Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I leave 2013 with Kylee bringing home William, happy and healthy ready to grow into 2014.
He is the bright light of 2013 for us and of course Kylee.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, may 2014 bring you all good health, a little wealth but above all love and happiness. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby has arrived..

We have totally fallen in love with our newest family member, WILLIAM STUART. He was born at 9.17am this morning by cesarean section. 
A BIG boy, weighing in at 9lb 110z and 52 cm long.
A very placid babe, content to feed and sleep….so far.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have a very Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to one and all. Take care and be safe over the festive season. 

We are not going far over the break…I will be working….and waiting the birth of our grandson.

              MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This is dear daughter…nearly ready to pop last week. This week she was scheduled to have her cesarean as bub is not interested in turning out of his breech position. Today as she had not received word from the hospital as to when she was scheduled her and Garry visited the hospital and they were informed that a place had NOT been booked for her!!!!  Now she has to wait for her due date late NEXT week unless of course she goes into labour before then….and they will do an emergency cesear. 
I was soooo looking forward to meeting my little grandson on Friday….now I have to wait…..very impatiently.

I too am disappointed in myself….I can't get myself back on track. My clothes are getting tighter and tighter….and I am finding some things at work a real chore to do, because of the weight.  I HAVE TO do something and do it soon, or I am going to find myself right back where I started in 2004….fat, very fat. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Christmas gathering..

 This is me and my mum. My brother bought her up for the gathering and it was lovely to see her looking a lot better than she has been.  She has been rather unwell, was loosing weight she can't afford to lose and hadn't been sleeping much but now she has settled into her new flat, made friends and established a garden she is a lot better.
And above are all my little and not so little grandees and great nieces and nephews with my Christmas elf dil Tracey. Missing is Jess, who was there but was leaning up against a pole and I couldn't get her in the pic, Luke, my eldest grandson who was at work, and a great niece and nephew. There were 16 kids running around, aged 2 to nearly 12…11 were my grandee's. What an awesome day it was. 

Yesterday we had Kylee's appointment to try and turn baby. I was so proud of my girl, she endured so much pain and discomfort as Dr tried to get him to turn, but unfortunately his head is up under Kylee's ribcage and he stubbornly refused to move. My poor girl cried in disappointment. A caesar has been booked for next week…won't tell you the date, a mumma to be has to have some secrets ehhh? But there is still a chance the little man can turn between now and then…fingers crossed he does. 

My weight…well so much for a good week, we'll leave it at that and try again this week. 

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Counting down...

This is the ultrasound pic of my next grandchild….Kylee's little man. I love this pic.
She had to have a ultrasound yesterday to see if he was still breech…which he is, but everything else is all okay. 
On Friday she is going to see a specialist to see if he can be turned…hope so, Kylee doesn't want to have a caesar unless she has to.

I have woken up with a headache this morning, trying to get rid of it before work this morning…

Weigh in day too…a small gain, next week will be better. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Been busy….

We had to pick all the peaches of our tree as they ripened up at the same time…and were falling off the tree and going to waste. We got friends to come and take some, but still we had so many left. I ended up cooking/blanching/stewing them and now have nearly 30 containers in the freezer. I also bought a pie maker and made up a heap of pies….the apple and peach combined were yum. I also made some peach cupcakes which were absolutely deelicicous.
 While Kylee has been away we got to and finished all the flooring in her house…so now it is nearly all ready for her to get a agent in to get it assessed ready for rental. We go up to Geraldton to meet up with her and Garry on Saturday and bring her home to wait out the last month of her pregnancy. Garry will follow her down in 2 weeks time and will stay till after the Near Year.
Kylee has an ultrasound on Monday 2nd to see where bub is, as at her Drs visit on the 15th he was still breech. If he is still breech on Friday 6th she has an appointment with a specialist to have him turned. 
On the 21st of this month our little grandee Skye had her 10th birthday. I took her Daddy around to hers so he could give his little gig a birthday cuddle….she was thrilled.

Now to end…weigh in was Tuesday….happy to report a 1. 3 loss, I am happy with that.  Just got myself into a routine where I am eating sensibly again…and thinking before eating. It hasn't been easy as work has changed my shifts…so my regular routine is in disarray.
Am on the road this weekend…mantra is no junk. Esky is already sitting on the table, I will pack healthy snacks for the 7 hour road trip so no junk food for me. 

