Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Me and my sister

Last night my sister came up and stayed overnight as her hubby had to go in and have a MRI scan today to make sure all was still well after his "turn" last month. Boy, was the house full and noisy!! What with son and his family, plus sis and her hubby here, the extensions on the table had to be extended to fit us all....but it was a great night catching up.
Family is so important to me.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


After a bad night last night, little sleep, hot flushes and attack of itchy skin I awoke this morning and went for a walk yawning my head off!! Not feeling the best today but other than a small choccy and too many cruskits have made good choices. Anyways was looking through some blogs today and found this on Suzy's sure made me laugh and realise I am NOT the only one going through these symptoms.


My eyesight is fading
my skin is dry and thin
My hair is not as shiny
I have wrinkles on my chin

My moods are always swinging
I can jump, scream and shout
over the smallest little problem
And then wonder what the fuss was all about

I sometimes have hot flushes
And spend the night awake
Or I feel cold and freezing
And I begin to shiver and shake

No I do not have a illness
And I'm not about to die
I'm just a menopausal woman
There's no need to weep or cry

I have just turned 50
And I will have survived another stage of life
I can say this with pride

I"m a happy and getting to healthy person
And I will try not to stress about a thing
I will look forward to the next stage
And whatever life will bring.

Thanks for that Suzy, I have adapted it a little as I have turned 50....but I thought it was just great....espesially as it is me all over lately.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A small gain...

Weighed in this morning, had a small gain of 300 grams which I sort of knew was going to happen, wrong choices, not enough tracking and not enough walking!! Will be fixed this close now and to go over the 5 kilo to lose mark is not good!!

Anyways last week when I WAS under the 5 kilo mark I booked a hair appointment for foils and cut as a reward to myself, see pics for results. Usually I go light with darker foils, this time I changed totaly and went vice versa, dark with lighter foils. Hubby, son and daughter in law love it but I think I should have gone for reddish tone foils as well. Don't get me wrong, I love the change, very happy as it was a new hairdresser (mine has moved to the uk) and was unsure as to how it would turn out.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Why do people do it!!

At work today for lunch the crew organised a sausage sizzle which I didn't mind...I love 'em and knew it was going to be happening so organised to be somewhere else for lunch. But when the rest of the crew found out they asked why? When I said I had weigh in at weight watchers tomorrow they said are you STILL dieting? Haven't you lost enough weight now? You're thin enough now, you don't need to lose any more !!
I just replies wellllll the world health organization wouldn't agree with you....and left it at that!!

BUT why do they do it....they didn't let it rest all day??

Thursday, June 22, 2006


This morning woke up feeling a bit "blah" and instead of getting straight up turned over and dozed off. That meant I had no time for a real walk again!! Thats twice this week. But I did do some situps and leg abducters and 10 minutes stepping!! Anyways that got me am I going to make goal if I don't excersise enough? They do say at my age it is harder to lose weight AND keep it off so have been trying to visualise me in a few years time and seee if I can see me slim still!! The mind is a blank, as I said before am feeling "blah"! Think I am tired and on the borderline of overtired, work has been so hectic, its been run, run all week and today will be another run one. Going to have to watch myself and make sure I don't overdo it again.
But decided today as I am working I am going to visualise me at goal anyways, not too far to go now...and we'll work on staying there after I get there. I have made the changes in my life and changed my lifestyle I know I can do it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain

I was up at the usual time this morning, 5.30 am, got hubby's lunch ready and did all the usual morning chores then looked was wet, wet, wet!!! It's been raining on and off all night and we really do need it, but now I can't walk! It's also very windy out and not at all pleasant, going to be a bit of a yukky day, glad I working in a shed! Was going to put a dvd or video on and do one of those but have got 3 grandies still sound asleep so better not wake them up ehhhh? Then I decided I would do 20 minutes of thats my excersise done for today...stepping is quiet and the kiddies are still asleep! I've packed some zuchinni slice for lunch today, made apple and cinnamon muffins last night for smoko (only 2 points each) so all set for a good day..will move this last 5 kilo's somehow. It's amazing that I have come so far, I have NEVER achieved a goal in all my dieting days, just goes to show ww works, its not a diet, it's a lifestyle change and I am happy to say I have changed mine around. Hubby is too...I was moaning to him about the rain and how I couldn't walk before he left this morning and he said, "doesn't matter love, you've already walked your bum off", gave me bum a tap and said sweet is he!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


1. Cuddle time with Jessica (4), Zoe (3)
2. Pic for Rae ...Go the EAGLES!!
3. Son Simon with dog 1 (Brinda)
4. My little man, Sheymus (15 months)
5. Daughter in law Tracey and Bubby #4 (it's a boy!!)

