Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I'm back.....

I'm back....jet-lagged, but back....
What can I say...the trip was bloody fantastic!!! The long flights not so much, hubby really struggled with those, economy seats are not all that comfy but who can afford to travel any other class....certainly not us!! 
Alaska was out of this world...loved it and I would go back tomorrow if I could. So much more to see and do there.  The cruise was great, wasn't a fan of the ship. The crew on board were great, as was the food, the people....but the layout of the ship was terrible, we weren't fans of it at all. 

Vancouver was great too, we really enjoyed our stay there. Saw heaps and even managed to catch up with a long time MSN messenger friend who travelled way out of his way to catch up with us, that was awesome of him. 

I thought the cold would really bother me but it didn't, my scarves and jackets saved me from freezing.

England was was picture perfect in Surrey where we were. 
It was like looking at a postcard/picture then stepping into it. 
We didn't get to see as much as I would have liked due to our host being ill and us not wanting to leave him on his own. Maybe one day we will go back and see a bit more.
Hubby says he never wants to fly that far again....but I will. 

 I wish I had a camera on me when William saw us come out through customs on our arrival at home....we heard him before we saw him. It was a big "Jenna" "Poppy"  I looked up and he was standing there shaking with excitement from head to toe with a huge grin on his face. I just knelt down and held out my arms and he flew into them. From then on he never stopped talking....bless his little heart.
And our Miss Summer.....just look at her, how she has grown.
Thankfully she remembered us....we got lots of lovely little grins from her even though she is sick with the flu. 

What a holiday, one I will NEVER EVER forget.
But geeeeeee its nice to be home.