Monday, November 18, 2013


 On Saturday we drove 6 hours plus from our house to Geraldton with Kylee. We were not prepared to let Kylee drive all the way to Carnarvon by herself at 34 weeks pregnant…no way. So she arranged with Garry to drive down from Carnavon and meet us at our friends place (a 4 hour drive) and pick up Kylee from our friends there. So whilst there Kylee got to practice on little Gus who is 6 weeks old. So Kylee is up in Carnavon for the next 2 weeks, then hubby and I have to do the drive again to pick her up and bring her home again….ready to wait out the last month of her pregnancy.
She has a ultrasound on her return to see if bubba has turned her not….as last Dr checkup on Friday showed him still breech. If he is, Kylee has a specialist appointment to see if he can be turned.

This afternoon I had a very very dear friend from the Blue Mountains who I met in 2006 come in for a visit whilst she is in WA for a few weeks. It was a wonderful relaxing for few hours reminiscing and chatting. Our hubbies got along very well too which was great, left time for lots of gossip for us.
Whilst Kylee is away I have her cat Troubles and Shera her dog staying. Late in the afternoon I took Shera down the beach….she has so missed her walks down there and so have I.

Today….finally I have got myself back on track. I have cleared my online tracker, all old data has been deleted (I printed it out first)…and I am beginning anew. I know I will have moments where I indulge….but the thought of failing is not an issue, not this time. My scales screamed at me the other day….now is the time BEFORE I end up where I started in 2005…. so one week at a time…small goals, small challenges…will result in BIG happy results.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby shower….

 Kylee and one of her best friends, Rachel. Rachel is having her little boy 6 weeks after Kylee.

 The gorgeous cupcakes that I great ww friend of mine made for me for Kylee. The darn things were so deeeelicious…..that yep I DID overindulge. Ahhh well it was so worth it. 

 Yep…me. Cupcake in one hand, dummy in the other, tape measure to measure the size of Kylee's tum tied up in my hair.
 This is Fiona, a very dear friend of mine who I met many years ago up in Onslow. We had our baby girls 6 weeks apart..
And this is Carol and Robyn, very dear friends of mine that I met 8 years ago through weight watchers.

A fun day was enjoyed by us all
Kylee and I have some lovely friends who spoilt us rotten with some lovely gifts. 
Great food, even better company, lots of laughs.

WI…need I say…a gain for me. I didn't stop after the cupcakes I am afraid. 
Back on track again now…sorta….

Man charged

A BUNBURY man has been charged over the haul of chemical explosives found in WA's South-West that sparked a major police operation.
Ben Roberts, 33, was today charged with five counts of making or possessing explosives, after two packages of volatile TATP were discovered in an Australind estuary last month.
Police said the packages exposed the public and emergency services to ``great danger''.
Mr Roberts was taken into custody after an early morning raid at his partner's Bunbury home on Friday.
Police road block on route to Peppermint Beach caravan park. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
Police road block on route to Peppermint Beach caravan park. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
Yesterday, his partner's mother, who did not want to be named, said earlier speculation of terror links were ``unfathomable''.
``They are as dinky-di Australian as you can get,'' she said.
``He's a bloody nice guy. He's good to my daughter, he's good to my granddaughter and he's a hard worker. You could say this has had an impact on the whole community. Everyone is absolutely gobsmacked. It's all very surreal.''
Army personnel and police on the Estuary in Australind. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
Army personnel and police on the Estuary in Australind. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
This morning, Capel residents were told to evacuate Peppermint Grove Rd as police investigated a third suspicious package at a disused caravan park.
But by mid-afternoon they said they were satisfied that no further danger exists and everyone is safe.
Mr Roberts has been remanded in custody and will appear in Bunbury Magistrates Court on Monday.
Police outside the Hayes Street house, Bunbury, where a man was arrested early today over the Australind TATP haul.  Picture: Bo
Police outside the Hayes Street house, Bunbury, where a man was arrested early today over the Australind TATP haul. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
Third suspicious package found
A THIRD suspicious package discovered in the region south of Perth where highly volatile explosive chemicals were found recently has been secured by the bomb squad.
Bomb squad technicians stayed at a disused caravan park at Peppermint Grove Beach in the Capel region overnight.
Police outside a house in Hayes Street Bunbury after a man was arrested early today in connection with the TATP explosives found
Police outside a house in Hayes Street Bunbury after a man was arrested early today in connection with the TATP explosives found last week at Australind. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
It's understood police located suspicious materials at the caravan park but were not required to detonate the materials.
Roadblocks around the caravan park have been removed and residents have been allowed to return to their homes.
Forensic officers are combing the scene.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Police still searching...

