Saturday, May 14, 2011


Mum on Mothers Day at home

My brother brought Mum up for a few hours on Mother's day....we enjoyed scones, jam & cream that I made for morning tea...and chicken & salad for lunch, not that Mum ate much! Big bro made sure that nothing went to waste thou.
On Thursday Mum travelled up to Bunbury for her blood test/scans....all seemed to go ok though the dye they made Mum drink went straight throu her so we had to do a few very quick trips to the loo. All this was very distressing to Mum as she has had colon/bowel cancer and wears a permanent colonscopy bag.
Mum wouldn't allow me to go in while she had the it is now a wait till Mum's Dr gets the results and has her in for a visit....I am as nervous as :-(
Nothing much has been happening on the home front...dear hubby has had a dose of the man flu...had to have 2 days of work....but is recovering well now.
I am enjoying my new the moment I am only working Tuesdays & Wednesdays but I also fill in for anyone that wants time off...and in a few weeks I will be working everyday for those 2 weeks. My legs should have no trouble coping with that, I have no problems with them at all whilst doing the few shifts I have been doing. I see the surgeon on Monday for a post op visit...hope I can stop wearing these stockings for a bit !! still yo-yoíng .... thou still in there trying!


  1. Lovely photo of your Mum. She has a impish glint in her eye. She looks well. I wonder if I will ever get to the point when I go to lunch and dont eat much - doesnt seem likely. LOL

  2. Oh your poor Mum! I hope everything is OK for her.
    My Mum had bowel cancer too, but luckily did not end up with a coloscopy bag.

  3. I hope your Mum is OK too. I can understand how worrying it must be for you:( Good to hear your legs are feeling good though and I hope you can finally get those stockings off!