Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More wedding pics

As promised here are a few more pics....

I am still coming down from the high of the wedding.....actually feel quite deflated now its all over, the day just was not long enough. So much time, effort and planning and now its all over.

But at least all the pressure is off of me and I am now starting to get myself back on track...hubby was right ehhhh? I am back eating sensibley and not even wanting all the junk I was craving and eating leading up to the wedding.

Shawn rang me today, him and Shaz applied to homeswest for rent assistance and received notice today that they would get help. They are looking at a house tomorrow, a private rental. Shawn is quite excited about it as since he has been with Shaz they have shared houses with friends.....never been alone with Shaz in a home before.

Kylee and Stephen are having a ball in Bali....tomorrow they are off riding elephants and planning to go white water rafting. She recons they'll come back 5 kilo's lighter too....the weather is so humid, all they are doing is sweating !!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kylee's wedding day

Kylee got married on Saturday.....
The day started early with hair and make-up ladies arriving early, Nat the hairdresser was here at 8am as Kylee's hair extensions had to be curled and fitted, 3 bridesmaids to be prettied up and of course me !!
We sat around on the patio drinking and eating as we were all tarted up...a great time was had by us all.
Kylee was as cool as a cucumber all day.....didn't have any nerves at all......can't say the same for me!! ohhhhhhhh thats right, she did have a moment of panic as just before we left for the wedding the sky got very overcast and a few spots of rain fell......but luckily no more rain was seen. I will post some more pics tomorrow.....but ohhhhh it was a lovely day.
The grandies, all 12 of them were great.....they did as we expected as went every which way...well the littler ones did. The little girls rose petals were thrown this way and that but not many landed on the red carpet. They certainly got the guests chuckling thats for sure.
The day flew by....but a fantastic time was had by all. A few little mishaps along the way, but all in all everything went smooothly. Ted had been on and off all week having migraines and he ended up with one later on in the night, we had to get my brother (who was mc for the night) to say a few words on his behalf when it came time to do his speech as the head was thumping too much to for him to say anything. He will HAVE to go and see someone, as I am quite worried about the frequency of them of late.
Shawn was so happy there, he was so proud of his sister, so happy to see his sister wed, and so proud to show his new lady love off...and of course so were his other 2 brothers. Speaking of Shawn, he did have court on the Friday before the wedding and yayyyyyy was accepted into the drug therapy program.
We have just had a phone call from Kylee and Stephen, they are safely in Bali, having flown there early this morning on their honeymoon, and having a wonderful time. is nite nite time for me, will post more pics tomorrow....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its been all go....

Anne and me when she called in...

Kylee and some of her neices and nephews.
Its been all go here....
I finished work on Thursday afternoon and started preparing for the wedding.
Friday night we travelled up to Perth and picked up Kylee and since then it has been all go.
Hens night was saturday night, was a great night but Kylee and I were very tired so we didn't make it a late one. Sunday we had visitors and Monday it was run run run again. The wedding dress had to be taken into the drycleaners, Kylee had to have all her injections etc for travelling to, makeup and nails appointments and trial runs had to be organised.....and the list goes on.
Today was a early morning start to get to Perth airport again to pick up the groom to be....
And me...well I am tired, and stress eating. Since the week I bought my wedding outfit I have put on over 5 kilo's......sure hope those Trinny & Suzanne knickers are going to pull me in enough. My oroxine tabs for my thyroid had run out of they weren't making things any easier for me....ahhhhhhhhh shit!! But I am sure things will turn out fine....won't they?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Its getting closer.....

.....the wedding I mean...but my weight hasn't got any closer to my goal. I have really been trying but to no avail. It got so bad the other night I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop mirror where hubby and I were shopping for his suit for the wedding...and I ended up crying on his shoulder, and asking him if I looked as bad as I thought I did in that mirror. But I do know my lack of losing hasn't been throu over - indulgence thou I must say too I haven't been totaly on track. Some of my problem has been lack of sleep due to a constant tickle in my throat and constant coughing....very annoying. And I have also been so lethargic, tired and been fighting constant hunger. After a call to the community nurse she asked me to check my oroxine packet (thyroid tablets) and check the use by date....would you believe they were out of date?? Anyways all sorted now and I am slowing getting myself out of the real downer I was feeling.
All else is going well on the home front, no stress at all with Shawn....we invited him out home for a bbq on Friday night so hubby could meet Shaz, his new lady. Wellllllll we had the best night with Shawn, it was a very pleasant evening with him and his lady. We are so pleased that he is trying so hard to sort his life out. While he admits he hasn't given up the drugs and the alochol up all together he does say he has cut down and we can really notice it. The change in him is unbelievable....I feel I am getting my son back . And Shaz (Sharon) was lovely but terrified that we would condemn her for being in a relationship with him seeing as she is in her 40's, a mother of 4, one being a son who is only a year younger than Shawn (and she is also a granma). Believe us we don't care one iota...she dotes on Shawn, as he does her, she supports him in every way and obviously since they have been together has helped turn his life around. As my daughter says "go cougar"!!
Today I had a phone call and it was from Anne and Peter on their way from Perth heading south on their camping holiday. They took some time to call in and meet me and hubby and have a cuppa with us....I was so happy to meet them both, a delightful couple. Safe travelling Anne and Peter. Yes I did take some pics....I will put them up at a later date. Tonight I have put up a pic of Shawn and Shaz.....the happiest I have seen him in a long time.
Dear daughter flies in next Friday and then we will have a week to the wedding and to finish all the organising. It has come around so quick. Although I am disappointed I did not get myself together and get closer to my goal weight for it....I am happy that I will look good in my gorgeous wedding outfit. Went shopping today and bought myself some "granny" Trinny and Suzanne knickers that pull and tuck everything in so that has helped my self-esteem. I think hubby hit the nail on the head when he said to me I had put TOO much pressure on myself and thats why I didn't succeed....

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All's good

All is going good. I am going along well, totally on track. Had no weigh in on Monday evening, it was a public holiday, so next Monday hopefully those demon scales will tell me I am back where I was at my last weigh in.....thats what I am hoping anyway.

Shawn had an access visit with his kids on Saturday.....and I was so rapt with him, he was soooooooo relaxed and happy and it really showed and the kids I am sure noticed it too. You can see it in the pic of him I have posted with his little men.

He also came out here on Sunday...and his father noticed how different he was. He appears more relaxed, less agitated and a whole lot happier, maybe its the new lady showing him love and support too. I found out she is 43, 15 years older than him but heyyyyyy I don't care, if she is the reason for this change then its alright by me!! He doesn't look as thou he is doing drugs, or if he is he is doing them a whole lot less....thou I know he still drinking.

He came out to work today with his lady, he had his first session with his councillor but he was early for the meeting so came out to see if he could borrow some money.....soft touch I am, I gave it to him. I don't think he is going to buy drugs, not when he has to report in 3 time a week for a urinalis. By the 26th March when he has his next court appearance his drug levels in his urine HAVE to be down if he wants to stay on this program and not go to jail.