Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm back....

Taken out of the window of plane flying to Melbourne

Tracey, Helen & me. Tracey & Helen and I met at a ww's weekend away in Melbourne 6 years ago.

Kylee & Emily...Ems is Kylee's Melbourne bestie

Maria & I....we also met 6 years ago at ww get together and remained good friends too.
I flew into Melbourne on Thursday night.  Friday was catch up sleep, shopping for trip and take cat to the vet day. Friday night I caught up and had dinner with Tracey &
Helen. A lot of laughs, giggles and a few tears but what a great evening..t'was so great to catch up again.  Saturday Kylee had her goodbye's to say to her bestie...a lot of laughs and so many tears shed too. Sunday night I caught up with Maria, another great friend I met through the ww boards.  Monday & Tuesday morning we spent cleaning what we could of the house, couldn't do too much as Stephen still had to get all his gear out....and then Tuesday afternoon the removalist arrived...hours late but all was packed up very quickly. We loaded the cat into the car and followed the removalist out of the estate. Arrived home safe and sound after 3 1/2 days on the road and 3,500 plus kilometers. 

I will be back in the next day or so to update more, and put pics up of our journey across.....weigh in tomorrow morning....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Birthdays

January is a month full of birthdays for me.
It started on January 1st with my ex-boss, then the 6th was my sisters day, 7th was my grandaughter Jaydene who turned 5. The 10th was Simon, the 11th was Pauls, and the 12th was a very good friend of mine Zoe who also was my workmate for 4 years.
The 16th was another grandaughter, Jessica reached double numbers and turned 10 and on Friday Shawn's partner Shaz will have her day. And lastly on the 21st is a friend of mine who lives in Victoria's birthday. I am hoping to catch up with him while I am there. He is suffering from Parkinsons Disease but so far his general good health and medication is keeping the disease fairly well under control.

On Thursday afternoon I fly to Melbourne to help Kylee finish packing up her house and possessions all ready for our drive home the following week. Kylee has her last shift at her work on Sunday.
She had a phone call from the human resources manager of Woolworths in Bunbury and Kylee will start work in a brand new Woolies store just a 6 minute drive from our home on the 30th of January. She will be working in the bakery section and is very excited about the store, new begininnings. So here's hoping the removalists arrive on time and we get on the road and have a trouble free trip across. Its going to be a long drive....but I am looking forward to the time we will have together.

Weigh in this morning....a stay the same.
Now I just have to keep it together during the next 2 weeks and don't blow it !!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


mmmmm this is what I indulged in last night !!

I went to Mandurah to catch up with a very good friend I met through the ww site, we had a great catch up and indulged in a lovely healthy lunch at the Dome on the waterfront.  It was lovely as it was a very hot and humid day.
On arriving home, hubby & I decided to have a late dinner as it was soooooooo hot which was great as it was only to be steak & vegies. But when I went off to the kitchen to prepare hubby came wandering in and says "how does pizza sound" ?  Now he NEVER suggests something like that, welllllllllllll very rarely anyways so thats what we did.
It was simply deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevine !!!  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water !!

BUT why didn't I stop at just the pizza? 
 I don't know!!  
I could blame the fact that I didn't take my thyroid pills yesterday BUT I can't coz I know it wasn't just that reason.
I KNOW it was because once I treat myself to something I decide to throw caution to the wind and indulge myself more. It seems to be "you know a little more won't hurt" and so thats what I did.  And now I hope I haven't just stuffed up what was to be another great week. Today, and till next weigh in,  I am making sure I am eating ONLY Simply filling foods and tracking every little morsel.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simply Filling

After a great week on Simply Filling, and I used up all my bonus 49 points too....I LOST 2.3 this week. I am wrapt!!
Hope that this week it doesn't go all pear shaped and I don't lose at all !!
Think a lot of it is that I am not snacking as I am content after my meals PLUS I have Shera who is making me up my exercise that bit extra. She is a very exuberant puppy who loves her walks and plays, I get towed for the first 30 minutes of our walk!!

Next week I am off to Melbourne to help Kylee drive back home. She has a job starting here on the 30th so she will be leaving Melbourne before settlement of the house. Kylee did have someone else to help her make the drive but due to her having to leave early they can't do the trip and I am NOT having her do the trip on her own!  
So this week I am hoping for another great week as I think the following one will be "full on" driving with not much exercise.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Puppy sitting Shera

ahhh water, I love water...

C'mon play time...

Rest time..just for a few minutes
Shera is settling in fine without dear daughter. I thought she would fret for her "mummy" but so far she hasn't. 
I walk her every morning, can't get out of my walking now can I?
Unfortunately have we no secure yard so she is tied up while I am at work, or busy in the house as she does wander, and I just couldn't bare to have her wander, she doesn't know the area and is not all that road savvy!!  While I am home I spend as much time as I can with her playing....and then when I am working I walk her before work and I spend 45 minutes after work playing with her, throwing balls or on a hot day like today playing with the hose.
Poor puss has had his nose put out of joint having Shera here. All Shera wants to do is play but Doog just arches his back and spits at him. Shera bounds around him, getting as close as she would think with all the spitting & snarling my cat does Shera would get the message.....but nahhh she doesn't. Going to end up with a scratched nose methinks!!

I am back on track, having gained a kilo over the Christmas/New Year. I am still using the ww simply filling plan and  enjoying it. Will see what this week brings, weigh ins are on Tuesdays.