Friday, January 07, 2011

Other weigh in

phewwwwwwww its been a long day. Started work at 7am and didn't clock off till after 6pm tonight!! TGIF !!!!
Last night was my ww meeting and I found out the difference between morning weigh's & night ones....1.3 !!! I knew it was going to be up but sheeeeeeeeez! In the end it turns out with weigh in last night I was up 1 kilo from my last weigh in before christmas, but down 600g from my last weigh in, which I did on my scales on what would have been my regular weigh in day/time.
( Yeahhh I know, its all very confusing !!) I sooooooooo prefer my early morning weigh ins but I will keep on with the evening ones till I go on hols...then I'll decide when I get back as to what I am going to record. I have filled in my at home book and found the tape and done all my measurements. I checked out my old ww books from when I journeyed to goal...and my measurements at my weight that I am now and then vary quite a bit.....amazing how our body shape changes as we mature ehhh?
Tomorrow morning my jabberwalk friend and I are off and walking in town again...its a lovely walk around the estuary....then we are going out for breakfast together...yummo.
Night night.....have a great weekend.


  1. Enjoy your walk and breakfast:-)

  2. I like morning weigh in's too... but my first weigh in in over 2 years will be in the evening, and evenings from now on in fact.
    I go back to WW this thursday night!