Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

Wellllllllllllll I hope it will be anyways......

Yesterday things with Shawn and Hannah came to a head with an almighty EXPLOSION!!!!! Won't go into details but Shawn spent the night in jail. He had to go to court this morning and get his rap over the knuckles. But HOPEFULLY now.....I am not counting any chickens yet as I have been disappointed with Shawns promises so many times before....but it looks like it might work out for the best for him this time.

He says it is definetly ALL OVER with him and Hannah this time....he is now single....and he is going to smarten his act up and get off the dope. As I said before...we'll wait and see....

He also has to face Department of Child Protection for a breach of the AVO in the next few days. The kids are at the moment been taken into their care and Hannah is in a refuge. I just hope he doesn't lose any access to his kids because of this because no matter how bad that his behaviour is no-one can say he doesn't love his kids....

On the tracking front since the 27th I have been as good as gold.....not once have I gone over my point allowance....I am determined to get back into the 60's again and damn well stay there....

Been as hot as hot these past few days....thank heavens the packing shed I work in has a huge industrial pedastal fan right next to where I work...certainly would not have survived without it!!

New Years Eve....and we are home. I will be sleeping in the new year I guess...usually do, we are not the party type though sometimes I just wish we could go out and do something....maybe next year ehhh....

All the very best for a happy healthy New Year

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tomorrow is the day .....


I hopped on the scales tonight after looking down and seeing a huge muffin roll over the top of my jeans and I just thought enough is enough! I need to control myself, get my shit together. I can't blame my hormones and thyroid running amok for just generally making a pig of myself like I have this week !!

AND talking about jeans there are not many pairs that I own that do fit me comfortably anymore AND I am not buying myself anymore because that would mean buying a bigger size and I REFUSE to do that!!!

Hubby and I have had a very quiet Christmas. Christmas eve we went and visited #2 son and family as they were heading down the coast for their christmas break and gave them their chrissy presents.
Christmas day the other 2 sons and families came out and we played santa.....the kids enjoyed their presents and their stockings. Later on in the day we picked up hubby's mum and drove out to Teds youngest brothers place and had a family gathering and a huge christmas lunch.

#1 son has his eldest son coming tomorrow for his access visit so they will come out again tomorrow. When he bought his other 3 kids out on christmas day I just gave them their presents and held back their chrissy stockings so they could open them up with Luke visited.

Just gathered up all the naughty nibblies...and put them away, whoever visits and wants them can take them. I do not want to see anymore chips, nuts, lollies or anything that I can nibble on.....I am going to be so good and want no added temptations.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well I got my blood results ..... as I expected results showed hormones are "scattered", thyroid seriously under-active.....and I have way too much protein in my system. So nothing serious, but geeee who would think a few hormones and a thyroid could cause so much havoc to my body. The protein is nothing much too worry about, apparently its my body's way of trying to fight the upheaval of my hormones and thyroid running amok!! Anyways medication has all been adjusted and I will see how I go. Late February I have to go back and let the "vampires" take some more blood and see what is happening.

Our weekend away in Geraldton was great. My girlfriend Tina had NO idea at all we were coming for her 50th and just screamed when she saw us.....she was so excited. We all had a blast and had a great catch up over the weekend. We all ate too much, drank too much and talked and was magic !!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weigh in

Well the picture says it all....I have been a real "Miss Piggy" and the scales tell me so !! I hopped on this morning and the numbers went up and up and up right up to the highest they have been for a long time! No-one to blame but myself....I have been out of control with my eating. Emotions swinging this way and that way and all good intentions went swinging along with them. So this morning I have trying to get me shit together and plan out a week of healthy eating. I have a real hard week coming up workwise....a week of very long hours, 2 nights where we will be doing 3 hours overtime making 12 hour need to be organised.
Anyways one day at a time is how I am gonna do it....this time of the year is hard enough so I will do the best I can but I have promised myself as soon as Christmas is over I am back to the ww meetings, its seems to be the only thing that keeps me honest. A girl at work, well she actually only comes in to help out when we are very busy, asked me if she could start ww with me in the new year .... so I might take her up on that.
ohhhh went to the "vampires" on Thursday and they took a whole heap of vials of blood, go see my Dr on the 18th and get my results....mmmm be interesting!
We are off to Geraldton next weekend for 3 whole days...I am taking the Monday off work so we can travel back (a 6 hour trip) and also so I can do my food chrissy shopping before work again Tuesday and Wednesday. Presents are done, managed to find something for all 11 grandies.... my mum and hubby's mum to buy for today and thats it. Parcels are going to wrapped today and will be I am very nearly arganised.
Anyways out of here...time for some fruit and yogurt.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a update

I have just received the best news...and what a relief it was too.
Hubby went to see his specialist about his prostate PSI levels and all is okay...he was told all was well, nothing to worry about, come back in 12 months for a checkup....woooooooohoooooooooo I can stop stressing about that !!!!
I also went to see my Dr...was really concerned about these 2 car accidents and need to be assured there is nothing wrong with me. I have been tired, bloody menopausal hot flushes are still causing sleepless nights and I think thyroid medication needs adjusting again. Anyways going to have a heap of blood tests so we'll see what happens.
I dropped and smashed a good plate last night when doing the dishes....hubby came and said thank god for that...thats the 3rd smash.....geeeeeee I hope so !!!
On the weight front......welllllll been mostly good, but haven't been totally evil so will keep on trying. Will see what the scales say on Sunday....

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I don't believe it !!!

I just can't believe it.....I am so over myself !!!!

Today I went into town in my little work car....and somehow I have rear ended another car....thats TWO accidents in TWO weeks..WHAT IS UP WITH ME !!!!!!
There of course was lots and lots of tears...and stunned disbelief that it could happen!!!! Stupid man did take off, so I did too...but then he must have realised he had stopped at a stop sign and not a giveway sign and stopped and soooooo did I !!!! Damn, damn and double damn !!!!! Hubby has fixed the damage.....nothing major at all. Nothing major to the other car either and he is going to get in contact with me next week, thinks he'll get away with just getting a new back bumper.
SHEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!! Beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with me.....I am going to go and see if I can see my Dr....maybe my concentration is being affected by my thyroid imbalance...worth checking out I guess.
Anyways this of course has affected my emotions today. Luckily I did weigh myself this morning as we are going away tonight and wouldn't be able to weigh tomorrow morning.....happy to report down 600 grams....sitting on 72.0. A bit high....know I not going to get it down to where I want it to be until the silly season is over....but heyyyyy I am trying!!!