Friday, December 28, 2007

We sweltered.....

On Christmas Day and Boxing Day.......phewwwwwww it was hot!! Boxing Day in the city apparently recorded nearly 45 degree's and was the hottest Boxing Day on record in the world. Luckily we are 2 hours out of the city, live on a bush block with lots of trees and lawn around the house so thou it didn't reach nearly 45 it was in the 40's...... I was soooooo bloated from the amount of water I drank over the 2 days.....and from all the rubbish I managed to consume too....yep I am guilty of being a "piggy". Ahhhhh well, it was Christmas !!

Christmas Day began early when I awoke early and couldn't go back to sleep. Woke up hubby, got up, opened our pressies, had a coffee and headed up the hill to Collie to play Santa to #2 son and 4 grandies.... Ohhhhh the was gorgeous watching their little faces. Left them with their mummy and daddy after a couple of hours with the mess and a swing set to erect ..... hehehe The troubled son and his little family were due to arrive for on arrival home it was prepare for that. By then it was really heating was glad I had decided on seafood and salad......was yummo even if the prawns weren't as tasty as I was hoping they would be. Pity I didn't stop at the meal instead of all day (and the next as well) dipping my hand into the nibblies. Anyways son was well behaved, and in a reasonable mood so the meal was pleasant..... Excitement plus from the little grandies.....Jaydene is nearly one but just loved ripping into the pressies with a huge grin on her little face. Pop and I gave Skye a little lunch bag with water bottle and lunchbox which we had filled with some she starts kindy next year. Don't think that bag has left her sight since.

#3 son Paul took his family down south to spend with
his partners they still have yet to come around to see what Santa has left here. Coming here this weekend as today Luke, Pauls son from a previous realationship all of them will be together.

Missed my daughter something shocking on the day.....althou we did speak a couple of times on the phone. She sent me a lovely maxi dress...beautiful blue colour but the style has left me wondering whether it suited me or not. Hubby is not sure, so rang the store that Kylee bought it from and they said they have another dress, same colour but slightly different style so am going into the Bunbury store over here and see if they have the same....

Anyways...those 2 days flew by and it has been back to work for me the past 2 days....thankfully it hasn't been as hot. I have gotten myself back on track after being a little Christmas up on the Thursday morning, removed all the nibblies and treats out of sight.....struggled into a pair of shorts, put on the walking shoes and walked for an hour before I went to work. Too scared to hop on the scales, clothes tell me I gained......BUT I will get back to my goal. No ww weigh in till sometime in January but I have received an invitation to a formal wedding of a close friends son on the 1st my goal is to be back at goal by then. I don't own a formal outfit so I want to be able to go and buy one and look and feel stunning.

I got home from work yesterday and found sitting on my doorstep this lovely parcel from my good friend Carol. Carol is a competition whizz....always entering them and winning too. This package she won and decided I could have it as I need pampering after all the hard work I do up in my "tin shed" on the market garden ...... THANKS HEAPS BUDDY

Monday, December 17, 2007

Where does time go.....

Another week has flown quickly too....where does the time go!!

Work has been so busy, but we were lucky this week I guess....we had a machinery break-down and had 2 half days off while they did repairs. Now we are playing catch up trying to get the orders made up and working twice as hard...and longer days.

During the week I went up the hill to bring troublesome son (Shawn) down. Since he had his accident we have had his vechile down here getting it repaired, new windscreen in, new tyres and just making it roadworthy again. Within minutes of him and his little family getting in the car...he started. Heck knows what I said to set him off, it doesn't take much at all believe me.....but boy he turned from normal to physcotic raving idiot in seconds....abusing me for no reason. I just didn't argue or try to placate him.....just pulled over and literally threw him out the car!! Speaking to Hannah (his partner) as I turned the car around and took them back home apparently he has been like this for a few weeks now...doesn't need any drugs or drink to set him off anymore, could be just something he hears on the radio or tv. Soooooo sad. What kind of parent does that make me, everytime I had spoken to him, he has been great, I didn't notice any difference in him, actually thought he was doing great, he always sounded so happy on the phone ...I must have been burying my head in the sand !! Anyways I dropped Hannah off and headed for home.....he stopped me as I went to drive past him as he trudged up the highway....he apologised profusely and asked me very politely to take him to my house to get his 4x4. Not one more word of abuse was uttered...he was normal again. He really wanted that vechile back and I think had realised if I drove past I wouldn't have returned.

