Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a quick update

Alls going okay....

Been real busy at work and at home. Work seems to be always busy even when we are told there isn't much on....

At home decided to get into this room where I have this pc and hubby has his amateur radio. Room was looking a bit drab so on the weekend we decided to paint, recarpet and spruce it up. Very refreshing to walk into now.

Saturday night was Ted's mum's 84th birthday, we went up and had a family get together for her...was a great night. Lots of food with a very tasty birthday cake from the Cheesecake shop but I was able to eat quite good knowing I had to weigh in on the Monday. Paul and Tanya and kids and Simon and Trace and their kids were there....no Shawn. He has been very quiet, I haven't contacted him, thou he has texted me once to say thank you for helping him out previously and would I help him out again with a few $'s which he needed to provide afternoon teas for his kids on his access visits this week. I texted back I would but only because it was for the kids and I would post him a parcel. I am finding it very hard to isolate myself from him but know it has to be done.

I went to ww last week and lost 800grams, and on Monday night I lost 700grams so I have managed to get myself on track again, but still have a way to go yet.


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  2. Great weight loss - back on track -yah!
    You are my poster girl.

  3. Excellent losses there girl.
    And be careful with giving Shaun money... you never know what he's really doing with it. Just saying!

  4. Welld oen with the losses. Also well down for being strong with Shawn.

    84 - What a great age to live to and how lovely you could be there to celebrate.