Having a great time with the family, it's going to be sad when they move into their own's bedlam here but having them all here is a delight. Best part I think is coming home from work and walking into a nice warm house and having 3 little ones come running up for a "Jenna" cuddle. Tracey has the kettle on for a coffee, and food is simmering away on the stove...and yes she loves cooking and is even cooking ww food for me.

I watched the Eagles as I did this, drat we lost today to Port Adelaide....but heyyy Geelong beat the Fremantle Dockers...I am not a Dockers fan..

And the big news is ... I lost 1 kilo today...and now under 5 kilo's to go


Friday, June 16, 2006

This week...

Welllllllll another week has absolutely flown by, and what a week has it been. Talk about upsy downsy, its been all over the place. Been ttom, with menopausal symtoms thrown in just to make things that bit harder. Have had emotions all over the place, but am getting better in keeping the cravings under a bit better control. Thought I did have them under control, but had a few nights where I indulged, (ohhh and not forgetting the nail biting footy match) not badly but enough to go grrrrrrrr !!
But the excersise has been great, I walk everyday still, 30 minutes Monday to Friday and an hour plus on Sundays. Saturdays I like to have a day off but usually I end up going for a walk. Everyday I also try to do my situps and pushups, and now Berrie (thanks darl ) has sent me some other excersises which I am slowly easing myself into. Concentrating on my thighs at the moment Berrie!
Weigh in tomorrow, don't know what to expect, I feel good but with the upsy downsy week I had those demon scales could swing either way.

But the best news is that the son and his family (3 kids, 7 month pregnant partner, 2 dogs, 1 cat) have arrived. The house is full and full of life and noise!!
I love it!! Not used to it, but there's nothing better than coming home from a hard day at work and walking in the door and having 3 little ones running for a cuddle. Will post some pics real soon, and yes Rae will get the pic of Eagles #1 fan in her hat and beanie!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The kids are coming !!!

Soooooooo EXCITED, just had a phone call from my son, they had a minor drama along the way and got held up BUT they will be here late tonight ......


Will post more in the next day or so......

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Go the Eagles

What a game, I am exhausted from all the jumping up and down! We were 44 points down at 3/4 time and we came back and won....wowwwwwwww what a heart stopper. I ate all my fingernails down, and was naughty and ate too many bikkies (ww ones though) but I can't believe it!! This happened last week and now again this one...what a team....

Now the Eagles have been good and they can have a rest, I will have to get off this "butt" of mine and get it moving for the rest of the week...I should not have had those bikkies!!

Does anyone know?

Does anyone know to get my blog back to where it should annoys me coz I don't know why half of it has gone down to the bottom of the page, and it annoys me coz I can't figure out how to get it back??

Anyways despite half the blog disappearing down the page, its been a great day here so far. The sun is shining brightly, its not hot by any means but it's quite pleasant outside. I was up early this morning (and no Mr Jack Frost) and went for a lovely long walk, well over an hour. I was naughty last night and indulged and thought I better be extra good today...and I have been.
Footy is on later, so I will be putting my new beanie and scarf on and placing my backside into the lounge chair and watching my Eagles play.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Footy tomorrow

Wooohooooo the Mighty Eagles play tomorrow, I bought a beanie and scarf today to watch the game in tomorrow....go the EAGLES!!!

ahhhhhhh whats happened?

Ahhhhhhhh what happened to my blog, half of it has disappeared...


Will have to make a wish,
I wish ......

Weigh in day today

Weigh in day today and pleased to report a small loss of 200 grams, but a small loss I expected being that ttom and feeling bloated and yuk!! And brrrrr it's so cold here too, at the centre where we weigh in it was freezing, no heating at all. Going to have to change weigh in clothes too, I think time to get out of the light summer clothes and find something warmer to wear.

