Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not going well....

I am not going real well at the moment...
Last night I had a real shit of a night, I had hot flush after hot flush, tossed and turned and yeahhhh did my usual old trick and looked for and ate unnecessary food!! Was so tired when I woke up this morning and couldn't be bothered walking either. Stupid me, I should have considering the night I had and what I ate but I was just too tired. A walk might have made me get some motivation back. Anyways any motivation I might have got back would have gone soaring out of the window at lunchtime today. I answered a phone call from Shawn in tears....and Hannah in thebackground was sobbing her heart out! DCP had just been to the hospital and taken Kaleb as they were about to leave for home. My heart just broke for them.
I understand that Shawn and Hannah have a lot of problems and issues and have bought the problems of DCP on themselves....but I can tell you I will never ever forget the sound of Hannah's heartbreaking cry and her telling me they have taken my baby, my baby!!!
Just a update........Shawn and Hannah are hanging in there tonight. Shawn is at Hannah's even thou is not allowed there. The courts lifted the vro only for hospital visitation, so as soon as bub was taken Shawn was told he was not to see Hannah or go near her address. So he is taking a huge risk of getting caught there as Hannah said the police may call around and check that he does stay away as DCP were going to request that!! Reason baby was taken is due to Hannah's bad housekeeping/unhygienic ways...they still are being addressed, she is getting better but still a lot of work to be done there. And there is Shawn and his ''dope'' ... he has anger issues and his ''rages'' are something the children don't need to see. Just wish he would learn to love himself and rid himself of these demons.
Despite all the above I can honestly say these two love their kids so much. They do love one another too but really need a lot of help.
I still feel DCP is going about this the wrong way, they say they are protecting the kids.....I don't think so, I feel they are hurting them more!


  1. That is just wrong! Surely the children and not in any bloody DANGER from their own parents! Who is going to feed her infant now? (presuming she was breastfeeding)... but that is only one point!
    How bloody awful for you all.
    I hope they get all their kids back soon.

  2. Oh how hearbreaking for you all! Thinking of you Zxx

  3. Oh Jen .. my heart goes out to you and your family. I don't know all your history - but how awful - I am so sorry. I hope things work out really soon for you all, and that the family can be back together.

  4. I'm soo sorry, praying for you all and that the best will happenn for you all

  5. Very sad - but surely they don't need their kids taken from them, what they need is HELP! Home help, child care and support for Hannah may help her get the housekeeping back in line. As a couple and a family I hope they make it. It's all very sad, both for the parents and the kids.

  6. Oh how sad! I do hope it all turns out OK for them. It would be so horrible to have a child taken away.

  7. P.S. You look after yourself Jen. Nothing worse than tossing and turning all night. Try to do something nice for yourself today x

  8. Hi Jen

    I tried sending you a message last evening but I must have doen something wrong. Iam having another go now. As above - please look after yourself so that soemone is there for these little darlings etc. My advice is to get a journal and writew down your thoughts, feeling and emotions - this way you are getting all these things out of you and this may help you to sleep at night

    Ros :-)

  9. hey jen, thinking of you and hope that they can have the kids and kaleb back soon. no matter what has happened in the past , nothing more heartbreaking than having a new baby taken away... bastards at dcp , they need to take heart here now.. hope it all works out . take care

    rach xx

  10. Oh Honey,
    I'm so sorry Shawn and Hannah are going through such a hard time. I can't even begin to imagine how that would feel.
    I'm sure it would hurt less to have my heart ripped straight from my chest, than to have taken my child away =[
    I'm really feeling for them - and hope things get sorted out for them soon....
    Geez they've been having a hard time of it haven't they?
    I'm really hoping they get everything sorted soon, and can be happy again - and a family again.
    I guess the one good thing is that they are doing this together (even though they aren't meant to be together), but they are both feeling the same way.

    And as for you, sweetie please look after yourself. I'm worried about you. I hope you're taking care, and your lovely hubby is taking care of you too.

    You know where I am if you ever need a chat, or call me, whatever you need.
    Lots of love xoxo