played tonight, phewwwwwwwww we won!! I wonder how many bonus points I earned myself jumping up and down barracking!!?? Being the semi finals, and having lost to Sydney last week, it was nerve racking to watch.

It's been a tough week for me this week...I had a phone call from my daughter who lives in Victoria, she needed me as she had few problems and was suffering from a huge bout of homesickness!! I felt hopeless and feeling completely drained and tired and missing my girl heaps I headed for the "sugar" and began emotional eating!! Work has been so "full on " and physically hard so all the tiredness I had been feeling I put down to that. It could have been worse, I think I would have gone on a real binge but my dear friend Berrie realised how bad I was feeling and picked me up and helped me try sort out my feelings and moods and tell me all I was feeling was normal... THANKS darl. And Carol too, your advice has been taken on board too, and I agree with you ....MENOPAUSE SUX!!!!
Anyways went to my Dr this morning and my hormone levels are nearly rock bottom, I am allergic to some ingredient in my hrt patches, and my thyroid levels are too high .... so hopefully a change in my meds will get me up and back to feeling alive again.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hanging in there!!!

It's been one of those weeks....!!

Had a great week, did everything right, or so I thought, go to weigh in Monday evening.....AND GAIN 200 grams...!!!

What can I say...but I am hanging in there, and I WILL get there eventually...I am too stubborn to give in, I want to get to goal.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday walk

This morning was lovely and sunny so I donned my joggers, grabbed my water bottle and walkman, picked up my digital camera and went walking. Along the way took these pics, plus many more, so my good friends Berrie and Vegemite could enjoy the walk with me. The walk takes over an hour and I love it, what with the scenic water views, wildlife and fauna it goes all so quickly.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Small loss

I weighed in on Monday evening....I lost 100grams. Was disappointed in that as I expected better, and got very frustrated with myself. But over the "dummy spit" now and upped the excersise, changed the food around a bit...and moving onwards and downwards...with a bit of luck this week....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

#3 son Shawn with his daughter Skye

Happy Fathers day son...

#2 son Simon with his daughter Zoe when she was little....

Happy Fathers day son....

#1 son Paul with Caitlin, his eldest daughter.

Happy Father's day....

Daddy's Girl

Being Fathers Day today, we had the 3 boys come for a bbq lunch and all the grandies of course...but missing was "Daddy's girl" who lives in Melbourne.

Fathers Day

Dad....4/6/1930 to 11/10/2001

I miss you Dad...

You won the battle but lost the war.

Love ya..........