Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just think I might have....

I have had a really great week, totaly on track...and it showed on the scales for me this week...down 800grams. I re-started the weight watchers at home program again, (I put it on hold while I recuperated from the op) and had my 1st weigh in on Wednesday morning. I was happy to see I was only 400grams up on where I was on my last weigh in on the 27th April (which was 2 days before my op).
I am in a better frame of mind at the moment, a lot happier now knowing that Mum hasn't got liver problems again. I am a lot happier in my new job, my legs are on the mend...just a whole heap more relaxed.
Yep...I like where I am at...and its showing...long may it last.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to get real....

p.s.  woohooooo.....just got a phone call from mum...thank the lord all is ok, nothing to worry about :-)

Last night, for the first time in a month, I managed to get to the local weight watchers group I go too. I have been going there for now for nearly a year, BUT I was astounded to notice in my weigh in book I have ONLY lost 1.3 kilo's  (being night time weigh ins makes it look worse than my weekly morning weigh ins) !!  Worse though is that I have lost and regained 8 kilo's in that time....sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez it is like....

what the Fuck am I doing.....

It is about time I got my act together....I seem to want to lose the weight, do all the right things but when "life" happens and I want to hide from it, I hide in of course begins the yoyo progress again. Last night I was so down and out about it all after looking at my progress (or lack thereof!), I decided enough is enough, time to get lets see if this time is the right time and see if I can do it!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Mum on Mothers Day at home

My brother brought Mum up for a few hours on Mother's day....we enjoyed scones, jam & cream that I made for morning tea...and chicken & salad for lunch, not that Mum ate much! Big bro made sure that nothing went to waste thou.
On Thursday Mum travelled up to Bunbury for her blood test/scans....all seemed to go ok though the dye they made Mum drink went straight throu her so we had to do a few very quick trips to the loo. All this was very distressing to Mum as she has had colon/bowel cancer and wears a permanent colonscopy bag.
Mum wouldn't allow me to go in while she had the it is now a wait till Mum's Dr gets the results and has her in for a visit....I am as nervous as :-(
Nothing much has been happening on the home front...dear hubby has had a dose of the man flu...had to have 2 days of work....but is recovering well now.
I am enjoying my new the moment I am only working Tuesdays & Wednesdays but I also fill in for anyone that wants time off...and in a few weeks I will be working everyday for those 2 weeks. My legs should have no trouble coping with that, I have no problems with them at all whilst doing the few shifts I have been doing. I see the surgeon on Monday for a post op visit...hope I can stop wearing these stockings for a bit !! still yo-yoĆ­ng .... thou still in there trying!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Legs are improving

Who's a pretty boy then??

black cockatoo in my banksia tree
 Alls going well. The legs are improving daily, I am doing more each day without pain. I actually went into Bunbury yesterday, and what a delight it was to zip a pair of boots up over my legs. Before the op the only boots I was able to wear were ankle ones as my right leg was always swollen and about 3cm bigger than the other. I love boots...and will be buying some more when I can start earning a wage again. I am loving this not working, but also  looking forward to going back to work. Love the new job, and espesially the shorter hours and I somehow do not think I will be going back to the farm. If I do go back it will only be one day a week...just for the $$$'s I can wear boots might need those $$'s !!!
Talking of $$'s...yesterday I paid out quite a few as we have decided to fit solar panels to the house in the bid to eventually save some $$'s. From all reports from family & friends that have already decided to do is so worth it.
Have mum coming here for Mother's Day on Sunday, my brother is bringing her up. Mum has been seeing her Dr recently as she had some growths (moles) that were worrying had them cut off. Her Dr run some bloods test & ordered ultrasounds on her as well as the results of blood tests showed her liver is not functioning properly. Ultrasounds done unfortunately don't show enough so Mum has to come up here to Bunbury and have more tests. As you can imagine it is a big worry to us, Mum has had liver cancer and had a huge fight to recover from that in 1994, she is now lot older and getting very frail. Might be worrying over nothing too, fingers crossed we are...
Have been using my new camera a lot of late....just happened to spot these noisy black cockatoo's the other day having a feed in some banksia tree's on our property....

Monday, May 02, 2011


Looks pretty yuk ehhh??  But they are done now. Am wearing the beautiful thigh high Ted's stockings...and the bruising is going down. Not in as much pain as I thought I would be....the only ones giving me grief are the cuts up on the groin...and thats more from the bandages up there chafing. 
Diet has gone out the window...excersise is walking around around in circles in boredom !!