Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...

Tomorrow is the start of a New year and as I reflect on the  passing of this one I can hope 2012 brings happiness to us all.

For my son Paul and his partner Tanya and children I hope that this year Paul makes a commitment to Tanya and they marry. Paul for some reason he feels they don't need the piece of paper to do that...but Tanya would love to have the same name.

For Simon & Tracey...I hope the contentment they have found since marrying continues.

For Shawn and Shaz...I hope that this year he can rid of his demons and find and believe in happiness again. He needs to know again that drugs & drink are not necessary to drown his sorrows in....and that he can find happiness without them. For him and Shaz the road hasn't been easy, this coming year I hope its not as bumpy. He has a bright future if he can kick his bad habits.

For Kylee .... for her to find her feet again and live her dreams.

For me...I have my everything in Ted, he is my everything ... BUT I would love to have a bit more of a social life. We are such homebodies and it has become too much of a habit....we need to get out and about more.


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Daughter and her Daddy
 Dear daughter arrived safely....on the 23rd, as did Shera the dog. Kylee has spent most of her time in and out catching up with family and friends. Yesterday she did go around to all the Woolworths stores and hand in her resume. Fingers crossed she gets a position, casual, part-time,  full -time she doesn't care!
Santa, the christmas kitten
 This little cutie wandered into our yard on Christmas morning while we were having breakfast on the patio. I looked at Kylee as she has a habit of bringing home stray animals...but she said it had nothing to do with her. Anyways it was friendly, litter trained but starving so we fed it and cuddled it. Would have loved to have kept it but having a cat already, plus Shera,  and another cat arriving when Kylee moves home permanently we decided to give it to our little grandson Matthew. He did ask me for a kitten or a puppy for Christmas.
And this our Shera, well she will be ours for a month or so from the 2nd January when Kylee flies back to Melbourne and packs up and waits for settlement on the house. 
She loves to walk and I already have got into the habit of putting her harness on and walking her first thing in the morning.

I didn't weigh in on Tuesday after Christmas, but did have a quick peep at the scales...a small gain but hopefully now I have reined myself back in and got back on track after all the Christmas festivities by next weigh I hope to have lost it again.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

To all my friends, I wish each and everyone of you and yours all the very best wishes for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Take care, be safe.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A good week ....

Well despite a week filled with drama's I managed to lose 600grams...very pleased about that!!

A lot of the drama's have been to do with Stephen & Kylee...won't go into them all but Kylee has found out that Stephen had been unfaithful before they split and he is now expecting a child with someone else. Hubby & I are very upset about this as right from the start of this breakup he said there was noone else and it had nothing to do with Kylee being unable to have kids without treatment!! So you can all imagine how my girl feels.

Well acually by all, its very quiet out in bloggerland...I didn't even get a comment last week...

This gorgeous little puppy above is a bit bigger now. She is Kylee's dog Shera (a retrieverdor..part retriever & labrador) and she flies in on Friday with Kylee. Kylee is home for Christmas and New Year then flies back to Melbourne to pack up the house ready to move back home as soon as settlement is sorted. Shera will be staying with us...we are doggy sitting.

Well best get myself ready for work.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Track.....

Tommy and me

Week one of Simply filling has been done and dusted....weigh in result is 1.3 down. Very happy. Simply Filling is easy, for those that have done weight watchers before its just a modified version of the Core program.  All  I am doing is eating foods with a higher fibre, lower saturated fat and sugar.
Menu today for an example is poached eggs on grainy toast for breakfast, chicken breast and salad for lunch and dinner tonight is fish with wholemeal pasta & vege's. I point the bread out of my allowance.

I still have to track, as with the program now I have 49 pro-points to last me a week. The rest of the time I make my choices from filling & healthy food list (a little green triangle indicates those on the ww site) BUT I am finding it sooooooo easy.

Had a busy weekend. Simon & Tracey came down with their brood of 4 and bought all their school work for the term down. All 4 have done well. Jessica & Zoe both got honor certificates for their academic results this year, Sheymus got an award for his sport and willinginess to work as a team member and little Tommy got a certificate for trying his best at kindy.  They have done so well this year and I am so proud of them all.

Well best go put my joggers on, nearly time for a jabberwalk, seeing as the rain as stopped. I want to try as hard as I can to lose this week, as I have no real Christmas challenges to overcome this week.  Gonna give it my best shot anyways......

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Rejoined again.....

This morning I had my first consult with my ww "At Home" consultant since putting it on hold way back in August. What with all that was happening in my life with Kylee and work it just got too hard.
But looking at my scales yoyo'ing these past few months,  its made me realise I cannot do it on my own, espesially as each time I yoyo the numbers get higher. Last week the numbers showed that I was  MORE than 10 kilo's over my goal weight!
This time I am not counting points, I am doing the  "Simply Filling"  program. This is the first time I have done it....but its seems to be easy. Today I have eaten well and haven't been attempted to snack.
Soooooo lets see what the week brings.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wedding pics

The gorgeous bride and her dad

The groom and his best man and groomsmen

The lovely bridesmaids

Our bestest friends and parents of the bride

Luke and Jemma with their gorgeous daughter Marlee

Josh Kennedy, one of the groomsmen and West Coast Eagle footy star with his god-daughter Marlee and me