Monday, April 27, 2009

Been tagged...

Was tagged by Anne...

I have to list 5 things I am passionate about ....

1) My hubby.....he is my EVERYTHING!

2) My kids, my family, my friends, including my online friends too!

3) My grankids....all 12 of them, love 'em!

4) Saving towards my retirement.

5) Books....I love my books, nothing better than me time and a book! I could read all day!!

Now to tag 5....
1) Sandy

2) Ros

3) Mel

4) Nola

5) Suzy

.....and anyone else who comments on my blog

Also today ..... I have to HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear hubby.....

Today we have had Paul and Simon and their kids call in to say Happy Birthday Pop....Shawn has rang...and I guess Kylee will later on tonight.

Today has been the first day back on track! I walked this morning with my friend Deb, and have kept on track. It hasn't been easy, BUT I will do it! I haven't weighed myself and I am not going to till the week before I fly to Melbourne.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am starting all over again.

I just have to push all these emotions I am feeling with these hot flushes and all the stuff with Shawn and Hannah.....and think about me. These past few weeks every attempt I have made to lose these extra kilo's something has happened and I've "lost the plot''. I have just over 4 weeks to go before I fly to Melbourne...and I need to get myself back on track. Spoke to hubby tonight and told him he has permission to kick me up the backside if he sees me even looking at a choccie....and he also has my permission to kick me out of bed on these cold mornings to make sure I walk before going to work. My clothes are fitting me, just!! My favourite Eagles t-shirt is just a little tight and it just has to fit me properly for the Carlton v West Coast eagles game we are going to.

So there you mind is made up, I JUST HAVE TO DO IT this time. Please let all go smoothly for me, fingers crossed.

Just another pic from Shawn's access visit, Skye loves her new baby brother dearly and Jaydene and Shayden too, but Shawn and I tried to give her as much attention as we could on Saturday to show her that despite being the 1st born she was just as special today as the day she was born.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things are improving.....

Today Shawn had his access visit with the kids...including Kaleb. He was told he was having all 4 kids, once again DCP stuffed up and only 3 turned up....Jaydene had gone away for the long weekend with her carers. That to me is sux...why couldn't they go away after the visit or work something out and change the times, day or something so Shawn could see her!

Anyways DCP has also done a backflip with Shawn and Hannah and has told them they CAN now be together as long as Hannah drops the vro. Hullooooooooo they told her only last week that they COULDN'T do that, even when they took Kaleb on Wednesday they couldn't be together because the vro had to stay in place. What are they playing at now I wonder? They have another meeting with DCP on Tuesday and we will have to see what can be resolved. And according to DCP if they continue to keep the house clean and resolve all the issues between them they COULD have the 2 little ones back in a month or so. I hope so.....they need to be a family again.
PS ... The vro is a violence restraining order that DCP (Dept of Child Protection) made Hannah take out on Shawn when they separated...due to Shawn's temper/moods. Hannah did not want to do that, as it meant that he could not have have any contact (by phone or text either) for 2 YEARS, but they pursuaded her to do it!
Shawn needs his family but he also needs professional help, drugs (cannabis) are the issue with him.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not going well....

I am not going real well at the moment...
Last night I had a real shit of a night, I had hot flush after hot flush, tossed and turned and yeahhhh did my usual old trick and looked for and ate unnecessary food!! Was so tired when I woke up this morning and couldn't be bothered walking either. Stupid me, I should have considering the night I had and what I ate but I was just too tired. A walk might have made me get some motivation back. Anyways any motivation I might have got back would have gone soaring out of the window at lunchtime today. I answered a phone call from Shawn in tears....and Hannah in thebackground was sobbing her heart out! DCP had just been to the hospital and taken Kaleb as they were about to leave for home. My heart just broke for them.
I understand that Shawn and Hannah have a lot of problems and issues and have bought the problems of DCP on themselves....but I can tell you I will never ever forget the sound of Hannah's heartbreaking cry and her telling me they have taken my baby, my baby!!!
Just a update........Shawn and Hannah are hanging in there tonight. Shawn is at Hannah's even thou is not allowed there. The courts lifted the vro only for hospital visitation, so as soon as bub was taken Shawn was told he was not to see Hannah or go near her address. So he is taking a huge risk of getting caught there as Hannah said the police may call around and check that he does stay away as DCP were going to request that!! Reason baby was taken is due to Hannah's bad housekeeping/unhygienic ways...they still are being addressed, she is getting better but still a lot of work to be done there. And there is Shawn and his ''dope'' ... he has anger issues and his ''rages'' are something the children don't need to see. Just wish he would learn to love himself and rid himself of these demons.
Despite all the above I can honestly say these two love their kids so much. They do love one another too but really need a lot of help.
I still feel DCP is going about this the wrong way, they say they are protecting the kids.....I don't think so, I feel they are hurting them more!

Monday, April 20, 2009

ww weigh in....

Went to the ww meeting tonight for my monthly weigh in (I lost but not a huge loss like last week)....and am not within the 2 kilo's of my goal weight yet...but I am getting there. Spoilt myself tonight and had a free night....but tomorrow will be back on track. Just over 5 weeks now till I fly to Melbourne so want to be at goal by then...determined this time to do lets hope I can keep the motivation up!

Just another pic of Mathew and his birthday cake.....yeahhhh Griffin it is really blue ehhhh??? Just spoken to his mum on the phone and the little fella was sick that night...wonder why??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mathew

Yesterday was Mathew's 1st you think he had fun? They had a little party down the local park. Shawn had his access visit with his 3 little ones so they were able to join in the fun for an hour which I think they enjoyed. So I managed to catch up with all my grandies except for Luke the eldest one....was wonderful.