He called in on Saturday too...and spent 3 or 4 hours here....and said he was trying to get his "moods" under control. He needs to do more than that, he needs help big time....and only him and HIM alone can do that, but he won't listen, you can not give him any advise, he doesn't WANT to listen, doesn't think his problem is as big as we tell him it is.... BUT he really does need to do something soon, he informed me and hubby that he and Hannah are to be parents again....their 3rd child. Heck, he can hardly look after himself.....I really despair, I really do, what is going to become of him !!!

On Saturday night we had our work chrissy party.....the boss took all the fulltime workers out to dinner at a real classy resturaunt....all food and drinks paid for....

mmmmmm I blew it and spoilt a super-dooper on track week and drank wayyyy too much red wine.....

Had last weigh in for the year tonight and it told on the scales......would you believe for the 4th week running I stayed the same!!!!!!

Bring on the New Year, methinks I gonna havta pull me socks up and get rid of this holiday excess....carried it around way too long now!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all just in case I don't post before then.....take care, be safe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

They say things happen.....

..... in three's !! yeahhhhh ..... well I wish someone told my family that !! Since October when I went to Melbourne it has been one thing after to top it all off Caitlin, (the 5 year old big sister of Ashlee, the one that got burnt) went into hospital last night and had emergency surgery on a twisted appendix !! Anyways.....all went well although because the appendix was so twisted they couldn't do keyhole surgery and she now has a 2cm scar. She came home this afternoon and is recovering. We knew something was wrong with her as on Sunday Tanya bought out Luke (the big brother who was on a access visit) out to say hullo to us and Caity couldn't come.....she wasn't feeling the best in the we know why.
Went into ww last night to weigh in, just made the meeting as I worked late and the result....AGAIN, I stayed the same.....guess it's better than a gain. Next week is the last meeting till the New Year so I'll try and make that weigh in and next year I think I will have to revise my points and my menu and see if I can get this weight to shift downwards again.....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Here I am....

I'm Back !!!!! Darn computer died and I had to rush it off to the pc doctor and get it fixed!! In the meantime I sat at home and read books, listened to music or cooked.....while I waited for the phone call to say "it's ready" Got the phone call late yesterday and got hubby to pick it up for me today. A new power supply and yayyyyy it works!!
I didn't go to weigh in on Monday night, firstly I worked late and was so tired when I got home all I wanted to do was shower, eat and go to thats what I did!! Am feeling a bit fragile at the moment and didn't want to hear what I already knew....I hadn't lost anything. I weighed in on my scales, and they are nearly spot on with ww and I had stayed the guess thats better than gaining ehhhh??
Well caught up on the blog...better get to and have a read and see what all you guys are up to......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Got to move.....

My little cuties, Zoe and Jessica, with my chickens

Had an alright week, food was good except one day when I did my usual thing...emotionally ate, this time when I found out my son Simon's partner had a car accident with all 4 kids in it. Their 4x4 is a mess, but luckily Tracey had all the kids strapped in properly so other than a bruise on Zoe's cheek....all were okay. Thankfully their vechile is a 4x4 as they were told if it had been a car it would have been a write off. But I have to move my butt more....excersise has been down to what it usually is. I had had 2 of Simon's kids, my grandaughters Jessica and Zoe sleep over for the no walks then . I know when I don't keep the excersise up....I don't lose. Weighed in tonight...and stayed the same.....but ohhhhh well I will keep at it, still going to weigh in at the ww meetings every week till I get back to goal, however long it takes....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Skye...

Skye turned 4 yesterday, ohhh my little grandies are growing up so quickly. Didn't get to give her a cuddle as they live 45 minutes away....but did get to say hullo on the phone. She didn't say too much...was too interested in going to day-care and having cake.....mmm priorities ehhh??

Monday, November 19, 2007

Went back for ....

Another weigh in tonight......and yayyyyyy I lost 1.7 !! I worked real hard this week, counted points, watched portion sizes and drank heaps of water...yep I happy. Another good week this week and I will be nearly back to within my goal range......2.1 to go and I'll be a 60's girl again.
Another reason to jump for little Ashlee is home...she went back to Princess Margaret hospital this afternoon for a Drs visit and SHOULD be cleared as all infections have cleared up and burns are healing nicely...luckily so far with no scaring.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Donna tagged me.....

