Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Off track.....

Kylee & Shawn

Not going too well at the moment....
I haven't been feeling great, constant headache, feeling blah and have a appetite that no matter what I eat I am still looking for more, just can't seem to satisfy my hunger. I have still been going to Curves daily plus walk Shera every day...BUT the scales are going up and up and up......
Just about at the end of my tether, the scales showed me a number that I haven't seen in years...not happy !!
Managed a Dr's appointment this arvo..off to see the vampires in the morning, hopefully something will show up. Dr seems to think hormones are out of "whack"  as night sweats have been my constant companion for the past few weeks too.

On the weekend Shawn, was out here for his kids access visit. His eldest boy celebrated his 4th birthday....don't know who had the most fun, the little kids or those two above !!

ohhh tomorrow am off to Perth with dear daughter...she bought me tickets for us to see Mary Poppins...can't wait. Staying overnight with a girlfriend and Thursday going shopping before coming home.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some old pics..

Me at 16 when I first went nursing. 

mmmm, me at the nurses quarters....the dreaded fag in hand.
Pregnant with son #3
Matron of honor at my sister's wedding.

O.M.G !!  Going through my mum's photo albums was like a blast from the past. Although a lot of her photo's have gone missing...did find a few more my neices and nephew...and the scrapbook is coming along nicely.
But these ones above....boy I haven't seen these in such a long time...

Monday, May 07, 2012


This is my niece Tammi...
We met up on Saturday morning and we were still talking Saturday afternoon. What a delightful young lady she is. Her and her siblings have not had it easy, their lives have been hard. I have been amazed by their strength and their achievements considering what they have been through.
I am so happy that Tammi and I have had the chance to talk about the past and I have been able to answer some questions for her. She hopes to catch up with my brother soon and talk with him as well....as she said (and I agree) his memories and points of views will be different to mine...and so will Pauline's (my sister) be.

Tammi messaged me later on the Saturday, and at our next catch up her twin Tom would like to join us....and their elder sister Tasha (Natasha) has asked for my phone number so she can arrange a catch up get together too.  

Am I happy....you betcha  !!!

Thursday, May 03, 2012


I have been going to Curves for a month yesterday...and I love it. 
My 1st assessment was today and I was rapt to see 18.5 centimeters gone, 600grams and 1.3 of body fat gone!

Moves are being slowly made to get to know my brothers children. Still in the process of sorting through pictures. Unfortunately all the pics Dad had were burnt when a fire went through his house after Mum and him separated, and my step-mum is now going through her pics in case she has some even though she and Dad got together after Tom was killed.
A lot of Mum's pics were lost when she moved... but just the same hopefully we have enough for the kids. Memories galore of Tom though...and that's what they want to know more of.