No info too small: bomb investigators

AAP, The West AustralianNovember 6, 2013, 11:22 am
No info too small: bomb investigators
Police and military scoured the Australind area last week for any further packages of explosives and clues to who put them there. Picture: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian
    WA Police are making another high-profile appeal for information- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant - to help them solve the mystery of explosive chemicals found in Australind last week.
    Today, officers will distribute posters throughout the South West requesting information. For the next few hours police will be at Bunbury Forum, Centre Point Plaza, Bunbury and Australind Shopping Centre.
    Police today confirmed that the second suspicious package found in a waterway last week was more of the deadly terrorist chemical explosive TATP.
    A massive police operation was launched after a member of the public discovered the package containing 3kg of TATP hidden underwater near a jetty at Leschenault Estuary at Australind, south of Perth.
    The first package was mistakenly identified as illicit drugs and transported through the Perth CBD and stored in WA police major crime headquarters.
    After the explosive was identified, it was delicately moved to a local racetrack before being detonated.
    A second package was discovered in the estuary 36 hours later, and was eventually detonated underwater by police and navy divers
    After confirming the second package was TATP, the WA Police issued a social media appeal for information.
    Acting Commander Scott Higgins said no further chemicals had been found around the waterway.
    The incident has prompted a review of police protocols when suspicious substances are discovered.
    Police continue to investigate who hid the chemicals in the estuary and are not ruling out the possibility they had sinister plans, including terrorism.
    TATP, which can be manufactured from household ingredients and is known as “Mother of Satan“, was used in the 2005 London bombings.
    The discoveries last week coincided with a major gathering of foreign ministers and diplomats in Perth, the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation meetings.
    Today, Acting Commander Scott Higgins said that as a result of an exhaustive search of the area, which has now concluded, police could reassure the community that no further chemicals had been found.
    A police spokeswoman said police would immediately advise the community if there was any further concern for public safety.
    "The public are reminded to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police," she said.
    Information can be provided to police in the following ways.
    Talk directly to a police officer
    • Today - uniformed officers will be in local shopping centres in the Australind/Bunbury area;
    • the Mobile Police Facility will be located at the Australind Jetty car park and will be manned 9am-4pm;
    • Water Police will be speaking to people using the Estuary and waterways and officers will be
    available at the Australind and Bunbury police stations.
    Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
    Online via Crime Stoppers at www.wa.crimestoppers.com.au
    Information is kept strictly confidential and you may remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers.
    Remember that no information is too small or irrelevant.
    Your piece of information may be the one that completes the puzzle.
    Please don’t assume that someone else has told us the information

    I have never seen so many police, detectives, army personal in one place…everywhere you look there is one or the other. No complaints from me, the person/persons responsible for hiding the chemicals need to be found. As yet they have no leads. Uniformed police were in the shopping centre today and were available to talk too with any titbit of information they could receive.

    On to other things….Kylee has finished work completely and is now in the process of slowly packing up her house. 
    On Saturday morning her girlfriend is hosting a baby shower here for her as my place is central and have plenty of room. I dislike her best friend BUT she is Kylee's friend and doesn't have to be mine. The shower is going to a "high tea" and I have had a girlfriend who makes the most deeevine looking (and I believe very tasty too) cupcakes with baby boy and frog (as Kylee has nicknamed her lil man Froggie) as my contribution to the tea.  Will post pics next week.
    All is going well with the pregnancy, she is nearly 33 weeks….and the lil man is still breech. Hope the lil bugga turns for her before he is born, Kylee so wants a natural birth.

