Friday, August 28, 2009

Bugger !!

Have for some reason been eating....and eating what I shouldn't be eating and I must admit today it got out of control...god damn it, I hate it when I do this to myself!! I know I am doing it, know I shouldn't but I just can't control myself!!

Anyways now I just HAVE to get myself back on track.....have 3 days before weigh in so here's hoping a bit of damage control will help!

I guess this with Shawn has affected me more than I thought it would....he seems to be constantly on my mind.

Anyways have put some pics up of our trip again....this time its Ayers Rock.

I didn't climb it, people were like ants all up it so decided to do the 9.7k walk around it, and so glad I did....its magnificent. Some of the rock formations, art work, and even a pool there are absolutely fantastic. The walk took us about 3 hours, what with all the things we stopped to look at, take pics of and just generally took our time talking and sightseeing....

I recommend the walk around to anyone that goes there.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a quick update

Alls going okay....

Been real busy at work and at home. Work seems to be always busy even when we are told there isn't much on....

At home decided to get into this room where I have this pc and hubby has his amateur radio. Room was looking a bit drab so on the weekend we decided to paint, recarpet and spruce it up. Very refreshing to walk into now.

Saturday night was Ted's mum's 84th birthday, we went up and had a family get together for her...was a great night. Lots of food with a very tasty birthday cake from the Cheesecake shop but I was able to eat quite good knowing I had to weigh in on the Monday. Paul and Tanya and kids and Simon and Trace and their kids were Shawn. He has been very quiet, I haven't contacted him, thou he has texted me once to say thank you for helping him out previously and would I help him out again with a few $'s which he needed to provide afternoon teas for his kids on his access visits this week. I texted back I would but only because it was for the kids and I would post him a parcel. I am finding it very hard to isolate myself from him but know it has to be done.

I went to ww last week and lost 800grams, and on Monday night I lost 700grams so I have managed to get myself on track again, but still have a way to go yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a bit more...

Just a few more pics for you.

These pics are from the time we crossed the WA/NT border and reached the Olga's.

Those stones are enormous and very empowering. The first sight of them is just beautiful, the colours are very vivid and changeable with the light and shadows....a camera just does not do them justice. They have a powerful aura that just draws you into them.

We spent a good couple of hours walking around and through them as well as driving around them, and the whole time they kept us spellbound. They are amazing.

The weekend just absolutely flew by and we managed to achieve quite a bit in catching up on chores that were neglected while we were away...mainly the garden. The weather was really yuk, with wind and showers all weekend, but in between the showers we managed to get a fair bit done.

Also had a big blow-up with Shawn last night. He rang up in tears asking to speak to his father and asked for his father's advice as he and Hannah had had another argument! To cut a long story short his father told him bluntly the only thing that would stop the arguments was for him to stop the drugs/booze and all his troubles would go. Shawn didn't take kindly to it and and started to abuse us saying very cruel, unkind and very nasty things to us in the most vilest language. I was a mess, in tears and have now vowed I will not be going near him or for that matter talking to him again until he can prove that he has made moves to give up the drugs. I ám now scared of what he is capable of doing to himself or for that matter us.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holiday and other stuff......

This is a picture of one of the monastery at New Norcia
This is a pic of what they call London Bridge at Sandstone

This is the Great Central Road, the road across the desert.
We started our journey from home here in Australind (near Bunbury, Western Australia) and day 1 saw us drive from home to Mt Magnet where we stayed overnight as we had to meet up with our travelling companions who were travelling from Geraldton the next day. Our journey was going to take us from Mt Magnet to Leonara, across the Great Central Road taking us throu Warburton and Giles before crossing the West Australia/Northern Territory border.
We were all travelling in 4x4 trayback vechiles with canopies on the back. Under those canopies we were all self-contained with all our food, beds, etc... Of an evening when we pulled up for the night it was a matter of undoing the back, pulling out the table and chairs, the stove and gas bottles and in matter of minutes we were organised and cooking. Think I have some pics somewhere of us all set up somewhere....anyways as I find them I'll write more of our trip.
Home front is going well. Been a long week at work, geeeee was very tiring after being away from it for 6 weeks but I managed. Food and excersise has been reasonable and I have stayed on track, will see what the scales say on Monday evening.
Have had a few runs in with Shawn and hopefully that helped him and Hannah to make a decision on Friday when they had to go to court on Friday about their kids. They have finally decided to work together towards getting their kids back......and more importantly part of that deal is Shawn trying to get off the drugs. Anyways we will see what happens now.....things have a habit of changing rapidly around Shawn, and with DCP too for that matter.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Just a few pics from our holiday.

Today was my first day back at work....and on arrival I was welcomed back with opened arms, was nice to know I was missed! But by the end of the day it was a tired and grumpy me that left work. Forgotten how tiring it was just standing there grading carrots all day. Only home long enough to have a cuppa and then shower before heading off to my ww meeting. As expected I DID gain, gained 3 kilo's soooooo it bac to the grindstone and lose it again. Not in any real hurry, just want it gone, then stabilise and maintain my weight! I want to look the best for Kylee's wedding.

Had a busy weekend, organising myself after our holiday, packing away the camping gear, cleaning up the garden, stocking the pantry, paying the bills and fighting with Shawn. Didn't take long to come back to the real world ehhh?

Shawn has gotten worse, if he doesn't watch himself he is going to lose everything dear to him. Had to tell him on the weekend to grow up, get rid of the drugs as we can't help him any more. He was so moody, irrational, argumentive and paronoid, I despair as to what he is going to do next....he is living in a unreal world. Don't know what is going to happen next....

I am missing his kids so much, I haven't heard anything from DCP as to my request for visitations, its so not fair.
Anyways off to organise myself for another day tomorrow....

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm Back

We are back from our holidays, had a fantastic time and really didn't want to come home.

We travelled 12, 443 kilometers and saw sooooo much fantastic scenery. We went on cruises, we took helicopter rides, skimmed around on wetlands in airboats, climbed and clambered over canyons, throu gorges, swam in thermal pools and waded in oceans.
Didn't do as I said I would and I ate and drank well too much and the clothes were very tight when I got home. But on my return I have got back into routine and hopefully damage won't be as bad as I think. Thank god I did all the excersise I did do!
Anyways Monday is my weigh in evening so we'll see what those demon scales say then.
Then I have just under 8 months till dear daughter gets married so my aim is to get weight under control, stabilise it and of course maintain it.