So here goes....

4 Dishes I like to cook.....

Annette Syms Satay Chicken

Italian Beef Casserole

Bacon, eggs and baked beans


4 Qualities I like in people.....





4 Places I have been.....





4 Things in my bedroom.......

Water Bed


Radio alarm clock

My latest book near my bed

4 Dirty words I use......


Shit !!!!!!

Bugger !!!!

Bitch and on the odd occassion a lot worse!!

I now tag.....Chris, Lyn, Julie

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Went back....

Well its onwards and downwards for me......
I went to the ww meeting last night and weighed in and it was as I expected.....I had gained big time. But I feel great now....I made a committment to myself that I would keep on going to the meetings and weighing in in front of my leader until I got down to goal again.... I need the accountability.
Sooooo weight now is 73.8
Have 2 weeks to get down to 70.0 which is the top end of my goal weight (allowed 2 kilo's over goal) so here goes...lets see what I can do. If I do it great....if not I'll be paying for the November weigh in....BUT I will keep on going weekly till I get to goal AGAIN!!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going back.....

....... To weight watchers tomorrow night. Have had enough of trying to lose this holiday weight on my own....I can't do it!! I go well for a few days, then fall in a hole, thinking "just one won't hurt" or " I walked this morning, I can have one" !!
So back to it for me, I need those scales, I need to be accountable to them. Not gonna be pretty tomorrow night, I know clothes tell me that, the ones that still fit that is.....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why is it ????

Just when I get myself into gear and get on track something comes along and upsets the apple cart.....

Hubby is in having eye surgery right now....knew it was going happen as its been planned for a while BUT why am I now all upset?? Think hearing the news last night that little Ashlee wasn't allowed home yesterday as planned has really upset me....a few little blisters have formed and they a little concerned....

Now Jen...take some big breaths, stop the emotional eating, stop stressing and lets get into right frame of mind YET AGAIN....

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Can't get it together

This pic was taken while I was on holidays by Berrie after she took me on a tour of the gorgeous Barwon Park Mansion near Winchelsea, built by Thomas and Elizabeth Austin.

Been at home now for 4 days....the first two days I had it together, but these last two have well and truly lost the plot. Have mum up staying and with me at work she has been home here by herself, so what does she do....cook sweets!! I froze a fair bit of them, but of course couldn't get out of the taste test! My trip away was fantastic but ohhhh not real good for the figure......heck knows how much I have gained, because gain I know I have, my clothes are telling me so. I am not game to get on the scales and I am not going to either till the 26th of November when I have my ww monthly weigh in. So heck knows how I am going to doesn't look too good at the moment...I can tell ya that!!!!

A few things happened while I was away to get the old "emotional eating" habit going. One was the usual .... my son!! Not only did he have an accident in his vechile and nearly "wipe" it out, but he also argued with his boss and walked out on his another job lost due to his moods. Sometimes I really despair about him...but I live in hope that one day he will turn his life around, all he has to do is stop smoking/using that "evil weed"
The other thing that happened was one of my grandaughters ( 3 year old Ashlee)got flown by flying doctor to Princess Margaret hospital urgently as she spilt a cup of 2 minute boiling hot noodles over herself. She was severely burnt, thought for awhile she did have some 3rd degree burns and require skin grafts, but luckily all is well, no grafts and she will be home next week.
Mum goes home tomorrow and it will be back to me and hubby and the usual routine so wish me luck everyone and hopefully I can get myself under control and get back on track.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm back.........

I am back....flew back in last night....

I had a BLAST of a time at the "At Homers" weekend in the heart of was a weekend I will remember for a lifetime. We talked, laughed and sang the whole weekend...
I am so glad I went, I know I have made some lifetime friends.
After the weekend I was able to catch up with Maria, Janet and Susan. Thanks Maria, it was great to catch up again, and Janet and two are fantastic, glad to have met you both, wonderful company even if I couldn't get a word in edgeways!!!
I also went down to Geelong the following weekend where I was able to spend more time with Berrie and her lovely family.
I spent the rest of my time with my darling daughter and partner Stephen. Had lots of meals out, shopped till we dropped and caught up with some friends and new additions to families.
Came home happy, tired and with some excess kilo's......

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leaving .....

