Monday, September 26, 2011

Its over....

Kylee and Stephen are over. Kylee asked Stephen if he could give an her a answer as to what his feelings towards her and their marriage was and he said he needed more time. Kylee said no, no more time and told him it was over and took off her wedding ring. Has asked him to sort out their finances, has requested a work transfer from Victoria to West Australia...she is coming home, as soon as its possible too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now, we wait and see.....

Kylee & Simone Louise...her (& Stephen's) god-daughter.

Yesterday I took Kylee back to the airport...
Stephen rang before we left home to say he would be home....and asleep in the spare bedroom when she arrived....she would not get home till after midnight.
Heck knows what the outcome of all this will is very worrying to us...and Stephen's family too. Stephen has been going to councelling whilst Kylee has been here....lets hope it has done some good...
Kylee and I had a lovely day together yesterday, we drove up to Mandurah...had the bestest fish & chips I have eaten since forever...they were deeeeeeeevine.....then onto Perth where we caught up with a girfriend and had coffee & cake at Miss Maud's before taking her out to the airport for her flight home.
There is nothing more I can do now but be here for my girl when needed....and I am sure I am going to be.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Filling in time....

Kylee & me

Kylee has been here for nearly a week, and is keeping herself busy. Despite her leaving their house, I think Stephen was right in asking her to come home...this is her family home, she has us and all her friends to lean on. If she had stayed in Melbourne she would have had no-one, no support base,  no-one close enough to lean on. Yes, I could have stayed with her there....but there is a lot of ifs, buts and what ifs, so she is happy with the decision, and happy to be surrounded by her family & friends.  Well as happy as she can be when she is not sure what she is going back too.  She is thinking the worst, but hoping for the best....but she loves the man despite all this...and will fight for him, hopefully with him.  She knows it won't be the same but has to try.
She fly's home next week.....but first she has another week at home surrounded and supported by her family and closest friends.

Due to the above, I resorted back to my old emotional eating day maybe I'll learn that food is really no comfort. Anyways ww has been put on hold for a little while....but I haven't given in...I am fighting my emotions too.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Things happen ....

for a reason ....or so they say! I am beginning to wonder at the reason for this heartache my daughter is going through. Even her husband can't give one!!
I am back home, with my daughter. Her husband has asked for time alone in their house so hopefully he can "find" himself. He told my daughter he loved her as a best friend, and not as a wife.....and now needs time alone to see if he can remember all their plans, their dreams....and find himself again!
He has started councelling and living a more healthier lifestyle in the hope he can "de - stress"! So Kylee has come home for 2 weeks.....and then we will see which way they go from there.

Stephen is a gorgeous man and a man I love as a son in law, but the man I saw these past few days is a man lost...I think he is suffering some form of depression. He is so unhappy about all the heartache he has given my daughter but he said he can't live a lie. He says she hasn't caused any of this, she is still the same girl he met and is all him. He said this all come about at Easter...he just lost all the "magic and dreams" that their marriage was based on. 

What do you do.....??? 

I don't know, his parents are shocked at him and don't know either ....

All we do know is my daughter is hearbroken and as she said " things will never be the same again "