Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not on track but I am happy...

yeahhhh am really happy.
Tonight we were accessed by a DCP worker to have Jaydene for respite care.....and Ted was quite happy to do all the paper work involved. It was a bit more involved than I thought it would be and was quite wary as to Ted's response but phewww he was okay, did it all with a smile. We have another interview on Saturday morning and she will go "test" our parenting skills....that will be interesting!!

Wondering how all this was going to go tonight had me in a bit of a dither all day today and I haven't had a good day at all.....been "stress" eating.....even went up to the roadhouse and bought and demolished chocolates!!
Ahhhh well tomorrow can only be better ehhhhh?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another weigh in.....

......and another loss....but only 200grams. A bit disappointed with that as I have been a real good girl....except in the excersise department. Seems excersise helps me....so thats my goal this week. Its been too darn cold to go walking of a morning, we been having 0 degree mornings with frosts...and its soooooooo dark. So I have found out all my walking dvd's so thats what I will be doing...plus 30 sits up morning and night on my ab machine.
Tomorrow night we have a DCP worker coming out to assess us for respite care for Jaydene. Ted is not happy about being assessed....aren't being grandparents enough...AND they use us and our home for all Shawns access visits?? But he has agreed to them coming out....fingers crossed for me, hope it all works out.

Monday, June 21, 2010


After weigh in last week I went on a bender....a real "why do I bother" kind of bender....eating everything in sight. That lasted all day Tuesday and half of Wednesday before I realised what I was doing to myself..... Right I only lost 100grams over the 2 weeks but I did lOSE ....so I had to give myself a real talking too, next weigh was only a week away, I had already wasted 2 days now do I want to lose this weight or not?? So I got to it, and did what I had to do .... and tonight at weigh in I lost 600grams....yayyyyy me !!!
Its been a very quiet week, been nowhere except work, done nothing except work...kids have been quiet, no hassles... Weekend was spent catching up on chores and in the garden....had to prune all my roses, weed and repot plants which all had been sadly neglected.
Onwards and downwards......

Monday, June 14, 2010

A big decision...

During the week I had a phone call from DCP .. wanted to make sure it was okay by me that Shawn have his access visit at home on Saturday. He was only getting the 3 eldest kids, little Kaleb was away with his foster carers for the weekend. Shawn will get a extra visit some other time with just him. During the phone call I was asked if I would consider taking Jaydene into my care till she was ready to go back to Hannah...or at least take her for respite care. Jaydene is being moved again...this will be her 4th foster home since she was put into care. Going back to mum, even thou she has Skye is NOT an option.

Ted and I have agonised over this decision...and it may appear as thou we are selfish but we have decided not to take her under our wing...but we will do respite with her one long weekend a month.
We love this little girl dearly, as we do all our grandies, but on making this decision we did take into consideration our ages, our work and lifestyle. I have to work, I want to retire in a few more years with some money in the bank so I can enjoy some time travelling with hubby before we get too old....have to remember hubby is 62 (8 years older than me).
But the main reason we are going to say no is that Jaydene needs 1 on 1 care all day everyday, and if I have to work and put her in daycare I can't do that.
I am going to suggest she get put into a foster home with other children (each home she has been the only child and both foster carers have been workers) and if possible with one of her siblings.....she needs a family.
Anyways Shawns visit with his 3 kids was fantastic...he spent the whole 6 hours playing and enjoying the time with his little ones.....he is a good daddy.
To finish, it was weigh in night tonight....afer 2 weeks of being on track, tracking and eating well I thought I would have done well...nahhhhhhhhh a whole measly 100grams was all I managed.....sheeeeeeez next week better be better, bloody demon scales!!!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Another week gone....

Last night would have been weigh in tonight but it was a public holiday so no weight watchers meeting. I have been going ok...except for some indulgences over the weekend. I had Simon and Tracey's 4 kids overnight......my ears are ringing still as they are soooooo LOUD !! They are great kids, very easy to entertain. They love cooking, shopping for the ingredients, love planning excursions...just full on they are!