.....on a jet plane late this afternoon...heading off to Melbourne for the "At Homers" get together, also of course to visit my daughter and catch up with some great friends. The "At Homers" get together is a groups of girls, all ages, from all over Australia, who have all particaped on the weight watchers At Home forum online, and we decided to get together for a meet up in Melbourne. We are all in different stages of our weight loss journeys, and each and everyone of us has supported each other through the kilo's we have each lost. It is going to be an awesome weekend. Catch you on my return....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting closer

Today is Shawn, my problem childs, 25th birthday. he travelled down yesterday and spent half the day with us so we could celebrate with him. He is loving his job, he works extremely long hours so it keeps him busy at least, and he gets on well with his workmates. His moods seem to be improving, well at least they are around us....but he still has a long way to go. Here's hoping he can keep this job....and maybe his self esteem and self worth might come back to him and his moodiness and agitation disappear.
Only have tomorrow to get throu then on Wednesday I fly to Melbourne. Going to be spending time with my daughter, catching up with some of the At Homers that I have met online......wooohooooo ... thats gonna be a full on weekend, soooooooo can't wait. Most of us are booked into a hotel in Melbourne!! Also going to catch up with some old friends, meet some new friends....
Weight Watchers weigh in tonight.....slowly going down, haven't made it back to goal yet....but getting there.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Congratulations Rach

Congratulations to Rach, Mike and Jake on the birth of Jasmin.....who is a real little cutie...such a placid little girl.
I went up and visited Rach today and had a lovely cuddle of bub.....don't you just love the smell of babies?? And Jake is such a cute big brother, he is so proud of her.
Rach was a member of my ww meeting...and is going back to her meeting asap...she did so well maintaining her weight while pregnant, proud of ya Rach!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Had coffee today with ..... blogger friend Catherine.....and what a delightful meeting it was too. The time just flew by and Catherine and her hubby soon had to hit the road and travel on. We talked and talked and I felt so comfortable with them....I just didn't want her to go. It was hard to say byeeeeeee but we know it's not goodbye, its just see ya later as we will meet again.
Thank you Catherine and Don for travelling down and taking the time to meet with me....I am so glad we finally met.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Not weighing myself..

It is my weigh in night...but decided I am not going to hop on any scales till next week when it is my monthly ww weigh in. Am then weighing in a few weeks early as next week I fly to Melbourne and won't be back till the end of the month. This week I just don't want to know what damage I have done, know it can't be pretty!! What with midnight snacks, and early morning cooking "feasts" And yesterday my sister and her hubby came up for an overnight visit, we had a lot to catch up on and that we did so over quite a few "drinkies"
Today us West Australians said a very sad goodbye to our West Coast Eagle ... "Mainy". Chris Mainwaring with his mighty big cheeky grin and his larrikan ways was a legend...going to miss you on our tv. A heap of memories we will treasure.
This weekend I have a good blogger friend flying into West Australia for a holiday.... really looking forward to meeting up CJ..

Friday, October 05, 2007


What was I doing at 4.30am this'd never guess?

I had an absolute "shit" of a night, went to bed about 9ish, read awhile, then went to sleep but woke up at 1.30am........

I got up, after tossing and turning and no sign of sleep and made a cuppa, and thought mmmmm might have a bikkie too. Two cuppa's later and a pack of bikkies later I thought darn it better go back to bed and get away from those darn bikkies!! Back at the bedroom hubby is still sound crawled in and curled up but again tossed and turned and wriggled and squirmed, in the end sighed and gave up!! No sleep for me!! Got back up....make another cuppa and thought mmmmmm need to do something soooooooooooo 4.30 am there were HOT SCONES sitting on my kitchen bench....minus 2 which I ate.....!!!

5.30am I went walking....

7.05am drove off for a days work at the "funny farm" !!

Monday, October 01, 2007

What a week...

phewwwwwwwwwwwww what a week......

Monday....went to work, squashed finger in rollers on carrot grading table, ended up having surgery to make sure there was no tendon damage. Darn sore !!

Tuesday....ouchies finger!! Went to weigh in coz I couldn't weigh in Monday night.....mmmmm wasn't a good weigh in! Heard from Shawn that he had started another job with a furniture removalist.....hope he can stay focused, motivated and off the dreaded "weed" and keep the job.

Wednesday......stayed at home and mooched around waiting for Kylee. She flew in for interview.....waiting to pick her up from train station tonight. Sat up and chatted, poor girl has a huge decision to make about future..if the posistion is offered.