    On the weight front, a 600g loss at last weigh in….back on track again. 
    Work is changing my shifts around and I won't have time to stay for meetings anymore, will have to weigh and run, but that won't matter for a little while.
    Been trying a few nice recipes out….and now the weather is fining up, a lot of bbq's. Love a barbe.

    Just to finish, my agapanthus as it opens. I have never been able to grow these. Bought them before and they usually die, never to flower…..but yay this year, it as you can see I didn't waste my money.  mmmmm maybe because hubby is doing all the gardening now…...

    Friday, November 01, 2013

    Scary much….

    All this has been happening just down the road from my house…about a 5 minute drive away.
    When I had Shera here I used to walk her quite often down there, have many photos of her playing there…and the grandkids just love walking down to the end of the jetty walk in the hope of spotting a dolphin….again have many photos of them too.
    Just makes you wonder what the world is going to be like for them if this is what people of today do…ohhh scary much. 
    Don't think I want to go down there again…2 bombs in two days and no-one been caught yet….going to be awhile before I go walking there again methinks.
    Makes you wonder who in their right minds goes about making bombs??

    Australind terror scare as second suspect package detonated


    Police have detonated a second suspect package in Australind.
    SUSPECTED explosives have been detonated in Australind after a second package was found in the Leschenault Estuary yesterday.
    Police evacuated the area near the jetty at the Leschenault Estuary and closed nearby roads just before the second package was detonated at 5pm.
    It comes as police divers today resumed their search for the deadly explosive TATP after the second package' was found by police divers yesterday.
    Officer injured from TATP
    Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan today revealed that one of the officers who handled the deadly explosive suffered a minor chemical burn which required hospital treatment.
    Army divers headed out onto Leschenault Inlet about 8.15am today and were out on the water about an hour before returning to shore shortly before 9.30am.
    Police and army divers wearing snorkels appeared to be doing a sweep of the Leschenault jetty, close to where the second suspect package was found yesterday.
    About 2.20pm, officers got into a 4WD and drove it along the jetty. Mr O'Callaghan confirmed that one of the police officers who handled the deadly explosive material found in Australind early this week had to be treated for a minor chemical burn to a finger.