I have also had my mum up for the weekend and she was able to meet her newest great-granchild and have a cuddle. My mum might be nearly 80 but I can tell you I have to run to keep up with her when you go shopping...phewwwwwwww.

Think with all that has been happening this weekend I have managed to stay in control of my eating. Been hard has Shawn has been a little difficult, he has had a little trouble with Hannah's family.....but think managed to keep him calm, thou that was after about a dozen phone calls from him !!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Welcome to the family Kaleb Desmond Wright....born at 5pm this afternoon, isn't he just beautiful. The labour was very quick...mum and bub both well. Dad and Jenna just happy to see him.

Hope all goes well for them now and dcp stay out of their hair and let them enjoy their little bub.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

To my grandaughter Cailtlin Rose.....she turned 7 today....

Hope you had a fantastic day.

I went down to see Caity and give her her present this evening, only managed to spend 10 minutes there as they had been to Mcdonalds for dinner and were just having cake before bed.....

Had a great week this week...stuck to my ww's plan and wooohoooo the scales showed it tonight...I lost 2 kilo's !!!! Now bring on next week. Relaxed a bit tonight and had a takeaway for dinner but tomorrow it is back to the journal and my goal of being at goal for my Melbourne trip is looking good at this stage. Next week I will go to my ww meeting for a weigh in, being a lifer I have to weigh in monthly, or pay! More than likely will have to pay anyways ... if I 2 kilo's over goal and thats on the cards, can't expect another loss like this week. I have to go next week as the following Monday is the Anzac day fingers crossed for another great week. I am totally focused....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...

Jaydene Rose-marie, Easter 08


So far been an ok Easter....only blimp is that on Thursday Shawn was told NO access visit with his kids this weekend, so he went camping yesterday. Guess what?? DCP stuffed up big time, the kids arrived here yesterday for their visit with Daddy didn't they? I was so not expecting them and they, the poor little mites were so upset coz Daddy wasn't here. So NOT right!! Shawn arrived back today and when I told him he was so pissed off and thats putting it mildly !! So was the carer that bought them out as she was intially told the visit was off then received paper work to say it was a big stuff up somewhere ehhh? I have rang DCP and left a message to say I am NOT HAPPY at all...was not fair on Shawn and espesially not fair on the kids!!

Anyways I am so on track for a great week this week....have excersised daily, tracked and eaten well, and being very good with all the Easter chocolate...bring on Tuesday!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Memory lane

Today is the 30th anniversary of my brothers death, he was just 27 when he was killed in a freak accident at work. It was his daughters 3rd birthday and the day before his partner had told him he was to be father to twins, a little boy and girl were born 2 1/2 months later. His little boy Stephen was 5 when he was killed and even today I don't think he ever got over it..........

Tom and I were the middle kids and even thou he was 5 years older than me we spent a lot of time together. Actually there is a lot of Tom in my Shawn, getting into trouble very easy for the pair of them! They say there is one in every family ehhhh? Tom was my mum's, maybe thats why she and Shawn are very close.

Our childhood wasn't easy but the 4 of us were all close (despite having 10 years between the youngest and eldest) and Rod, sis and I still are, thou we don't see one and another as often as we would like.

Anyways today just sitting here taking a lovely little walk down memory lane.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yet again....

I am still suffering menopausal hot flushes, sleepless nights and over-eating!! I am so over it!! But with just 7 weeks till I fly out to Melbourne and my jeans getting very tight...decided enough was enough. It's time for me to stop the ''woe is me'' attitude and just do what has to be done and stop the whinging!! So today I got my ass into gear and got my tracker out and planned my day and ate what I should. And tonight as I wander the floor I WILL NOT raid the fridge or the pantry...
So Mel.....its you and me this week....lets see what we can do...
I weighed last night, am 5 kilo's over goal lets lee if I can get rid of most of it before I fly.....
Here I go again...keep me motivated peoples!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Here we go again

Menopause is REALLY sux!!!! I am so over these hot flushes, they are driving me nuts!! Needless to say I lost the plot the other night in one of my nightly wanders trying to cool down and make myself tired again so I could sleep and once again raided the darn pantry!! I know I shouldn't have any goodies hidden in there but I do have a hubby with a sweet tooth and who has no weight problems and lots of grandies who know where to look for their treats....and any other time I am usually fine, having them in there doesn't bother me. Anyways I am now trying to get myself back on the darn wagon AGAIN. It seems to be a never ending circle of late but I guess I can say at least I am persistent. Matter of having to be coz I do have an awful fear of putting on all the weight on again and looking and feeling darn horrible! Anyways there will be NO weigh in tomorrow night, don't want to see the scales at all. Just want to see if I can sorta stabilise myself and get me on an even keel again...if this menopause shit will give me a break!

This weekend has been pretty full on with looking after grandies....first of all had Shawn out on Saturday arvo for his access visit. Since he and Hannah have been seeing one and another again he seems to have calmed down and actually even seems to have eased off on the drugs/alchohol and has stayed out of trouble. The avo against Shawn is being heard again this Tuesday, the magristrate agreed with Hannah but to keep DCP happy suggested she see her lawyer and get it changed to a variable order. Don't know how it is going to work, but anything is better than the way it is, espesially with Hannah due to have bubs #4 soon.

Then Saturday arvo Tanya bought Caitlin, Ashlee and mathew for an overnight stay so she and Paul could have a night out....ohhhhh it was great. Its been the first time they have stayed over as they live just a few k's down the road ... we all had a fantastic time.