Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Why is it that everytime all is going well, something will happen and upset everything. I am an emotional person and unfortunately still "emotional eat" , espesially when things go bad !! My sister phoned me yesterday and asked if she could stay here overnight as her hubby was ill and was bought up here to hospital. It sounds as though he may have had a minor stroke...he still having tests to see what has caused him to be so ill. Anyways, my sister and I are close so of course last night we drank and ate, talked and cried, drank some more, ate some more and talked and cried more. A very emotional night!! Now today I am shaking my head and going "there goes my 3 losses in a row", but really as long as Sis's hubby is ok I don't care if I have blown it, I was there for for Sis and thats what matters.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hope I haven't...

Just hope I haven't done damage to my goal for 3 losses in a row...I am going to have to be super careful for the rest of the week. This weekend I have relaxed a bit too much, haven't tracked as I should have, eaten some foods I shouldn't have even looked at, and certainly haven't drank the water either. But I have excersised which I am happy about, my groin is heaps better, no soreness or tenderness and it felt good on my hour walk this morning, was great to really stride out after 15 minutes of work out and stretching the groin and finding no pain!!
Anyways its on for the rest of the week, tracking and portion sizes, drinking heaps of water and all the rest of the lessons I have been taught by ww....I am going to try to get those 3 losses...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I did it !!

Today was weigh in today and yes...I DID IT!! I lost 900grams today which gave me 2 losses in 2 weeks. Its a great feeling to know the plateau I was in has gone, as for the past 6 weeks or so all I had done was go up a few grams, go down a few, go up a few...was very frustrating. Now in 2 weeks I have lost 3 kilo's, am I happy, you bet !! Must thank all my online friends, (espesially Berrie and Rae), and the girls on our thread (Trish, Janinne, Cheryl)for all their support during the past few weeks too, mwahhhhhh girls. Anyways another week starting so lets see if I can get another loss making 3 weeks in a row.
This photo was taken today out at my youngest sons place where I fell in love with his gorgeous new kitten, isn't it a cutie.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Feeling "Bhah"

Am home from work after I fainted there...was feeling okay early this morning, got up and because I have had a sore groin, thought well won't walk this morning as the groin was a bit tender, so I just did some simple stretch excersises. Then off to work I drove, started at 7.30am as per usual and was happily grading away at the carrots when about 9am I went all hot and flushed..said to the girls I was working with "I feel sick" then fell down on my butt. Thankfully one of the girls was a nurse and helped me to the smoko room, took my pulse etc, and then rang my dr and drove me home. Hubby came home from his work and took me to the drs. After examing me he sent me to the "vampires" (pathology) and a whole series of blood tests later I was able to come home. Anyways the end result was low blood pressure caused throu anaemia, and that is most probaly throu all the hassles I have with ttom!!!

ANYWAYS, I feel better now, will go back to work tomorrow, to light duties only. Today after drs and blood tests, have sat at home in pj's with feet up and relaxed.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The week got better...

Wowwwwwwww the week only got better.....
Friday had the day off work, and drove up to Mandurah, just under an hours drive from here, and met the lovely Janinne,,,,as you can see in pic.
Love the sign we posed in front of ehhhhh??
Janinne , her hunky hubby and I sat and had coffee's and chatted for an hour or more and it was the greatest...thanks Janinne, loved catching up.

Then this morning went in to weigh in and to my delight lost 2.1 kilo's!!!
I am now under 75 kilo's and also have lost over 20 kilo's. Think I am out of my plateau now, sure hope so!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

What a week !!!

Phhhhhhewwwww what a week so far, and its not over yet.

The other day at work someone I have known for ages walked past and I said "hullo" but he just looked at me and kept on walking. You can imagine what I thought about that! Then 5 minutes later he comes back after talking to my boss and says sorry I didn't recognise you Jen....wowwwwwww had I really changed that much? Then I spoke to my son on the phone the other night and he says he nearly walked past me at the airport when I went up and picked him and his family up for my 50th....NOW HE TELLS ME!!!
And then yesterday out walking, I had to jog past a driveway where a car was coming out and I felt good so I kept on jogging. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa ME JOGGING!!! I have not jogged for over 20 years...but it felt good. This morning I jogged again, longer and a few more times as I walked.

