Thursday, November 26, 2015

Day off...

.......... And tomorrow I walk....

Today was weigh in day and as I expected I had a gain, only a small 100g but it could have been more. I freaked out last week with Ted having his endoscopy and lost the plot for a few days so it's wonder it wasn't more. After weigh in I relaxed and gave myself the day off.
I wasn't going to, but I babysat this morning so I let myself enjoy them. Was going to stay for the meeting but had my nieces kids and the 4 year old played up so I left 5 minutes in.
The program has changed a little, pity I had to miss the talk, but I'll catch up. Loving the weight watchers this time around, it gives me something to focus on, something to talk helps with my grief.
Have grandkids again this weekend, Simon & Tracey are going to Perth for the ACDC I'll have the 4 of them. It's going to be a very LOUD weekend, these kids are not quiet!! to get myself ready for tomorrow, as soon as I get up I am off walking, a long one...and then I have grandee's for the weekend, arriving tomorrow afternoon, going home Sunday.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good news

Dear tummy...please shut up!!!!
It has been stressed.
Hubby had a endoscopy this morning, thankfully the results were good, he does have a small hiatus hernia but according to the surgeon he has nothing to worry about. He took a few samples for biopsies, hubby sees his Dr in a couple of weeks. Thank heavens it is all over, I have been worrying myself silly about it.
I got my weigh in done just before I had to pick up hubby from hospital but once again missed staying for the meeting. Must attend next week, apparently new "things" are happening in WW's
But since I have bought Ted home I have been eating like there is no must stop!!!! I can't blow all my hard work....I am on a roll. Lost 800g this week, not going to happen this week if I don't stay out of the bikkie barrel. to tiptoe around and do a few chores, hubby is having a nap. Work again for me tomorrow. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

One day at a time….

It has been a tough week. Work has been super busy and I have been feeling the extra hours that I have done. Have run into some people that knew Paul was sick and they asked how he was doing, its hard to tell people he has passed.
Had a funeral to attend this week, one of Paul's workmates had heart problems that got the better of him and so we attended his final farewell. Same place as Paul's, that hurt.
While we were there Tanya took us to where his ashes are to be placed in a few weeks time. He will be resting under a tree with the sound of the bubbling lake nearby. A seat nearby to sit and reflect and remember. 

 Tanya's mum had a big canvas done up for her, there was 70% off all there canvas's so ordered the one above.  its the first thing you see as you come into our family room from the patio (our main entrance).  Memories galore there….could have made it twice the size.

hahaha I wish it was that easy ehhhh
Weigh in day today, had to run in and weigh and get to work again, I hate missing the meeting but I need the extra $'s.
A loss of 500g so I'll take it. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Its been a busy week...

Its been a lonnnnnng week and its still not over….have work again today.
Its so busy too…and we are down in staff so I have been covering a few shifts. My poor legs have been feeling it too
Not much has been happening on the home front…we are taking it day by day. Canvas Factory had a huge 70% off sale online so I have organised a big canvas of us all with Paul which should arrive this week. Also had one done up for Tanya for her and the kids for Christmas.
Have my nephews Anthony's 21st tomorrow night, Paul was his godfather so its going to be one of those "firsts" for us…Paul enjoyed the "shed" parties out at Anthony's, many a time he slept in his swag  after a party there. 

Weigh in yesterday, 800g off…

Best get a wriggle on…work to get too, will do a bigger post next time.