Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Had 4 of the grandies

Had Simon and Tracey's kids on Saturday arvo throu to Sunday arvo and what a delightful time we had. We went shopping for ingredients to make little english muffin pizza's for tea Saturday night, swimming, to the park....and just had a great time. The girls bought down their little tents and sleeping bags and they all "camped" in my lounge room with the boys sleeping on the sofa bed.

They are growing up so fast...little Thomas turns 3 this year and the favourite word at the moment is NO!! He was really so good considering he had never had a night away from mummy and daddy. The other 3 have stayed over many times and know how to wrap their Jenna around their little fingers. Sheymus celebrated his 4th birthday the day after mine...so of course for dinner Saturday night we had the big birthday cake.

I am just doing a quick post, leaving to head off up to Perth airport in 10 minutes to pick up darling daughter and her fiancee...Kylee is home for a week this time, she has a heap of things to organise for her wedding next yearbut the main reason for being here this week is that on Saturday she will do bridesmaid duties to her best friend.

ohhhh weigh in was last night, officially a 60's girl again and in the allowed 2 kilo's allowed over goal weight....woohooooooooo!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today I was able to finish work early, so decided it was time to go and visit with Hannah. We had a bit of a catch up and were able to sort out a few things. Not happy to hear from her that she has seen Shawn a couple of times...they will lose the kids all together if this persists, the silly buggers!! She too is very worried about him...but what can we do, he won't listen!! Anyways I am going to have the kids in a few weeks time for a weekend just to give Hannah a break, she looks great but is very tired. Was delighted to have mega cuddles with little Shayden, he is really growing fast, at 9months old he is standing on his own....no steps yet thou. Isn't he a cutie? Skye was at pre-school and Jaydene was at kindy so I missed out on seeing them.
I have had a great day....lots of phone calls, lots of messages on Facebook, some lovely gifts....and some time for me.
Even Shawn came out tonight to gather up some gear, reminded him he is getting no help from us anymore...he is on his own now. Will feed him but no more money lending, not letting him go poison himself more with dope and booze. He had a face a mile long, but I have to be strong...tough love they say!
Tomorrow I am having Simon and Tracey's 4 kids overnight...aged from 7 years down to 2.5 years....its going to be awesome. Sheymus turns 4 tomorrow so we'll be able to have a little party for him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday again...

And the weekend is over....

Actually it wasn't a bad weekend....I achieved a fair bit. But the biggest achievement was making the FINAL morgage payment on this house, what an awesome feeling that was! Now we are debt free, just have to start stacking up a few dollars in the bank account so we can retire.

Shawn was his usual charming self when I saw him on Sunday.....got himself in more trouble with the law and got a work order put on his vechile. So we are taking his vechile off him, he owes us nearly $2,000, some that he did borrow to buy his 4x4, and the rest he borrowed to tide him over when he and Hannah split. But since the split his behaviour and his attitude has got worse, and since he is going to lose his licience in a few weeks for that drunk driving episode a few weeks back he won't need it. So going to repossess it and see if we can sell it! He hasn't looked after it very well, so don't know how we'll go. But he has made no attempt to try and repay us, or look for a job...seems to think we are going to keep on getting him out of his little bothers.....but nahhhh not any more.

Anyways went in to weight watchers tonight for weigh in....nearly a 60's girl again....another kilo gone !!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way home
That poor little piggy that had none.....well thats my fault coz I the piggy thats had the roast beef and everything else in sight. The cravings came with ttom and no matter how much I tried to resist I just couldn't and before I knew it I was going to bed with a tummy full of CRAP!!!
TTOM is crap too...I thought they had gone....but nahhhhhh they back, thou very light but enough to cause me those darn cravings. Menopause is sux, thou I guess I should be happy that the hot flushes have gone...haven't had them in awhile.....but then again I shouldn't say thet either coz I said that about ttom too ehhh?
Went to ww on Monday evening for my weigh in.....tad disappointed that I stayed the same but really on thinking about it no one to blame but myself....I didn't track and when I don't do that those little extra's do find themselves into my mouth.
On the Shawn front, court went well he said, copped himself a fine is all. He is trying to straighten himself out BUT not hard enough. He gets with his so called "mates" and starts the drinking, and that leads to the dope and usually that combination leads him to trouble.
He has court again in 2 weeks....thats for him and Hannah and settling the matter with DCP and the kids. ohhh and talking about kids...I am to be a "Jenna" again, Hannah is expecting another little boy in April. Shawn will be a dad of 4...sheeeez and he still acting like a kid himself.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Had the ultasound....

I had a couple of hours of work yesterday and rushed off into town and had the ultrasound. Was very fasinating actually....and no it didn't hurt, well not much anyways!!! The lady using the transducer pressed it that hard into my chest it darn well hurt....I actually have a bruise. Anyways its all done and I go to my Doctor on the 17th, by then he'll have the results from the mammogram and echocardiograph....
NO work today so I have had a day at home catching up on a few chores.....other than those done not much at all. Was nice to have a bit of a lay in bed this morning....and I actually walked in sunlight and did an hour instead of the 30 minutes I do as the sun is just coming up!!
Shawn came out knowing I had the day off....nothing much changed there...he's not getting any better, worse if anything. Drinking too much alcohol and still using the drugs. He goes to court tomorrow for a disorderly contact charge, thou if you ask him its not his fault, the trouble is he reckons it never is, always someone else started it!! Anyways he took off with a change of clothes for court, hope he goes, if he doesn't he is up for a $10,000 fine or a 3 month jail sentence. Mmmmm ..... maybe a stint inside will dry him out !!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I weighed in

Last night I went in to weight watchers and did my weigh in. Was pleased to note that despite my blow out last week over the last 2 weeks I have lost a kilo......yayyyy me!! Am getting there ehhhh?
Welllllll I had a marvellous surprise on Saturday. I was in town to doing my usual shopping when I received a phone call from my DIL asking me how long I was going to be as she was at home waiting for me to come home and have a cup of coffee with her. Told her I was on my way, be there in 15 minutes.....and I was. When I got home I walked out the back and into the garden where DIL was sitting with Shawn AND my daughter Kylee!!!!!!!
Kylee had flown home that morning and wowwwwww what a surprise. She had come home to surprise her best friend Jess who was having her hens night that evening....as Kylee said you can't have a hens night without the bridesmaid ehhhhh?? And boy did Jess get a surprise....she was soooooo happy to see Kylee.
Kylee flew home today...but will be back for the wedding in 3 weeks.
Tomorrow I am off for the next test....I have my heart ultrasound.....here's hoping its painless and nothing untoward gets found.