On Saturday after I had my hair done.... (Pop looked after them for the hour or so while I was away) ....they all decided we would have home made pizza's for dinner, so we wrote out the shopping list and went shopping. They bought their pocket money too...so the "reject shop" (a $2 shop) was a must for a visit to buy their treasures !

After the shopping expedition it was home, chores, then the kids started cooking.....the pizza's were demolished ... no leftovers with them !
Sunday after breakfastand the chores it was out for a excursion. They chose the jetty at the estuary. They loved it, they scrambled over rocks, tried to name all the the birds, moved rocks to see what little creatures were living under them, spotted crabs and even saw a dolphin...the first time I actually saw them with their mouths open and nothing coming out !!!
Mum and Dad showed up at lunchtime with chicken treat and loaves of fresh bread.....ohhhhhh yummy !! I can tell you they didn't last very long !
So it was a weekend of over indulging (and not tracking 100%) ..... but Monday morning saw me back on track, walking and tracking again....hopefully by next Monday I will see a loss on the "demon scales"!

Friday, June 04, 2010


Don't know whether its because I am a little bit down today or what but I am feeling a little blahhhhh. Its my Dad's birthday today and if he had lived he would have been 80...boy that would have been a party and a half. Dad was a real larrikan and loved a party, he always had a great time out celebrating any occassion... he was a recovering alcoholic and he didn't need the drink to liven any event up.

I am a little worried about Shawn too.....althou he is coming along okay, I know he is still drinking and having the occassional "weed" and when he mixes the two of them together he tends to stress out about everything. Like I had a phone call today from telling me is car had broken down, totally F*CKED he recons and how come he always gets the "lemons" ?? He had rang Shaz to come pick him up, he was down, he had been drinking and was worried about Shaz's reaction to all this.....heck am I ever gonna not worry about that boy ??? Why can't I let him worry about his troubles himself, why do I take his troubles onboard...I don't take the other kids on!

My back is giving me trouble since I strained it , think I been doing too much....but it is better than what it was. Hope so coz I have Simon's kids tomorrow morning for an overnight stayover, Simon and Tracey are bringing them down late morning as I have a hair appointment at 9am, I need a hair colour, going grey I am. The kids will keep me busy, those 4 are certainly active.

Anyways I off to bed, hope I can sleep.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Last night....

.....I went to my weight watchers meeting last night...I lost 300 grams. Its not much but I'll take it. The week hasn't been the best, I had a slip at work and saving myself from landing on my ass I have somehow strained my back. For most of the week I have been having spasms in it that has left me in tears sometimes and unable to excersise as much as I would like. Thus my planning/tracking has been very hit and miss...thus just a small loss. Anyways next weigh in will be in two weeks time...so hopefully my back will inprove so I can get myself out and about and on the move.

Above is a pic of Shawn and Kylee....of course it was taken a lonnnnnnnnnnng time ago, aren't they cute?? I am doing up a srapbooking album for Kylee to take over to her when we fly over. It will start off as a newborn right throu to her wedding day. I was going to do this before the wedding so when she married all I had to do was hand her the album to put in her wedding pics....but I off course never got around to it.

Kylee and Stephen have settled into their house and loving it. After nearly a year of living with the in-laws and the previous 6 years in a poky 2 bedroom unit they are loving the luxury of their own space. A lot of work too be done on their garden, they already sick of the black mud they and their cat track in but they have made a start. Can't wait to get there...roll on August.

Shawn and Shaz have moved into their house and slowly getting themselves organised. Shawn is gobsmacked at how quickly Shaz has made their rental house a home....he is loving it. I went to court with him on Friday for his monthly meeting with the magristrate and his councellour....his urinalis showed a tiny rise but no big deal they said.....as long as his head is in the right space which it seems to be. I am proud of him and his improvement but he has a long way to go yet......my fingers are still crossed and I hope and pray that he can continue along the path he is on now without any relapses. He needs a job, he is actively trying/looking to find work, hopefully that will be the next thing that falls into place for him. I am helping him a fair bit buying them odds and ends and I just can't keep on doing it, he knows that, I know that. But I am proud of him...from where he was a few short months back to where he is now is outstanding.