Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I must remember to

Find my tape measure and do my measurements !

I had my first weight watchers At Home weigh in and consult...and was happy.
My consultant Belinda is very upbeat and very chatty....very full on, but great. She I think is going to be so helpful. My weigh in was great, the scales showed me a great loss, but I weighed in at 6.15am so that was real different for me. My ww meeting is tomorrow evening so wonder what the difference is going to be as the scales said I was lower than my last ww meeting weigh...sooooo we'll see ehh?
Belinda reminded me to do my measurements today, but because I was running around after the phone consult finishing off chores before rushing out the door to work I didn't !
off now to find that tape....night night

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  1. I weigh myself first thing in the morning now. It usually starts the day on a positive note.