Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weigh in

Well the picture says it all....I have been a real "Miss Piggy" and the scales tell me so !! I hopped on this morning and the numbers went up and up and up right up to the highest they have been for a long time! No-one to blame but myself....I have been out of control with my eating. Emotions swinging this way and that way and all good intentions went swinging along with them. So this morning I have trying to get me shit together and plan out a week of healthy eating. I have a real hard week coming up workwise....a week of very long hours, 2 nights where we will be doing 3 hours overtime making 12 hour need to be organised.
Anyways one day at a time is how I am gonna do it....this time of the year is hard enough so I will do the best I can but I have promised myself as soon as Christmas is over I am back to the ww meetings, its seems to be the only thing that keeps me honest. A girl at work, well she actually only comes in to help out when we are very busy, asked me if she could start ww with me in the new year .... so I might take her up on that.
ohhhh went to the "vampires" on Thursday and they took a whole heap of vials of blood, go see my Dr on the 18th and get my results....mmmm be interesting!
We are off to Geraldton next weekend for 3 whole days...I am taking the Monday off work so we can travel back (a 6 hour trip) and also so I can do my food chrissy shopping before work again Tuesday and Wednesday. Presents are done, managed to find something for all 11 grandies.... my mum and hubby's mum to buy for today and thats it. Parcels are going to wrapped today and will be I am very nearly arganised.
Anyways out of here...time for some fruit and yogurt.


  1. Hey Jen, the best way to get back on that track again is owning where you are and moving forward. Which is what you have done. (Cute picture by the way LOL).

    This time of year should be about family, fun, gratitude, and peace, and we all seem to be focussing on our weight... which of course I am going to do too ;) :)

    Have a great day and hope you enjoyed your yoghurt.

  2. I'm too scared to get on my scales! Christmas shopping... I'm still struggling to get around to finishing it all!

  3. Good luck with you blood tests and also your long work days. It will be good to have someone to go to WW with you after Christmas.

  4. It is so hard this time of the year! Easty to think relax and enjoy but the scales tell us different!

  5. Good luck with the bloody tests. You have been through so much lately...I am sure things will settle down from now on and you will get back on worries!

  6. Deep breath and move on. It's a rough time of year to try and control eating - so many yummy things around so just relax, do the best you can and get back to it when you feel up to it. Hope blood tests give you some answers.

  7. hey jen

    Yay on your Dh's results being ok hopefully whatever is making you tired is sorted soon
    hey its that time of year and it been a bit of a stressfull one for u it seems you'll get back to it no worrys