Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Satisfied....

Weighed in tonight and another kilo gone....

Just loving this program.....thou must admit I haven't followed it properly tonight, sorted treated myself just a little....haven't gone overboard. Know I shouldn't have but got weak and gave into to my craving. I wouldn't have been craving if I followed the menu I had set for myself today.....but after I got home from work and found the power off, I had to change plans....and that changed everything......tell ya I was weak!!

All else is going well...Shawn is back in court on January 29th, by then he should, if he gets off his arse, have legal aide. He has been swinging between good and bad, he has been running amok with his mates, been in some trouble with the law....but seems to have settled down the last few days. Moods are not always the best but I guess things will get better....hope so!

Yesterday we went to a family reunion on hubby's mothers side....was very interesting following the family tree. Hubby had a great time catching up with family, some he hadn't seen since they were kids. This pic was taken by by neice there....was a hot day and I think I must have consumed a gallon of water.


  1. Well done on the kilo gone!!!!

    I hope things keep on the up with Shawn, I pray for you and the whole family often.


  2. Firstly, you look great in that photo.

    Secondly, you have convinced me and I am off to WW tonight. I think I need the contact.

  3. I have to look HOT!!!!...and I am not talking about the temperature:)