Thursday, November 26, 2015

Day off...

.......... And tomorrow I walk....

Today was weigh in day and as I expected I had a gain, only a small 100g but it could have been more. I freaked out last week with Ted having his endoscopy and lost the plot for a few days so it's wonder it wasn't more. After weigh in I relaxed and gave myself the day off.
I wasn't going to, but I babysat this morning so I let myself enjoy them. Was going to stay for the meeting but had my nieces kids and the 4 year old played up so I left 5 minutes in.
The program has changed a little, pity I had to miss the talk, but I'll catch up. Loving the weight watchers this time around, it gives me something to focus on, something to talk helps with my grief.
Have grandkids again this weekend, Simon & Tracey are going to Perth for the ACDC I'll have the 4 of them. It's going to be a very LOUD weekend, these kids are not quiet!! to get myself ready for tomorrow, as soon as I get up I am off walking, a long one...and then I have grandee's for the weekend, arriving tomorrow afternoon, going home Sunday.


  1. Doing so well Jen - know that it must be so so tough - but loving that you're trying to focus on the positive and getting you healthy xx

  2. Hope the weekend is going well with the little ones. Great that WW is giving you a focus, sometimes with grief it can be so hard to find that something to take your mind of it all :)