Friday, January 30, 2009

One test done... more to go.
Finished work early yesterday arvo and went in and had the the best they are uncomfortable but sheeeeeeeeeeeez when they squashed my sore one I nearly went through the bloody roof!!! My boob was feeling a lot better, the nipple soreness was nearly gone, that was until the big squash!! Since then its been darn sore......
Alls been going well on the satisfaction ww plan.....I am still enjoying it. Hopefully this weekend I won't lose the plot and wreck my weigh in on Monday evening. Other than that one blow out last week all has been going well so I should have a reasonable loss.
My girlfriend and I have started walking together again, plus we are going to a water running class that has just started up every Wednesday evening. Deb is a ww life member too and is the one that got me into weight watchers and dragged me to my goal with lots of encouragement and support. Now the tide has turned and its me that is offering her that encouragement and support plus more as due to some very emotional times these past few years Deb has put all her weight back on plus more.
mmmmm no change on the Shawn front....he still the same, this past week we have hardly seen him, he has been hanging out with some "mates" we would rather he stayed away from, but as he says he is a big boy now!! His behaviour really is going to get him into a heap of trouble, he has already received papers to say he is going to lose his licience due to drunk driving, a breathaliser recorded .08 so looks like he'll be walking for awhile!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Public Holiday

Being a public holiday today there will be no weigh in for me tonight. Maybe thats just as well because I had a "blow out" on Saturday night. Got a craving for chocoalte so I ate it, then ate some more...and then more.....
But Sunday was back on track and today as well.....I want to see those numbers on those demon scales go down when I stand on them next Monday evening.
Have had a great long weekend so far, done nothing and been nowhere...have just pottered around here doing nothing much at all....been very relaxing. Managed to read a few books, play on the pc and read some blogs.....and still have a few more hours yet to continue doing nothing. Even managed to get outside and do a bit of sunbathing, after spending most of my time in the shed at work it was lovely to feel the sun on my skin.
Even Shawn has been reasonably well behaved....but heyyyy I won't say anything too much as we still have this evening to get throu. Just wish someone would come grab him and take him away and lock him up in a rehab centre somewhere and dry him out...the dope is really starting to effect him more than ever ....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Long weekend....

.....and I am sooo looking forward to it, it's been a long and busy week espesially at work. The amount of carrots I have graded and that have been packed this week has been up over 28 tons a day, thats over a 140 tons that have gone out of this farm this week, our truck driver has been busy!! Geeeeeee it makes you wonder how many carrots people eat ehhhh, cos the pre-packing machine (where carrots go into 1/2 and 1 kilo bags) has been busy all week too!!
We are not going anywhere, just staying at home and relaxing. I have a few books to read, some gardening to do and thats about it....any other chores can wait.....

After work today I had a Drs appointment, the last few weeks I have had a sore nipple on one of my boobs, plus on and off have been having a few chest pains. I have had no pain when exercising, only when I am thought I better get it checked out. Anyways I off to have a mammogram which I thought I would have to have and also have to have a heart ultrasound as my Dr heard a heart murmur.....geeeeeeeeeee I am falling apart!! Will be heading off to those as soon as I can get appointments.
All else is going well. Food wise, I am doing well...excersise too. I started doing water running on Wednesday with a friend and will be doing that every week now, we had a real good workout. Also looking into doing another class of cardio of some sort on Saturdays as well....just to help us keep on track.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Satisfied....

Weighed in tonight and another kilo gone....

Just loving this program.....thou must admit I haven't followed it properly tonight, sorted treated myself just a little....haven't gone overboard. Know I shouldn't have but got weak and gave into to my craving. I wouldn't have been craving if I followed the menu I had set for myself today.....but after I got home from work and found the power off, I had to change plans....and that changed everything......tell ya I was weak!!

All else is going well...Shawn is back in court on January 29th, by then he should, if he gets off his arse, have legal aide. He has been swinging between good and bad, he has been running amok with his mates, been in some trouble with the law....but seems to have settled down the last few days. Moods are not always the best but I guess things will get better....hope so!

Yesterday we went to a family reunion on hubby's mothers side....was very interesting following the family tree. Hubby had a great time catching up with family, some he hadn't seen since they were kids. This pic was taken by by neice there....was a hot day and I think I must have consumed a gallon of water.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I am satisfied....

The new weight watchers SATISFACTION program is working for me.

I am eating more, and foods that are filling me and keeping my hunger levels on a even keel so that most of my snacking has stopped. I am not craving any sweets and not tempted to eat any....I just can't believe how well it is working for me. And I think eating the more filling foods are helping me cope with any emotional eating. Fruit and vege's, pasta, rice, potato's and grains, dairy products and fish and eggs and soups have all been in my menu's. By focusing on these filling foods I am making my points allowance go further and it ensures that I am not going hunngry,,yayyyyyy!! We'll see on Monday evening when I go in for my weigh in but I am confident that those scales will be down again.

It's my eldest grandaughters 7th birthday today. Rang her up to wish her all the best and got all the news...our Jessica is just like her Dad ... loves to talk!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its a busy birthday week

A busy week for birthdays in this household it has been and still one more to come yet

First up my darling little sister ( who by the way is 6 inches taller and 10 kilo's lighter than me !!! ) turned 49 on the 6th January....the big 5o next year sis!!!

Then little Jaydene turned 2 on the 7th...but unfortunately due to the strife with Shawn and Hannah she was in the refuge with Hannah so didn't get to see her.

On the 10th middle son turned 35, he shared that day with a very good friend of mine....then yesterday the eldest son turned 39.

Then on the 16th my eldest grandaughter turns 7....geeeeeee time surely scoots by doesn't it?

This week has been my first week of the new weight watchers satisfaction program....I love it. I call it "coits" and find it mainly core foods with points. Its working for me....I lost 1.8 at weigh in tonight...yayyyyyyyyy!!

Shawn and Hannah go back to court this week....maybe a decision will then be made about Shawn and the kids. Its all to complicated to go into on here....but its a BLOODY mess!!! But I am trying my hardest to let my emotions rule my eating and have been winning.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tomorrow night

mmmmm I just wish I could be.....BUT I have tasted goal, I felt awesome and I was able to stay there for months AND now I want that feeling back again. Since the 27th I have been back on track (except for a few bad moments yesterday) and tomorrow night I am planning to keep myself there by heading back off to weight watchers meetings. I have my friend, who is also my sister in law joining me.....
Even with all this crap going on with Shawn and Hannah and the possibility of them having the kids put into foster care has not sent me off track, or maybe I have just realised no matter how much I worry and stress what will be will be.
So here I go again...will add my stats tomorrow night......
Its Monday night and I am just back from weight watchers.....the new program looks great..will be reading it all up later tonight and trying it for sure. Now my weight, wasn't happy with that at all.....but it will be all down from here.
Start weight...and going by ww scales (mine are lighter) .... 75.0 !!!