Now I am just leaving to head up to Mandurah to meet Janinne, a gorgeous lady who has been a wonderful online friend and has supported me on my ww journey on the forums. Our Janinne is a "megastar" and will soon be seen by all in the next ww magazine.....wowwwwwwwww how inspirational !!

And I still have weigh in on Saturday ........

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fashion parade

Went for a drive to Bussellton with hubby but before I went had to do a fashion parade with all the clothes I bought yesterday.....what do you think???

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Small gain...

Well weighed in this morning and as I expected I did gain, 600 grams. But it is TTOM and I always have trouble, more so now than ever before. My leader did say she had the same problem with TTOM cravings and has recommended I go to a health shop and enquire about some tablets she took to help her...will do that!! Also she said it could be the dreaded plateau....as this last 6 weeks I have done virtually nothing..up a few, down a few (except for last week) so I will persist and see what happens. No way will I give up!!

After weigh in went to Mandurah and caught up with Minx...Cheryl and I spent a few delightful hours chatting, shopping and lunched. Bought some lovely clothes, (which Cheryl had to remind me to buy in size 12) some shoes and a new handbag all with helpful advice from Cheryl. (Mothers day tomorrow so will wear new clothes and get daughter in law to take pics) Never met before today, just online ww, and I felt as though I knew her forever. Thanks Cheryl, hope we can catch up again sometime...enjoyable day and a pleasure meeting you.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

On the way down again

woohooooooo weighed in this morning and yessssssssss I lost 1.6 !!! I am so happy, at long last I am on the way down again. Was looking at my measurements and boy the difference is huge, I do have reason to be happy and proud of myself.

Date 23/9/05 ............................................Date 6/5/06

neck 37cms...............................................neck 34cm

upper arm 36cms.................................... upper arm 33cms

chest 110cms............................................ chest 95cms

waist 108cms........................................... waist 96cms

abdomen 128cms.................................... abdomen 104cms

hips 126cms.............................................hips 104cms

upper leg 69cms...................................... upper leg 58cms

calf 43cms................................................ calf 39cms

TOTAL cm's LOST = 94 cm's AND still over 8 kilo's to go


YES, Yes, Yes I am happy and proud of myself........

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hung up my helmet, very sadly!!

Very, very sadly have decided no more car racing.....my beloved racecar will be panelbeated, cleaned up and I will put it up for sale. Would love to do one more season on the track but due to insurance costs, regristration fees and all the travelling have decided no more. Have had some wonderful sponsors who have helped me fulfill my dream of driving, and a wonderful husband who has towed me from track to track( and raced himself, if you can't beat her, join her !!)....its been a fantastic lot of years. I never achieved my dream of being champ,,,,,but heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did give those men a hard time out there...coming in runner up champ 5 years in a row!! Was always there, but not quite. I won some races, won a few major races, even beat the WA#1 a few times and was always in the top end of the field....so I go out smiling.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

3 sleeps to go

3 sleeps to weigh in on Saturday, and I think I'm looking forward to it. Had a great week so far...been tracking, counting points, watching portion sizes and drinking lots of water. Not as much excersise as I normally do, its too dark in the morning to leave at 6am, so waiting till nearly 6.30am before I can get out walking, sooooooo only get 30 minutes, otherwise I would be late for work. But at least I'm going. I would miss my walks, not really looking forward to not walking and having to do dvd's/video's. Also doing situps before work, up to 50 now....hoping the tumtum shrinks a little. Not asking for a 6 pack, but a flattish tum would be heaven...something I haven't had for howwwwww many years ????? mmmmm not gonna go there.
Anyways....hoping for a good rest of the week and a result on the scales come Saturday....