Thursday....Busy, busy , busy !! Heard the tragic news of Katrina. devasting !! Just hoping the tumours aren't going to be passed onto little Allie (Katrina's little girl) as Katrina's mum also passed away with the same thing at 42 when Katrina was 8.

Lots of shopping, catching up with friends of Kylee's.

Saw the Dr today...had thyroid and HRT medications reviewed. Dr gave me a telling off telling me, he said I was getting too skinny!! Sheeeeeeez that got to me!! Too skinny, yeaaaaa when I had put on weight!!! But anyways I did measure myself ..... and lo and behold I have lost centimetres around bust and waist!! Then it was onto shopping and catching up with friends.

Friday...Went to the surgeon, finger is healing well. Then onto Katrina's funeral with Kylee. A very simple and moving service for a well loved mother, daughter, stepdaughter, sister and friend. Shawn was unable to go due to just starting a new job. The news was a shock to him but he coped with the news a lot better than I though he would. Took Kylee out to her best friends place...they getting togerther with some other friends for a girl nights in....mmmmmm sounds like a headache to me!!

Saturday......Up and about early. Had hair done, got rid of all the grey by having it cut and coloured. Home and had Shawn and Hannah and girls around to catch up Kylee. Kylee last saw them when Jaydene was born 8 months ago...she was Hannah's birthing partner.

Sunday.....Another full on day. Took Kylee up to Collie to say hullo and goodbye to Simon and Tracey, they flew in Saturday night from their holiday in Queensland. Took a drive around the overflowing Wellington dam...then home to pack bags, have lunch and catch our breathes before heading off to the airport, and goodbye Kylee. But just for a few weeks...then Jen fly's to Melbourne.

Monday.....phewwwwwwwww day of rest for me. Slept in, went for walk, had a late breakfast. THEN heard the devasting news that a West Coast Eagle legend Chris Mainwaring had passed away.
Its weigh in night least thats good news....I lost 1.6 and now 68.5 !! Slowly getting back to where I should be.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Goodbye Katrina

We sadly heard the news that Shawns first friend he ever made when we moved down here from the north-west passed away this week at the age of 24. Katrina was not only his first friend he ever made here, she was his first girlfriend, his best friend, his mate ......was always there for him through the good and bad. She spent as much time in this house as she did her own espesially when they were teenagers....if not with Shawn, was with Kylee....
Katrina Lee, today we say goodbye....we are sure gonna miss ya!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monthly ww weigh in

Missed my Monday evening weigh in last night as I had a work accident and squashed open my finger under a roller on the carrot grading table......yep OUCH!!!!! Spent 4 hours at the emergency in at the hospital waiting to be seen, then when I did get to be seen the Dr wasn't happy to stitch it without a surgeon seeing it ..... so another wait. Surgeon saw it, poked and prodded and thought I may have tendon damage so within the hour I was in a ward, weighed, gowned and put under anaesthetic (I hadn't eaten or drank since smoko luckily) and had surgery. No tendon damage thankfully but home with a very sore finger!!!
So went in and weighed this morning and I came in at 70.1 ..... 100 grams over the 2 kilo's I am allowed ... (BUGGER IT!!!!) ... but they let me off paying coz of the finger!! Must have been the surgery as I weighed in lighter on the scales at the hospital, but do know from previous weigh in at hospital their scales differ to mine by 1.5 kilo's.
Anyways off work for the rest of the week .
In the meantime its back to counting those points and keep on trying to lose this extra weight.....3 weeks to next ww weigh and I fly to Melbourne just after for At Home get together and visit daughter. Please don't let me get bored and raid the fridge and pantry while I home!!!
Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa daughter flys in tomorrow for job home for a quick visit before she flies back to Melbourne to wait for me to visit her...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why can't he see.....

