Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today is another day

Today is another day. After yesterday where I pondered, wondered and despaired about the 600 grams added and the 300 grams the week before I decided I have put too much time and effort in coming this far I WAS not going to give in. I want GOAL and life membership. I knew this journey was not going to be easy and I will be carrying on till I get there.
Today I awoke, after a sleep in, and went for an hours walk, and decided this week is going to be a good one...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I am devastated!!

I weighed in this morning and now I know the reason I had butterfly's in my tummy....I GAINED 600 grams and I can't understand why. I tracked and counted, excersised and even wrote down when I went over points and why. But 3 points in a week with all the excersise I do and the bonus points I had earned should not have made such a difference. I just cried, and I mean really cried when the scales went up!! My leader Deb did console me some, and I still went and had my hair done, but been home a few hours now and I am still very upset. Got to go and do my measurements yet, they are due to be done, but still too upset yet.....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Got butterfly's in tummy

I have had a really good week I think. I have tracked and counted points and thou I have just gone over by a point a couple of nights I am reallyyyy wondering "am I going to lose this week" ?? Last night it was dear hubby's birthday and I indulged a little but that was one of the nights I went over by a point....ohhhhhhhhh I so want to lose this week, and more than a few hundred grams, wellllll more than 300 anyways!!! I have been up and down like a yoyo lately it is starting to worry me, thus the butterflys in tummy!! Wish it was Saturday and this suspense was no longer!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brrrrrrrrrrr mornings too cold !!!

This morning at 6am as we usually do, Deb and I took off for our morning walk. But we spent most of the walk trying to keep warm, it was 5 degree's !!! (The day didn't get much warmer either) And you should have seen the smoke, and the smellllll (Deb and I nearly choked) from everyone starting up their fires. Anyways we decided, the walks are going on the backburner for awhile, we still will walk weekends, but every morning now I will be cranking up the stereo and dancing, or doing my dvd's or video's. I can't not excersise, I don't lose weight unless I do and I enjoy it.
Still going well this major upsets or spurges, (welllllllll had a few drinkies with dear hubby, it's his birthday today) geeeeeee really hoping for a loss this week.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Am going great!!

Had a great day today, had a sleep in seeing as there was no work. Was going to go for a long walk before breakfast but it was PELTING down with rain so I instead turned on the cd player and put a real upbeat cd on and danced as I vacuumed the house. Felt real good !!

Had grilled tomato on 2 pieces of toast for breakfast.
Tuna, tomato and cheese grilled on toast for lunch .
Chicken Fettucinne and vege's will be for tea.

Had a visitor this arvo, a girlfriend I hadn't seen for ages, ran into her in town on Saturday while getting my eyes checked and told her to come out for coffee seeing as today was a public holiday. Ohhhhh forgot to mention that ehhhh, need NEW glasses, my eyes have weakened. Have chosen some new frames, with the help of my friend Ros, very different to the ones I wear now but I like them. Will have to put a new pic up when I get them, won't I?

Been up to see the mother in law and had a catch up, because of work I don't get to see her as often as I should. She fell and broke her hip in October and it has set her back some. For an 80 year old she is very independent and still does all her own gardening, housework etc, and she hates not being able to do things the way she used to as the hip is not healing as fast as she would like it to be. Anyways she is getting there and thats the main thing.

So yes, I am going great, achieved something and had a catch up....and still tracked and planned too. Resisted some temptations(Ros had some lovely carrot cake, and mum had some homemade bikkies) and only gave in to some licorice (mmm must look that up too, haven't yet) but I think I have done well. Am still on track to a loss this week, I really need one to give me a boost after my few bad weeks...come on Saturday.....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Hannah

This is my #3 son's partner Hannah cutting her cake at her family 21st we had on Saturday night. a lovely night was had by us all. The cake was yummm, I had a small piece, plus a lovely non weight watchers dinner, even a few vodka's. But this morning I headed down to Manjimup to catch up with my mum, bro and sis and had a lovely day with them all. I counted every bite and drink that entered my mouth today, and ended the day with a point in reserve, so heading in the right direction for a great week. I hope so!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A small gain.....

Well as I thought after that shocker of a week over Easter, I gained 300 grams. Last week even though I did get back on track (thou not to Monday) I didn't quite do enough to lose what I gained that horror week. Geeeeeeee it makes me wonder what I did gain that week, sure makes me glad I have hid my scales !!!
Never mind, I am in a real positive frame of mind, have my #3 son's partners 21st dinner tonight, where I am going to have a few drinks and eat well, but on Sunday I will be back into ww mode. Going to my mum's, on Sunday, a good hour and half drive, but thats ok, mum knows I am doing ww and will be kind to me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

A great day

I had the best today today....I feel soooooo good!!

This morning I got up, after I had a small sleep in, put on my shoes, put on my walkman, picked up my bottle of water and headed off. I did a solid hour of walking which included the "mega killer hill".
I have tracked, drank my water and eaten points within my allowance. I even cooked a weigh watchers recipe which was very yummmmm.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa I feel good, ready to tackle the week

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter with the WA grandies

Had one lot of grandies around this morning and this arvo had the other......and had these gorgeous pics taken.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Feeling better

This is me on my birthday 2 years ago and me today.....looking at them sure makes me feel better still!! I can't believe the difference.
Didn't weigh in today, I really did sleep in, had a solid 12 hours sleep and feel heaps better for it. Half of my problem I think, I was getting run down and overtired and with TTOM coming the cravings I always suffer went into overdrive.
Anyways, have given myself timeout till Monday morning....not going to count points till then.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Slowly getting better....

Wellllllllllllllll, what a day....I had to work and I am so tired. It's been a real busy full on week at work, and I have been dealing with these dratted TTOM cravings. I have been the worst I have EVER been and feeling realllllllly down and felt even worse when I have given in to the dreaded urges. Anyways tomorrow is weigh in day, have to been there at 8am.....But I have decided I am not weighing in, I'm going to lay in bed awhile and try and catch up on some much needed sleep/rest. Then hopefully the dreaded TTOM will have started and I will be ready to start the rest of my ww journey afresh.....wish me luck!! I will not give in, I WANT to finish this journey and I WILL.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My own worst enemy....

TTOM has a lot to answer to ..... I just can't control the cravings. I know that my period is due, I know that I crave sweets, I buy all the right ww food to help make the choices easier and what do I do. Like a zombie I head to the food, in the fridge, the pantry, ignoring the ww food and go to the yummiest sweetest definetly not ww food I have !!!! (My hubby has no weight problem so the food is there because of him, I can't deny him because I am dieting) Where is my "won't power"???? Anyways I weigh in Saturday, pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't let me have do too much damage!!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Slowlllllllllllllllllllly going down !!!

Weighed in this morning, and yes I lost.....only 200 grams. I was disappointed at first as I had had a great week but after discussing it with my leader she reminded me that I had lost 20% of my weight, was in the last 10% so my progress was going to slow down. I hadn't thought about that, and now really thinking about it I HAVE come a long way, over 18 kilo's!! So here I am plodding along still towards my goal.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another small loss....

Weighed in this morning and yep had another loss....only .3 but although I thought I would have lost more, I will take it, it all adds up. Today's loss made my total loss ... 18 kilo's !!!
Anyways now winter is rapidly approaching I am trying to decide what to do about excersise. Mornings are starting to get too dark to walk and I have to walk at 6am so I can be back to leave for work by 7.10am. Am looking into curves...but then again that depends on class times, also going to look into the rec centre and see what classes they have available. Will continue with going to water areobics on Wednesdays...might even go to the Monday class occassionaly.