Friday, March 31, 2006

Ohhhhhhh my new car....

I had my daughter in law take my new car(have had it for nearly a year, but to me its new still, coz its the newest car I have ever owned) in for it's 60,000km service .........and ohhhhh dear, the mechanics found big troubles. But we were soooooo lucky, the new car warranty runs out in 11 days...geeeee I can't believe it!, how lucky is that!! Hope when I go in for my weigh in tomorrow my leader can offer me a new body warranty !!!! hehehe

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Changed weigh in time

Weighed in Saturday morning, and yeaaaaaaaa lost again. Lost .4 but expected that as have changed from Tuesday evenings to Saturday mornings, and think most people find they weigh less in mornings than evenings. Was so pleased when my leader Deb said she was starting up a Saturday class as Tuesday evenings is so much of a rush to get to, and most times I am so tired that I can't stay for the motivational I can.
This pic I have published as it was taken at my 50th birthday with a very very special friend Deb. (No, not my leader, Deb) Deb is a ww lifer, but after a very traumatic year she has gained weight and is trying to lose the extra kilo's. But during all this she has been there for me as I do my journey, walking with me, motivating me, encouraging me and being the kind of friend we all need. Thanks Deb, your're the greatest.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

YES !!!! Losing again !!!

Yes, I did it!! I lost 1.7 kilo's, so now I am 78 kilo's and on the downward run again. Boyyyyyy it feels good to be going down again. After the last few weeks it has taken a lot of emotinal turmoil to turn myself back to tracking and counting points again. YES, it feels good !!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

What am I doing to myself ????

On Friday evening I gave in to my cravings for fish and chips. Later on that evening I promised myself I would have a great 4 days sticking to my points and tracking. I had a great day Saturday, was under points, drank plenty of water and excersised. Today started off well, but I have blown it!!! Just had a few hours where I couldn't stop eating......don't know if I am sabotaging myself or if its because its getting close to ttom.
But I WILL NOT give in, I will WIN this weight loss battle......

Monday, March 13, 2006

Back on track again

Yesterday I took the last of my family to the airport and said a tearful goodbye, gee it was hard seeing them fly off and not knowing when I will see them again. But ohhh well, have lots of memories of the last 2 weeks and will be lots of phone calls and letters to keep me going. And to keep me from being so sad....I am back on track !! Pulled my tracker back down, found out my week 1 book and got myself motivated to lose this weight again. It's been a great day so far, I have done well and intend to keep it up. Can't go to weigh in tomorrow, have another meeting, but for sure next Tuesday I will be there to see what I have achieved.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yeaaa it's me again......

Having a topsy turvy day, trying to say sorta on track, went for a good solid hour walk with lots of challenges (hills and more hills) to start the day, but with the son, his partner, and the 3 grandies (4,3, & 1 year) in the house it is sooo hard to keep on track. Am enjoying having them here so much but my body is screaming for my style of eating and drinking....I can't wait till Monday to get back on track. I think it will be easy to get back into it, I want sooooooooo much to get down to goal, only just over 10 kilo's to go now!! The kids were so impressed with what I have achieved so far and enjoyed seeing me so happy being able to enjoy the grandies.

My kids ......

My mother in her glory being carried by her 4 grandchildren ..........ohhhhh what a party!!

I am still trying to get back to normal but with family still here I am still struggling. The last family goes home Sunday so have promised myself on Monday that the tracker will come out and we will get back into it and get myself to goal...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Family here....

Wellllll they all arrived safely and I'm having a ball. No weight watchers has been followed, boy those scales are NOT going to like me.....but ohhhhh I really don't care!! its been 8 years since I have had all my kids together in one spot and they remembered that fact themselves and surprised me with a family photo shoot. I had tears in my eyes it was so thoughtful of them all.