Monday, July 23, 2007

Another monthly ww weigh in

Another week has flown by.....I thought this week would go soooooooo slow but I have been so busy at work and home the days have gone quickly. I received a bonus and had Friday off work, some foam cartons that we pack our iced broccolli into arrived with no yayyyyyyyy no work!!

Saturday morning I braved the dreadful weather and went down town and had a haircut and colour before Simon bought his awesome foursome down to spend time with Jenna and Pop while he and Tracey went and laybyed some chrissy presents while they were on special. Sunday Shawn came down with his little girls and I got to play out in the puddles with Skye, vrooom vrooooom !!! Shawn is happy and loving his new keeps him occupied and hopefully off the cannabis. I can breathe easy for a little while, espesially as we head off up North on Thursday morning looking for some sun, sand, fishing and relaxing.

Weigh watchers monthly weigh in tonight....weight 67.8 ....up 500grams from last week and 300grams from last month ww weigh...... but I still under goal so really happy about that. Hopefully I can keep myself under reasonable control while on hols...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another week has floated at the "funny farm" has been full on as per usual....doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done. I spend more than enough time there now, I leave home here just after 7am and finish when the work is done....usually at about 5pm but quite often later.
Kids are all fine....I may have my daughter home for a little while....welllllllll in WA anyways. She has applied for a fly in, fly out job up in the mines in the Pilbara. Her and her b/f both have reasonable jobs but just can't seem to get ahead and save or put money in the bank. But they want to buy a house, get married and have a family and hopefully if Kylee gets the job the good wages offered will finally see them saving something towards their goals.
Shawn, my problem child....has started work again, just at the right time I think too. He was starting to get moody and agitatated again and when he gets like that he begins using cannabis too much and all the family then suffer. His baby is just gorgeous...she is starting to crawl, or slugging as I call it as thats what she looks like as she moves along... but she gets around quicker by rolling to where she wants and ohhh she has just got her first 2 teeth.
Little Thomas is running.....just about bypassed the crawling and walking...did those all very briefly!!! He turns 1 the weekend after I get back from holidays...
All the others are driving mums crazy whilst on school holidays.....
On the home front hubby and I spent some time getting things ready for our trip away. We leave for Onslow and 2 weeks of sun, fishing, friends and relaxing sometime next week. I finish work next Tuesday 24th(as does hubby), Wednesday 25th we will load the boat and 4x4 up and hopefully Thursday 26th we will be cruising up the highway.
On the weight front, I weighed in tonight at home and surprise surprise I only gained a 100grams from last now 67.3. Am happy with that ,,,, Next week is my ww weigh in.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Well here we are again, another week gone by...

I have had a quite a good week, excersised every day...sometimes only 30 minutes mainly due to the cold and wet days we have been having. Have noticed thou at 6am when I walk the weather is at it best, its not as cold then, the cold seems to come in later when the sun rises ... (at about 7 to 7.30am) ...if it does rise that is !!
Not much been happening in my little world....mainly work, and more work. My brother (thats him in the pic with me) bought my mum up to Bunbury on Saturday to buy her birthday pressie from him.....but he ended up getting a phone call and had to go to yep Jen was left to take mum home, another trip down to Manjimup. This time it wasn't raining, blowing a gale and storming and I got to see my sister....only for an hour or so .... but that was better than not at all.
It's my weeekly weigh in night....and yayyyyyyyyyy I had a good week....the scales were down, 67.2.....thats 600grams down from last week. Have one more home weigh then go for another monthly ww weigh....then I am off on to find some sunshine, sand, sea, fishing and relaxing....yeaaaaaaa heading north for a couple of weeks....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Did I say??

Did I say I seemed to be finding maintenance easy?? Yeahhhhh I did last week and you know what?? I think I used that to self-sabotage myself coz I have spend most of the week over-indulging myself. Don't know if it was the cold and wet days, or work where it has been real physical hard yakka. Whatever it was for most of the week I overate. I was just so hungry after work, that it seemed if it was in sight and not tied down, I ate it!! And because I was so tired, and it was wet, I didn't excersise as much as I usually do either.
But with the help of my hubby, the forums, my friends I did manage to finish the week back on track. The result being now that I have just weighed in (at home) and had a small gain of 300 grams (am 67.8 now) hey I got out of that better than I thought I would.

A picture of my mum this week to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! My dear Mum turned 78 yesterday. I risked the shocking weather forecasted yesterday to travel the 1 1/2 hours to spend a few hours with her before the wind picked up and it started raining. I had to leave Mum and race the storm home but ohhhh it was worth it to see Mum so happy....and I made it home before the storm set in.