Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Ashlee

Today we had a family gathering for my grandaughter Ashlee's 2nd birthday. Ashlee is a real little cutie and Jenna made sure she got a few extra cuddles today. Jenna behaved herself and did not eat ANY party food, nooooooooo not even a taste of the icecream birthday cake!!! Have to face those dreaded demon scales tomorrow evening !!
Got a few pics, it was great as I have 5 grandaughters (as well as the 2 gransons) and today I got the whole 5 girls in a pic with me.

From left to right we go Jessica 4 1/2 snuggling in to Jenna, Ashlee in my arms, Zoe 3 1/2 gone all shy, Caitlin 4 1/2 grinning from ear to ear and Skye 2 3/4 between my legs. What is it they say about girls....Sugar and Spice and all things nice ?? Just little sweeties I recon !!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Weighed in

Weighed in tonight and I stayed the same .... which is good I guess. I had a couple of bad days so despite all the excersise I have done I suppose I deserved not to lose. Just need a good week to get myself back FULLY on track.

Tomorrow I am home again, work is still 1st challenge will be to track and stay on track, no visiting the fridge and pantry for ANYTHING UNLESS it is written in my tracker.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Wayne

Was my nephew Wayne's 21st birthday party last night and I am so proud of myself because I did not over indulge at all. I have sabotaged myself twice this week (not badly, but enough to get cross with myself)and I was hoping that I could control that habit last night and I DID!!! I did not drink...AND I DID NOT EAT PAVLOVA (which is my all time favourite sweet) or double chocolate cream cake, cheesecake or any birthday cake at all!! I mixed with all the rellies and friends and had a good time....and yeaaaaaaaa lapped up all the compliments on my weight loss! Think getting all the compliments helped me not to sabotage myself. The party was at my brother in laws place out in the shed and boy was it cold last night!! They had fires outside the shed for those brave ones who didn't mind the night air and heaters inside but that air last night got so chilly, brrrrrrrrr
This morning stayed in bed a bit and had a lay in, then got up and went for an hours walk. Going to do my "Pilates for Dummies" dvd this arvo and hopefully tomorrow night when I go to my ww meeting those dreaded demon scales will be nice to me.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Work is quiet

An absolutely gorgeous day here today, though there was ice on the ground this morning after a heavy frost. Made for a very brisk 35 minute walk this morning before work.
Work is quiet, and after being out in the paddock this morning working on the harvester digging a load of potato's I was allowed to come home. So 4 hours work for me today, tomorrow off (but babysitting 2 grandies) and off on Friday too!!! I was home early yesterday, and was soooooooo hungry after working quite hard in the paddock in the sunshine....I binged!! Phewwwwwwww thanks heavens for Rach....a message from her and I pulled myself back into gear, slapped my hands and prepared myself just a light dinner. Being home takes me out of my controlled zone, what with me going to work I have packed lunches, everything is organised and tracked. Today I am ready....I WILL not sabotage myself again !! Heavens, I weighed in Monday evening and I lost 400 grams, I have 4.4 kilos to go to goal....I am not going to make myself work any harder than I am already by sabotaging myself....nahhhhhhh I am under control!
Plans for this afternoon...after lunch I have to book to finish so I will be flat out in one of the garden chairs out on the lawn in the sunshine finishing that....then if I have time might even have a little "nanna nap"....mmmm sounds good to me!!
And if the sun is still shining when I wake up and I have time, I will go for a walk.....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Family is on the move

On Monday Simon and Tracey went in and signed a lease agreement on a rental 10 minutes from here. They move out tomorrow or the next day.....geeee gonna miss them all but heyyyyy it's sure going to be nice and quiet again. Helped Tracey take a load of gear out there today, and Simon will take another load out after work today.

Ohhhhhh I had a surprise phone call today,( a friend of my daughters who saw me at our birthday parties), telling me she joined ww and has now lost 11 kilo's and it was all thanks to me!! I was so happy for her and so glad that by me changing my lifestyle and trying to get healthy and fit I was able to help someone else.

I have not been to work since last Wednesday and really am enjoying the rest. But I am finding it hard to keep myself occuppied and out of the fridge and pantry, but I have!! Once the family move out it will be better as I will be able to bring out all my scrapbooking and have a catch up there, can't eat and do that! I am walking nearly an hour every morning, but haven't managed any situps or much else the last few days as I have the flu...was feeling really out and down yesterday but had a good sleep last night and feeling better today.

Ohh nearly forgot, lost 300 grams on Saturday, next weigh in Monday evening on the 17th.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Well not gonna brag or anything BUT guess who is in size 10 jeans ???

I bought them as I was told my size 12 jeans were "baggy bummed" but heyyyyyyy never expected them to fit!!

I will admit they are tight, they aren't real comfy as I don't like tight clothes but they fit without me having to lay on the bed and do them up....hehe !

Anyways have hung them up in sight in my robe as an incentive to get to goal, I am hoping by goal they will fit me very comfortably by then. Plus it gives me extra time to work on that tum !!

Anyways am home again today, work has gone from frantically busy to nothing in a matter of days. Going to get a few days off in the next week or so apparently, so a big challenge for me to stay out of the pantry. At work I have everything packed, know when and what time I have to am out of my comfort zone. But I am up to the challenge!!
Weigh in tomorrow.....wonder what those demon scales will say, will keep you informed.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

If ya can't fix it.....

If you can't fix it, CHANGE IT!!! Got sick of my blog not being right so decided to change pages, a bit of fiddling to do, but heyyyyyy I did it. Have to get my stats back up but as yet can't remember how I did it so will leave them for the moment.

Thanks Belinda for those changes you emailed me...made no difference but thanks so much for the kindness in thinking of me.

Anyways I found my "diet devil" out and we are working together this week to get even with those demon scales....we are gonna make that dial go down this week. I have a day off work be able to get some extra walking in. Determined is me this week.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back again!!

Welllllll I am back online again, bigpond had problems over here in this part of good ole WA and somehow or other my pc developed a "data flaw issue". Anyways all sorted out now and here I am.

So far this week I am going well, doing my excersise and so far eating right, tracking and watching portion sizes so hopefully those demon scales will move downwards for me. This will be my last Saturday morning weigh ww meeting is closing as we are not getting enough people there, so going to go into recession till September sometime and people come out of winter hibernation!! Drat!! Now I have to go back to a evening meet as I work. I don't enjoy the evening meets as I just don't get a chance to unwind after work before having to go out.

Anyone come up with any ideas as to how to get my blog profile up where it should be again?? Emailed blogger about 4 or 5 times now and still so far no response. Also tried a few ideas that others have given me but still no go!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum


Precious are memories
we keep through the years.
The fabric of life, stiched with laughter and tears.
Woven from good times and dreams that came through.
The loved ones and places our hearts belong to.
A patchwork of stories, traditions and smiles.
Thought that can travel
through time and by miles.
Precious are memories that wrap us in love
and speak to the heart
everytime they are thought of.

A poem for my mum and loved ones as we celebrate my mum's 77th birthday...loves ya Mum....and loves ya Rod, my big bro.
It's been a great arvo with family today...really enjoyed sitting and enjoying the sunshine and company.

P.S. Weighed in today, stayed the same. Gotta pull my socks up and get this butt of mine into gear and rid me of these kilo's. A determined effort needed.