Friday, January 21, 2011

Going on holidays

Jaydene after eating birthday icecream cake
Jessica on her birthday present !
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........I am on holidays!!! Tomorrow we meet our travelling companions in Kalgoolie so hoping to get a few hundred k's done tonight so we're not rushing tomorrow. I am all packed and raring to go....and so looking forward to seeing my girl. Staying with Kylee and Stephen for a few days & show Grant & Tina a little of Melbourne, going to visit Phillip Island then its climb on the boat & head to Tassie. No real plans there...but soooooooo looking forward to meeting my fellow blogger friend Nola.
My weigh in last Wednesday was a STS...but heck knows what the scales will show when I get back if I don't pull my head in & starting eating properly...the last few days I have been terribly BAD!!!

ahhhhhhhh well...byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, January 14, 2011

A week of birthdays

It has been a very week both here at week & at home. It has been a week or so of birthdays, my boss was on the 1st, then my sister on the 6th....then the little moppet in the pic with one of my chooks turned 4 on the 7th. On the 10th was Simon's, 11th was Pauls & on the 12th was my friend and ex workmate Zoe. Coming up on Sunday I have my eldest grandughter Jessica turning 9, then on the 20th Shaz has her birthday. To finish january I have a good friend having his birthday on the 21st.....phewwwwwwwwww!!
Tomorrow Shawn has his next access visit with his kids. I asked DCP to bring it forward so he can have the visit as it was scheduled for next weekend...but we won't be here.
I have only 4 working days to go, then Friday we pack up and head off. I want to go Friday night, but me man says Saturday morning..bahhhhhh
This weekend, even thou I have the kids most of Saturday I hope to get a fair bit of packing and sorting done. Most nights this week I have tackled a must do job so I am daily crossing off a job on my list.
On Wednesday I had my At Home weigh in.....happy to report in I am the lowest I have been in a long time....losing 1.2 kilo's!
Last night I had the ww group therapy weigh in...being an evening weigh it showed me 2 kilo's above that one.....but I showed a 500 gram loss from my previous weigh in .... so all good ehhh? (Actually the "group therapy" is a registered weight watchers group of Western Australia) Last night was last weigh in there till I get back from hols. I have a weigh in next Wednesday morning with my ww At home consultant.....and then I have 6 weeks away.
I best be away and start getting ready for bed...a big day tomorrow with Shawn, Shaz & the kids.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Other weigh in

phewwwwwwww its been a long day. Started work at 7am and didn't clock off till after 6pm tonight!! TGIF !!!!
Last night was my ww meeting and I found out the difference between morning weigh's & night ones....1.3 !!! I knew it was going to be up but sheeeeeeeeez! In the end it turns out with weigh in last night I was up 1 kilo from my last weigh in before christmas, but down 600g from my last weigh in, which I did on my scales on what would have been my regular weigh in day/time.
( Yeahhh I know, its all very confusing !!) I sooooooooo prefer my early morning weigh ins but I will keep on with the evening ones till I go on hols...then I'll decide when I get back as to what I am going to record. I have filled in my at home book and found the tape and done all my measurements. I checked out my old ww books from when I journeyed to goal...and my measurements at my weight that I am now and then vary quite a bit.....amazing how our body shape changes as we mature ehhh?
Tomorrow morning my jabberwalk friend and I are off and walking in town again...its a lovely walk around the estuary....then we are going out for breakfast together...yummo.
Night night.....have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I must remember to

Find my tape measure and do my measurements !

I had my first weight watchers At Home weigh in and consult...and was happy.
My consultant Belinda is very upbeat and very chatty....very full on, but great. She I think is going to be so helpful. My weigh in was great, the scales showed me a great loss, but I weighed in at 6.15am so that was real different for me. My ww meeting is tomorrow evening so wonder what the difference is going to be as the scales said I was lower than my last ww meeting weigh...sooooo we'll see ehh?
Belinda reminded me to do my measurements today, but because I was running around after the phone consult finishing off chores before rushing out the door to work I didn't !
off now to find that tape....night night

Monday, January 03, 2011


We travelled down to Manjimup yesterday afternoon and spent a couple of hours with mum before heading out to the speedway track. Was very proud of myself as mum placed lots of yummy's on the table to have with our coffee's but I resisted all. Ted had a few pieces...told me her fruit cake was the best!!
Out at the track I bought a hamburger, heaps of propoints but ohhhhhh so worth everyone of was yummmmmmmmmo! I took fruits for snacks, and thermos's for coffees.
I stayed away from the soft serve icecream van, a real weakness of mine...espesially a sundae with spearmint sauce and nuts...and a chocolate flake !!!! yep...that halo of mine is glowing!
The racing was absolutely fantastic and worth the gate happy we went. I would go back racing in a heartbeat if it wasn't so costly and time consuming. I enjoyed it immensly while I was so have heaps of memeories of some darn good times.
Caught up with some great people that we used to race with, they are still racing but they are wondering with the costs as they are for how long!