Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good news

Dear tummy...please shut up!!!!
It has been stressed.
Hubby had a endoscopy this morning, thankfully the results were good, he does have a small hiatus hernia but according to the surgeon he has nothing to worry about. He took a few samples for biopsies, hubby sees his Dr in a couple of weeks. Thank heavens it is all over, I have been worrying myself silly about it.
I got my weigh in done just before I had to pick up hubby from hospital but once again missed staying for the meeting. Must attend next week, apparently new "things" are happening in WW's
But since I have bought Ted home I have been eating like there is no must stop!!!! I can't blow all my hard work....I am on a roll. Lost 800g this week, not going to happen this week if I don't stay out of the bikkie barrel. to tiptoe around and do a few chores, hubby is having a nap. Work again for me tomorrow. 


  1. Well done on the loss although I hear you about it not happening next week if the biscuit barrel keeps calling. I had a one day blow out this week - over 4,000 calories when I should be eating about 1,500 per day !! Oh well - what's done is done - let's do our best moving forward.
    Have a great weekend ! xox

  2. Congrats on another loss, glad all is well with hubby. Have a great weekend :)