The pic that I have posted is just a cartoon one that reminds me that my son and his family are driving across the nullabour and should all being well be here sometime tomorrow. My son is driving a 4x4 full to the brim, 3 kids, a pregnant partner and 2 dogs, so by the time he arrives here he will I think "be over it" !!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Had a great day!!

Been a great day today, I have been an angel today, just like the two little cuties shown in the pic, Jessica and Zoe, two of my grandaughters, and followed ww to the letter!! I had a day off work today and have ttom coming anyday now so I was a little wary as to how I would go. But was up early this morning, went for a very brisk walk for 45 minutes, and I mean brisk as Mr jack Frost was out too!! Then home for breakfast, raisan toast and a cup of coffee, and a play on the ww site then off and into the chores before heading out into town. The day just flew by, not achieving much, was able to window shop, even found a new secondhand/used shop to browse throu where I found myself a blue willow cup and saucer to add to my collection.
Yeaaaaaaaa its has been a great day ......

Monday, June 05, 2006

Am feeling good...

Yesterday was a good day, reflective as I meandered down memory was good for me. I remembered things that I thought I had forgotten, just by looking at a few photo's and momento's of Dad's. Dad meant the world to me, I was close to him, espesially the last 10 years of his life. I sat throu all his chemo sessions and it was during those we did get real close...what else can ya do there but talk, those chats were the bestest. He actually took a packet of cigarettes out of my handbag during one session and made me promise him to never to smoke again, and I haven't since that day either!! Dad only had one arm, lost his other in an accident when I was a year old, but that never stopped him from doing anything he wanted to do...and it was remembering some of the challenges he faced there made me realise this weight challenge I am on is nothing to some of his.
He loved the fact that I drove speedway, he was my biggest fan. Everytime I crossed the finishing line to get the chequered flag I could hear yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, go girl!! That was Dad, he parked his ute up near the finishing line and sat rugged up on the back of that so I could see him as I went flying past. Up until I finished racing my signature finish was a salute to the chequered flag for Dad. Dad, I again salute you, mwahhhhhhhhh, I love you.

Yesterday was the v8's raceday at Winton, Victoria.....geeee I love the roar of those cars!!
Anyways my hero driving my favourite car Ford won the day.....yea was a good day.
The pics enclosed were taken at Sandown, Victoria last year with my daughter when I visited her. Kylee is like her mum, loves cars......vrooom vroom vrooom

Saturday, June 03, 2006

As we grow

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probaly will. You will have your heart broken more than once and it's harder everytime. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.....

A good friend of mine, the lovely Berrie, sent this to me today and how true it is. I have been struggling this week with being not too well, feeling down and with a brother in law sick, a upset sister, this little verse has really helped me and made me stop and think. Espesially as a few days ago I was emotional with the 10 year anniversary of our Rosemary passing and tomorrow it will 5 years since my Dad passed on. The verse come just at the right time as I have been able to smile and think of all the happiness and wonderful memories I can treasure.

And while I am here I have had just the greatest #2 son Simon is coming home!! He leaves the Barossa Valley late next week and should be here the middle of the following week. With him will be his lovely lady Tracey and my precious little grandies Jessica, Zoe and Sheymus. So excited as that means their precious new addition, due in August, will be born here, near me....woooohoooooo!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Emotion's update

My sister was up to pick her hubby up...he has gone home to be under his drs care till he has to come up here and have another mri scan on his brain. Apparently he didn't have a stroke, they really not sure what has happened other than there is 2 small dots on either side of the base of his brain. Drs/specialists etc think it has something to do with his balance. Brother in law has eye problems and they think maybe that could have something to do with his "turn".
Anyway hopefully all will go well for him now, and we have no more scares.
Yesterday was another emotional day for me and our was 10 years since we lost our beloved daughter/sister. It has taken most of those 10 years to break free of the trauma that surrounded her death which absolutely devastated us all. Rosemary loved roses so on the way to the hospital to see sis's hubby I stopped off and decorated her grave with some roses out of my garden. I knelt there and just wished she could see how big the family has grown since she has gone, how many nieces and nephews she has, how her little sister reminds us of her with a lot of her sayings and mannerisms.....ohhhhh the emotions, the memories. I just wish that she was in the big family pic up above ....ohhhhhhh I wish......