Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am starting all over again.

I just have to push all these emotions I am feeling with these hot flushes and all the stuff with Shawn and Hannah.....and think about me. These past few weeks every attempt I have made to lose these extra kilo's something has happened and I've "lost the plot''. I have just over 4 weeks to go before I fly to Melbourne...and I need to get myself back on track. Spoke to hubby tonight and told him he has permission to kick me up the backside if he sees me even looking at a choccie....and he also has my permission to kick me out of bed on these cold mornings to make sure I walk before going to work. My clothes are fitting me, just!! My favourite Eagles t-shirt is just a little tight and it just has to fit me properly for the Carlton v West Coast eagles game we are going to.

So there you mind is made up, I JUST HAVE TO DO IT this time. Please let all go smoothly for me, fingers crossed.

Just another pic from Shawn's access visit, Skye loves her new baby brother dearly and Jaydene and Shayden too, but Shawn and I tried to give her as much attention as we could on Saturday to show her that despite being the 1st born she was just as special today as the day she was born.


  1. Can really relate to how you are feeling. So much happening here that weight loss has come to a stand still, it doesn't seem to matter any more to me, yet I know I shouldn't be feeling like that and should be knuckling down.

  2. By the way - you've been tagged, take a look at my blog.

  3. Hee hee. that tag is going around.. good luck with the war.
    Your granddaughter is adorable.

  4. Hi Jen
    I made the decision this year to look after me! In the end, I realised that I would be no good to anyone if I didn't. So you keep positive - you can do it - just look after you. There are some things in life you have no control over. My sons have had marriage breakdowns with children involved. It is not an easy road. Keep your chin up and keep focussed on losing the weight you want to!