    Chemical explosives found in WA have been confirmed to be the highly-volatile TATP.
    Mr O'Callaghan and Premier Colin Barnett today sought to reassure the public they were not in any immediate danger following the discovery of the deadly explosive in the state's South West.
    The pair said every precaution was being taken and that police were treating it as an extremely serious criminal investigation.
    Despite a meeting of foreign ministers in Perth today, the national terrorism alert level has not been changed. While federal investigators were involved in the inquiry , it has not been confirmed whether ASIO is involved.
    Mr O'Callaghan said police still did not know what was in the package found yesterday butArmy bomb experts were treating it as explosive material .
    "We are treating this as a serious crime investigation and there will be detectives down there and a lot of others doing work on this for the next few days," Mr O'Callaghan said.
    "It will not be a short operation. But what I can tell you is that our priority is to make sure the community is safe."
     Soldiers search the Australind estuary south of Bunbury. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
    Soldiers search the Australind estuary south of Bunbury. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
    Mr O'Callaghan also defended the police procedure following the discovery of the first package saying a presumptive test carried out on the substance indicated that it was "illicit".
    "The officers concerned treated that substance like any other drug," he said. "The package was transported as an illicit drug because presumptive tests indicated that it might be.
    "Bear in mind drugs get cut with all different compounds. The officer followed protocol. Once it was identified of course we dealt with it as a volatile material."
    Procedure concerns Police Union
    The WA Police Union said today it plans to meet with the Police Commissioner to raise its concerns over the handling of Tuesday's explosives find.
    WA Police Union vice president Brandon Shortland told reporters this afternoon the incident on Tuesday "had highlighted a number of concerns" to the union.
    "We are going to raise those (concerns) in a formal capacity with the Commissioner," Mr Shortland said.
    Police divers resume their search for the explosive. Picture: Jackson Flindell
    Police divers resume their search for the explosive. Picture: Jackson Flindell
    Mr Shortland said those concerns related to the seizure, handling and subsequent transportation of the TATP package found earlier in the week.
    He added: "We don't believe that there is adequate training…our members are not chemists, they are not experts in hazardous material transportation.
    "Our members did a great job under trying circumstances…unfortunately there are policies, systems and procedures that need to be looked at to ensure that explosives are not handled in that manner again."
    The Premier said he wanted to reassure the local Australind community, as well as the wider public, that there was no immediate danger and that community safety was the number one consideration.
    "All that is being done is what needs to be done. There is a significant operation underway involving and being led by WA Police but also involving federal agencies. Several precautionary measures will need to be taken and will be overseen by police.
    "I would simply ask members of the public to co-operate with police. There is no immediate danger to anyone but all precautionary measures need to be taken."
    State Crime A/Commander Scott Higgins said with the first package, confirmed to be TATP, coming from the Leschenault jetty area and a second suspicious package found yesterday, divers had swept the jetty to make sure there were no items missed.
     Police divers and soldiers on the scene at Australind, where a suspicious package has been found. Picture: Jordan Shields
    Police divers and soldiers on the scene at Australind, where a suspicious package has been found. Picture: Jordan Shields
    Terror scare a 'nasty coincidence'
    Yesterday a counter-terrorism expert said the discovery of volatile explosives as world leaders met in Perth for the Indian Ocean Rim Association summit was a "nasty coincidence."
    Curtin University's Alexey Muraviev told PerthNow the discovery raised additional security concerns for the event, which would see Foreign Ministers from countries such as India, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia and Sri Lanka meet in Perth today.
    Dr Muraviev said terrorists wanted symbolic targets and the IORA event could provide such an opportunity.
    "Many of them (member countries) are engaged in counter-terrorism efforts and many countries of the Indian Ocean Rim are affected by ongoing high levels of terrorism activity," he said.
    He said because Perth was not considered a high-risk terrorism target, there would have also been an added element of surprise in any attack plot.
    Police today said they were not ruling out any line of inquiry after the second suspicious package was found.
    Explosives found days before political summit
    Police look for evidence at Australind, south of Bunbury. Picture: Bohdan Warchomij
    Army bomb disposal experts were called in to help dispose of explosives after the package was found in the estuary where a large cache of the volatile chemical compound TATP was discovered on Tuesday.
    PerthNow understands the substance found yesterday in the water today was located at the end of the jetty, and heavily weighted.
    It was similar in size to the one found on Tuesday.
    Sweep of surrounding areas
    Forensic police officers have scoured nearby areas of the inlet and spent 15 minutes photographing evidence on the side of Old Coast Road, about 50m from the jetty.
    It appeared to be a small piece of paper which was eventually bagged and taken away as evidence by the officer.
    Police say there are no "legitimate" reasons why someone would be in the possession of the highly dangerous chemical other than for criminal activities.
     A police forensic officer photographs an item of interest at Australind. Picutre: Bohdan Warchomij
    A police forensic officer photographs an item of interest at Australind. Picutre: Bohdan Warchomij
    Following yesterday's discovery of what could be more of the highly explosive material, Acting Commander Higgins told a press conference that while police were still trying to establish what it was intended for, the substance was used in terrorist attacks.
    Earlier police confirmed the material destroyed at Gloucester Park was TATP, or 'Mother of Satan', the volatile chemical used in the 2005 London bombings.
    Acting Commander Higgins said police were not ruling out any line of inquiry and confirmed the Major Crime Squad was looking at a list of people but were not close to making an arrest.
    He also said TATP had previously been found in other locations in Australia.
    "There's a whole range of different possibilities (for why) from prank to the more sinister and those are the ones we are looking in to," he said.
    "This is not an unknown material and it has been found in other locations on previous occasions.
    "There's no information to indicate there is cause of concern (regarding threats).
    "One of the things we are trying to work out is exactly what it was intended for and we don't know that yet. And that is the reason we are asking for the public's help."
    Questioned by the Opposition in State Parliament about the risk to the public during the operation to move the original cache of TATP from the city to Gloucester Park, Mr Barnett said he would not disclose details of confidential briefings.
    "This is an extremely serious situation. But it is confidential and you are not to use it politically,'' Mr Barnett said.