Monday, June 21, 2010


After weigh in last week I went on a bender....a real "why do I bother" kind of bender....eating everything in sight. That lasted all day Tuesday and half of Wednesday before I realised what I was doing to myself..... Right I only lost 100grams over the 2 weeks but I did lOSE I had to give myself a real talking too, next weigh was only a week away, I had already wasted 2 days now do I want to lose this weight or not?? So I got to it, and did what I had to do .... and tonight at weigh in I lost 600grams....yayyyyy me !!!
Its been a very quiet week, been nowhere except work, done nothing except have been quiet, no hassles... Weekend was spent catching up on chores and in the garden....had to prune all my roses, weed and repot plants which all had been sadly neglected.
Onwards and downwards......


  1. well done on the loss PLUS pulling yourself together and getting back on track... you're doing great :)


  2. Go you!! Well done on stopping the rot and getting back on track. It's amazing what we can do when we get super focussed. Zxx

  3. LOL at the "Happy New Year" boo boo!
    Losing the plot is ok, as long as ya find it again! lol

  4. I have joined you on the bender trail this week!! At least we know we get back on track eventually:) I have read back a few posts and I have to say I think you made the absolute right decision in relation to your grand daughter.