I am talking about my very troubled son....who else!! He is a huge big stress in my life...if he didn't have his lovely partner and my two gorgeous little grandaughters I wouldn't be there for him as much as I am. His moods swings so quickly and has drug induced mental problems and is often in a paranoid state. I was meant to be catching up with Rach today for a coffee and chat but she messaged me to say she had had a bad night and wouldn't be able to catch up. Rach has only a week or so before she has a bub!! So I rang son (and I hate ringing him coz I never know what kind of mood he is in) to say they could come visit earlier if they liked as I wouldn't be going out to meet Rach. He was fine on the phone and then I said something...heck really knows what I said but whatever it was it set him off!! He went on and on about how he is misunderstood and how its not the drugs that causes all his problems, then within 5 minutes he was back to normal, stopped his ranting 'n raving and said he'll see us in an hour. When they got here Hannah says he hasn't been too bad, but they are fighting and arguing a fair bit of late....she says he can be very aggressive and moody and very quickly misinterepts what people say, even her. I am scared that he is going to hurt someone. Talking to him today and I gingerly asked him if he needs help with his "moodiness" and maybe need medication and he says no...

We have travelled this route with him before, he even went to rehab....ohhhhhh that was a fantastic year with him, I had my son we have to wait and live in hope...and pray he doesn't hurt anyone but himself. It's breaking my heart and sending me grey.....but unfortunately I can't do anything until he is ready to help himself.
Damn it.... coz without cannabis he is a bloody good kid !! Why can't he see what he is doing to himself, why can't he see the changes in himself....Why can't he see??

Monday, September 17, 2007

Time to act........

Another weigh in night and with the weeks I have been having of late I expected something shocking.....but it was only a 100 grams on. I have been trying to lose the holiday over indulgence, but with some stresses I have been having I haven't been able to get my head around counting points consistently. And then when I becomes so physically demanding my body craves more food!! Anyways next week is a monthly ww weigh in so this week it is time to get me head in the right place and do something about it. I head to Melbourne in just over a month.....hopefully by then....nooooooooooo lets rephrase that....I WILL be back under my goal of 68.
ohhhhh the pic was taken at work during a smoko break at work .....note how rugged up we all are...its been so cold!!
Ohhhhhhh just wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Rae and Duane on the birth of their son ..... Xavier Micheal....a little sunbeam for our little Rae of Sunshine........

Friday, September 14, 2007

Footy night....

I have had a so-so week this week. It has been cold, wet and darn miserable most of the week...and work has been plenty full-on!! A lot of packing, lifting and stacking of 20 kilo bags of vege's...and a stint on the potato harvester, plus packing brocolli....all physical work, espesially the stacking. mmmmmmm who needs a gym when you have weeks like that. I have managed to walk a few days this week as well, didn't this morning as it was pelting down with rain.....and didn't yesterday either as I had to be at work 30 minutes earlier than normal. I know I could have put on a excersise dvd and do that, but nahhhhhhh I think I knew a footy blowout was a coming!! Tomorrow hopefully I won't be a lay in bed and will get my butt wriggling before Shawn and Hannah arrive to drop off Skye for a weekend sleep over with Jenna and Pop. Now food.....up to today it has been reasonable after my wagon fall off last week....but tonight my beloved West Coast Eagles are playing Collingwood.....if they lose they are out of the finals run.....if they win well they live to play another game. ohhhhhhh its a nailbiter and along with my cup of hot choccy I have been nibbling bikkies and a few other unmentionable sweeties most of the evening..... Yep definetly will have to get my butt wriggling tomorrow!!! I have joined a September challenge to see if I can lose this holiday over-indulgence weight I put on....but with one thing or another I just can't get myself together and keep myself together for a full week. Maybe I need to go back to weekly meetings...I don't know. Will wait and see what my scales say when I weigh myself on Monday evening.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk the game has just gone into time on.....full time scores were a we have 2 five minute quarters of extra time, I don't think I can stand it!!
All over now, Collingwood has won ......the Eagles have had their wings clipped and the season for them is over....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Darn it !!

Tried to do a post last night....but for some reason blogger wasn't interested, now it won't even let me delete it (well whats left of it anyways!!) .....sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!! Ohhhh well, thats the way its been with me this last week, it hasn't been a good week. Emotions all over the place, tired and just "over it" !! So of course me being an emotional eater I had a few days where I fell off the wagon.....but I did manage to climb back on. Had a few real hectic and busy days at work too so along with the excersise I managed during the week I did manage a loss of 200grams...bringing my weight to 69.4.

yayyyyyyyyyyy finally got blogger working properly.
Apparently they had an outage......

