Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just a little

Here I am again to report with the big birthday week I managed to lose 100 grams....noooooo its not much but its downwards isn't it? Anyways all the family flies in in the next 2 days, and the big party is on Saturday night soooooooooooo just a little prayer to keep me a little on track please.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Despite all.....I LOST !!!

Just a quick post, weighed in tonight, and despite the indulgences I did manage to lose 900 grams....a big surprise to me !! Anyways my leader Deb did say to be careful as it might catch up on me this week if I don't be careful. Anyways this week I will be good, it's the last week before my family flies in and we party ...... wooooohoooooooo

Monday, February 20, 2006

Today is my birthday

Today is my 50th birthday, and yes its the day before weigh in. Mmmmmm not good coz I haven't been. I have been thoroughly spoilt by work mates with a lovely big jelly cheese cake and how could I say no!! They have been so great and supportive on my weight loss journey and followed every kilo with me so today I shared the cake with them. Every workmate gets cake on their birthday and usually I say thanks, but no thanks and they have understood. And then come home from work and hubby and sons and my lovely little grankids are there to spoil me more. They too, have been great along my journey but wellllllllllllll as they say, enjoy today and worry about weight tomorrow. We'll see what those scales say tomorrow but I'm not going to worry too much about it.
Ohhhhhh and aren't my little one"s absolutely gorgeous !!! Now the weight is going I am so much healthier and playing with them is so much more fun. Only 2 weeks to go and my #2 son and partner fly in from South Oz with his 3 kids (Jessica, Zoe and Sheymus.....see #2 pic) and my daughter and her partner (no kids) from Melbourne. She will be 21 soon and we are having a double celebration...her 21st and my 50th

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How will I go this week?

Weighed in last night and lost 400 grams, still have a 100 grams to go to make up the 500 grams I gained last week !!! I had another good day, bad day week but could have done better if I had tried harder. And this week I so do want to do well, but think I'm going to have to be strong as have cake at work on Friday for Hank(he's going on hols for 2 weeks so won't be here for his birthday) and it's my birthday on Monday....yeaaaaa the day before weigh in....just great ehhhhhh?
Excersise is no hassle, still walk every day for my 45 minutes to an hour....but mornings are getting darker at 6am and it won't be long before the dvd's and videos come out for morning excersises. Have to excersise at that hour as I have to leave for work just after 7am....and no can't excersise in the evenings....too tired after work.
And how do I stop rewarding myself with food every week after weigh in? I buy takeaway or cook up what ever I feel like for Tuesday night tea .... I know, I know, I know its not the done thing to do but I have always done it and guess its habit BUT how do I break it. I KNOW I have to if I ever want to get ahead.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not a good week !!!

Well as it says, not a good week. I really thought I would lose just a little bit, or stay the same NOT gain 500 grams!! Really peeved off about that as I had to drop from 22 points to 20 points, that was becoz I had got under 80 kilo's. Anyways, boy, did I struggle, and the scales showed it!! Now I am 80 kilo's and this week gonna sit on 21 points and move down to 20 another week when my body adjusts.
Anyways this week is another week>>>>lets go Jen!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


YES,YES,YES ........I lost !!!!
I am now a 7o's girl ........I lost 1.7 and am now 79.5 Woooooooohooooooo!!!!!!
Didn't think I would do it, had a very up and down week fighting (and giving in!!!) to cravings ....mmmm yes, it was the week before TTOM!!! Really didn't think I would lose that much....but hey not going to complain am I?? Now I am under 80 kilo's I now have to drop 2 points and work on a 20 point day....gonna have to remember that and watch myself this week I think. Have got the tracker out and really ready to go ..... onwards and downwards.