Monday, April 20, 2009

ww weigh in....

Went to the ww meeting tonight for my monthly weigh in (I lost but not a huge loss like last week)....and am not within the 2 kilo's of my goal weight yet...but I am getting there. Spoilt myself tonight and had a free night....but tomorrow will be back on track. Just over 5 weeks now till I fly to Melbourne so want to be at goal by then...determined this time to do lets hope I can keep the motivation up!

Just another pic of Mathew and his birthday cake.....yeahhhh Griffin it is really blue ehhhh??? Just spoken to his mum on the phone and the little fella was sick that night...wonder why??


  1. I'm sure you will keep the motivation up - especially with the trip ahead.

    Love the photos, cute kids! Can't imagine why he was sick!

  2. Sweetie well done. Send me some of your motivation cos mine's disappeared.

  3. Hi Jen,
    Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous pics of your family. It always makes me smile seeing the gorgeous little ones in your life.

    That is the bluest cake I've ever seen!! It does look like it'd be yummy though, so no wonder he was sick hehehe...Oh well, it's only your birthday once a year - kids don't understand they'll get a tummy ache when indulging in the good stuff hehehe

    Good on you on your WI - another kg!! That is FANTASTIC :)
    No, it's not 2kgs like last week, but 3kgs in 2 weeks when you're so close to goal - OMG that is soooooo awesome! I'm so proud of you.

    Good on you for giving yourself a free night, it's always good to relax every now and then (just not give in like I do! ahhh).

    Hope you're having a nice night.
    Love ya xoxo

  4. Oh Jen

    thanks for leaving a message on my blog it was lovely to get up this morning and see your message.

    I have just been looking at the photos of your gorgeous family- they are all soo good looking. I can see you are very very proud and so you should be.

    Matthew's face with the blue icing is a 21st birthday pic if you ask me. LOL soooooo gorgeous.

    You are a wonderful Nanna (grandma) and very well loved.

    Thanks again Jen - now that I have now found out how to comment on others blogs there is no stopping me now - heheheheheh

    Ros :-)

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