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weighed in tonight

Decided as we had a special dinner for Fathers Day tonight....and tomorrow night I have an appointment with my Dr at my usual weigh in time .... I would weigh in tonight rather than miss it altogether or weigh Tuesday. I have also joined in on a "At Goal" challenge and want to start off the week on a good foot!! I have had a bit of a bad week, had a few problems with Shawn and I have had the flu and had to take time off work to recover...felt really blahhhhh!! So not a lot of excersise has been done, I haven't made a lot of wise choices with my food, although I haven't over-indulged either. This week its back into it ... and I have decided to make a real effort for a month and lose the extra kilo's I gained on holiday plus even have a go at getting down to my personal goal. In just over 6 weeks I head off to Melbourne to see my darling daughter and I have a big get together with some of my dear friends on the "At Home" forum. Gotta look my bestest!!
Anyways weigh in tonight was 69.6......I stayed the same!!

Happy Fathers Day Poppy.....

The boys called around today to wish their Dad a Happy Day....and of course we got to spoil the grandies, bonus that is ehhh?? Little Ashlee turned 3 while we were up north on holidays so we were able to pamper her a bit extra today too, haven't been able to before now as she has been sick with the flu.
Also got some exciting news today as well.....Paul is to be a Daddy again, Luke, Caitlin and Ashlee will have a little brother or granchild #10 is on the way !!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back into routine again....

I have slipped right back into my usual routine again after my month away......went straight back to work, got back into my hill walking routine....and I went off maintenance points and started counting them for losing again. Not as strictly as I could have but enought to bring my weight down from my over indulgent holiday.
On the weekend I went up and visited my grandies as the weekend before we come home little Thomas turned a year old. Simon and Tracey had a little get together but as we were still enjoying the sunshine we did miss out. Anyways I took him up a Bob the Builder scooper....and ohhhhh he loved it. He is such a little cutie....and he so loves to be cuddled. Jessica proudly showed off two loose teeth, Zoe was her usual full on 100 mile an hour self till telly was turned on (then she disappeared) and Sheymus was stroppy that Thomas wouldn't share his scooper when he has to share his !!!
Shawn and Hannah came down on the weekend too. He is his usual contrary moody self....the demon weed still very much a part of his life. Little Jaydene learned to crawl properly, and sit up while we were away as well as push up 2 little teeth. Skye says she is noisy!! ohhhh these babies grow up all too quickly.
I saw Caitlin and Ashlee earlier in the week as they live just down the road...poor little mites are sick with a nasty flu. Luke is due to come down and visit his Dad soon, so will look forward to catching up with him then.
Anyways I weighed in tonight at ww (my official monthly meet) and yay am happy to report I came in under 70 kilo's so was in the 2 kilo's over my goal that I am allowed before I have to pay for meeting. I was 69.6 so counting points and getting back into routine I was able to lose 1.9 since I have been home.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm back, holiday is over....

And its back to work for me tomorrow......

I had the most relaxing holiday, it was so great we ended up extending it by another 8 days. Most every day hubby and I spent it either fishing, crabbing, crayfishing, walking on the beach or just sitting back at our camp reading and relaxing or catching up with friends. We used to live in Onslow and some friends of ours still live there so it was good catching up with them. A couple of them ran the caravan park restaruant at the park where we camped and we spent many a night there sitting around eating and catching up on all the years...
Anyways will catch up with you all soon.....but before I go I have just weighed 71.5 ... A gain of nearly 4 kilo's but hopefully with routine restored tomorrow it will soon gone.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Another monthly ww weigh in

Another week has flown by.....I thought this week would go soooooooo slow but I have been so busy at work and home the days have gone quickly. I received a bonus and had Friday off work, some foam cartons that we pack our iced broccolli into arrived with no yayyyyyyyy no work!!

Saturday morning I braved the dreadful weather and went down town and had a haircut and colour before Simon bought his awesome foursome down to spend time with Jenna and Pop while he and Tracey went and laybyed some chrissy presents while they were on special. Sunday Shawn came down with his little girls and I got to play out in the puddles with Skye, vrooom vrooooom !!! Shawn is happy and loving his new keeps him occupied and hopefully off the cannabis. I can breathe easy for a little while, espesially as we head off up North on Thursday morning looking for some sun, sand, fishing and relaxing.

