Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...

Jaydene Rose-marie, Easter 08


So far been an ok Easter....only blimp is that on Thursday Shawn was told NO access visit with his kids this weekend, so he went camping yesterday. Guess what?? DCP stuffed up big time, the kids arrived here yesterday for their visit with Daddy didn't they? I was so not expecting them and they, the poor little mites were so upset coz Daddy wasn't here. So NOT right!! Shawn arrived back today and when I told him he was so pissed off and thats putting it mildly !! So was the carer that bought them out as she was intially told the visit was off then received paper work to say it was a big stuff up somewhere ehhh? I have rang DCP and left a message to say I am NOT HAPPY at all...was not fair on Shawn and espesially not fair on the kids!!

Anyways I am so on track for a great week this week....have excersised daily, tracked and eaten well, and being very good with all the Easter chocolate...bring on Tuesday!!


  1. That does suck about the stuff up with the kids. Hope it gets sorted out so it does not happen again. HAPPY EASTER.

  2. A happy Easter to you too Jen!! I enjoyed your previous posts and appreciate you sharing some of your precious memories with us.

  3. Happy Easter Jen!!
    Sorry to hear about the dramas for Shawn and the poor kids, typical of them to stuff it up on a special weekend. I don't blame him, or you for being pissed off.
    I'd be so mad too - I'm sure every moment for him is so special and important right now, and when stuff like this happens that's out of his control well that just sux!

    Hope they still had fun with you guys though...

    You are soooo good for keeping on track this weekend! I've done the complete opposite so I'm dreading Tuesday...

    Back to it tomorrow though and will deal with the consequences accordingly lol.
    Can't wait to see your results on Tuesday!

    Lots of love xoxo