Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2nd official weigh in

Last night I went to my 2nd weigh in since I achieved LTM.....its great I only have to weigh officially once a calender month now. I am happy maintaining, I seem to be finding it easy. I would like to eventually get to my personal goal of 65kilo's but I am in no hurry. I am happy doing what I am at the moment....and not ready to get into lose mode again yet. I spent over 18 months losing weight, and have enjoyed these last 3 months maintaining !! I have had so much encouragement from all my friends and family since I made goal and LTM espesially from my online friends...and that includes all you lovely blogger friends!! THANK YOU !!! How can I fail with all that support?? It's really great as I thought once I got to goal and LTM people would think I don't need the support anymore.....but believe me I do, it helps soooooo much !!!
Anyways last night I weighed in at 67.5 which was 800grams down from last month weigh in ..........and 100grams down from my scales.....

Monday, June 18, 2007

I met Fiona

On the weekend Fi (FIONADWYER) from the At Home forum travelled down to Australind to spend a week with her sister, she flew in from sunny Brisbane on Thursday. It was great that she took time out to spend an hour or so with me having a coffee and chatting. What a absolutely delightful friendly lady she was....thanks Fi...it was great, hope I have the pleasure of catching up with you again sometime in the future.
I went to see my Dr last week and found that I had a all clear with my colonscopy, other than a bowel proplapse (which I knew I had, who wouldn't know ya had one of those!! ) does need to be surgically repaired sooner than later. My Dr is making an appointment with the gynaecologist for that and is also going to recommend they do a hysterectomy at the same time as I still have my unwelcome visitor!! Anyways will see what happens when I have the appointment. Four years ago I had the exact same ops, or was meant to but they considered a repair to be done instead of a hysterectomy....so after a chat with the gynaeno WHEN I get the appointment I will know more and when !!
Next week is my next official weigh in....tonight I weighed in on my scales and am 67.6 which is 300 grams up on last week. This doesn't worry me, since LTM I have been up and down and all over the place, but heyyyyyy that doesn't worry me either, as long as I stay at 68k's (goal weight) or under I will be happy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More pics....

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy girls........here is some more pics....

This is the one Vegie wanted me to share....THEM pants with me and 3.5 year old Skye in them....and still have some room left over....

I know, I know......I'm showing off......but love those jeans....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Look at me now....

This was me a couple of years ago, out having a few drinks at a big speedway windup.....and I thought I looked good, as I had just lost 10 kilo's........

And this is me now with those same jeans I was wearing....ohhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling!!!

I weighed in tonight on my own scales, and was 67.3....thats .7 up on last week, but that is to be expected with me recovering from my 24 hour fast for the colonscopy and ohhhhhhhhhhh and the most dddddddddeliciousssssssssssssss meal out on Friday night where I ate my all time favourite dessert Pavola for the first time since I started my ww journey....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

There was 3 in the bed....

Another week has gone by, and despite all it has gone by rather quickly. TTOM is still with me, had now have them since 13th May with only one day and a nights respite. Couldn't get into my Dr last week but saw the clinic sister at the surgery and she seems to think it could be going on and on as it may be my last. Ohhhhh joy......can I live in hope???? I do have to go to the Dr at the end of this week as I had a colonscopy (YUK!) on Thursday, thankfully no biopsies were taken but still have to go in to get results. If I still have my unwelcome visitor he can sort that out too!!! I had to fast for 24 hours before the colonscopy procedure which made me feel rather ill but I recovered from the procedure quite well. Hubby took the afternoon off work to stay with me to make sure I had no side effects, but I slept all arvo anyway. I went back to work on Friday to light duties only thou. Have had an attack of the hungries on and off since the procedure, but haven't indulged in too much junk! Excersise has been good except for the Thursday and Friday. Been doing 30 to 45 minutes on work days before work and on the weekends I do anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes plus.
Had Simon and Tracey's 3 eldest on the Saturday and for the night. Won't be long and I'll be able to have little Thomas too, he is nearly walking. (See pic) Geeeeeeeee it only seems like yesterday I was watching him being born, where does time go??
Jessica, Zoe and Sheymus were a delight to have. On the Saturday we shopped for dinner ingredients as we decided to have make pizza's using English muffins as the bases. (thanks for the idea Berrie) We had mess from one end of the kitchen to the other but it was heaps of fun and the pizza's were so yummy. They all went to bed very tired, happy and with full tummy's!
At 4am little Sheymus (2.5 years) came wandering into our bedroom and said I can't find my mummy. I just held out my arms and said will I do, come into Jenna and Pop's bed for cuddles. He was in and cuddled up before he finished saying yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Boy, 3 in the bed and the little one said........ Remember that song? I do now! I'd forgotten how much room a little body can take up, and how much they wriggle and squirm. But it was so sweet having him all cuddled up to me. Everytime I moved his little hand would come out and hang on to me.
I couldn't move over too far as hubby was sick with a flu virus and was so feverish, achy and sore....didn't want to disturb him too much.
Enough rambling...but I did have a very enjoyable weekend with the grandies. I love every minute I spend with them, but ohhhhhhhh I so love to hand them back.
Just weighed in on my scales this evening.....Weight ... 66.6. Thats 1.7 down from last week.