Weigh watchers monthly weigh in tonight....weight 67.8 ....up 500grams from last week and 300grams from last month ww weigh...... but I still under goal so really happy about that. Hopefully I can keep myself under reasonable control while on hols...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another week has floated at the "funny farm" has been full on as per usual....doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done. I spend more than enough time there now, I leave home here just after 7am and finish when the work is done....usually at about 5pm but quite often later.
Kids are all fine....I may have my daughter home for a little while....welllllllll in WA anyways. She has applied for a fly in, fly out job up in the mines in the Pilbara. Her and her b/f both have reasonable jobs but just can't seem to get ahead and save or put money in the bank. But they want to buy a house, get married and have a family and hopefully if Kylee gets the job the good wages offered will finally see them saving something towards their goals.
Shawn, my problem child....has started work again, just at the right time I think too. He was starting to get moody and agitatated again and when he gets like that he begins using cannabis too much and all the family then suffer. His baby is just gorgeous...she is starting to crawl, or slugging as I call it as thats what she looks like as she moves along... but she gets around quicker by rolling to where she wants and ohhh she has just got her first 2 teeth.
Little Thomas is running.....just about bypassed the crawling and walking...did those all very briefly!!! He turns 1 the weekend after I get back from holidays...
All the others are driving mums crazy whilst on school holidays.....
On the home front hubby and I spent some time getting things ready for our trip away. We leave for Onslow and 2 weeks of sun, fishing, friends and relaxing sometime next week. I finish work next Tuesday 24th(as does hubby), Wednesday 25th we will load the boat and 4x4 up and hopefully Thursday 26th we will be cruising up the highway.
On the weight front, I weighed in tonight at home and surprise surprise I only gained a 100grams from last now 67.3. Am happy with that ,,,, Next week is my ww weigh in.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Well here we are again, another week gone by...

I have had a quite a good week, excersised every day...sometimes only 30 minutes mainly due to the cold and wet days we have been having. Have noticed thou at 6am when I walk the weather is at it best, its not as cold then, the cold seems to come in later when the sun rises ... (at about 7 to 7.30am) ...if it does rise that is !!
Not much been happening in my little world....mainly work, and more work. My brother (thats him in the pic with me) bought my mum up to Bunbury on Saturday to buy her birthday pressie from him.....but he ended up getting a phone call and had to go to yep Jen was left to take mum home, another trip down to Manjimup. This time it wasn't raining, blowing a gale and storming and I got to see my sister....only for an hour or so .... but that was better than not at all.
It's my weeekly weigh in night....and yayyyyyyyyyy I had a good week....the scales were down, 67.2.....thats 600grams down from last week. Have one more home weigh then go for another monthly ww weigh....then I am off on to find some sunshine, sand, sea, fishing and relaxing....yeaaaaaaa heading north for a couple of weeks....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Did I say??

Did I say I seemed to be finding maintenance easy?? Yeahhhhh I did last week and you know what?? I think I used that to self-sabotage myself coz I have spend most of the week over-indulging myself. Don't know if it was the cold and wet days, or work where it has been real physical hard yakka. Whatever it was for most of the week I overate. I was just so hungry after work, that it seemed if it was in sight and not tied down, I ate it!! And because I was so tired, and it was wet, I didn't excersise as much as I usually do either.
But with the help of my hubby, the forums, my friends I did manage to finish the week back on track. The result being now that I have just weighed in (at home) and had a small gain of 300 grams (am 67.8 now) hey I got out of that better than I thought I would.

A picture of my mum this week to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! My dear Mum turned 78 yesterday. I risked the shocking weather forecasted yesterday to travel the 1 1/2 hours to spend a few hours with her before the wind picked up and it started raining. I had to leave Mum and race the storm home but ohhhh it was worth it to see Mum so happy....and I made it home before the storm set in.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2nd official weigh in

Last night I went to my 2nd weigh in since I achieved LTM.....its great I only have to weigh officially once a calender month now. I am happy maintaining, I seem to be finding it easy. I would like to eventually get to my personal goal of 65kilo's but I am in no hurry. I am happy doing what I am at the moment....and not ready to get into lose mode again yet. I spent over 18 months losing weight, and have enjoyed these last 3 months maintaining !! I have had so much encouragement from all my friends and family since I made goal and LTM espesially from my online friends...and that includes all you lovely blogger friends!! THANK YOU !!! How can I fail with all that support?? It's really great as I thought once I got to goal and LTM people would think I don't need the support anymore.....but believe me I do, it helps soooooo much !!!
Anyways last night I weighed in at 67.5 which was 800grams down from last month weigh in ..........and 100grams down from my scales.....