Friday, March 29, 2019

Just quickly...

Weighed in this morning as I have a busy weekend. I really didn't have the best week, what with being sick still, the kids, work....some of my food was just grab and eat. Nothing bad, but sometimes just not right. Too tired too cook and prepare proper meals. Anyways another 200g gone. Hopefully this weekend I can keep some keto control happening.

Our little Miss Snugglebug turned 1 on Wednesday and tomorrow we are having a little party here for her...

Just where has that time gone. From the great occasion we found out Kylee was pregnant, then the joy of finding out it was twins, to the sadness that one didn't make it, to watching Kylee grow her, the birth and the absolute delight (and noise) she brings into our life. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Another week down...

It hasn't been the best week health wise. I have suffered and still suffering with a head cold/sinusitis and I am over it already. What with work and the little ones I have been feeling pretty blah I can tell you. 

Our best friends and us were meant to be off on a holiday later this year...but that has been canned. They have bought a block of land and just can't afford to go on 2 trips in the one year. (They already committed to a trip away in September)
Sooooo I have been on hubbies back getting him to see if we are going to go anywhere. I would love to get away for a few weeks at least this year.  Anyways will see what happens. Would love to just pack up and hop in the Toyota and just drive and see where the road takes us...

Anyways today was weigh in day. It was goodbye to another 600g....

Monday, March 18, 2019

A win....

Another week has scooted by. 
It hasn't been without its stresses but we have managed to ride them and carry on.
The ex objected to the vro and they have to go to court on the 2nd of April. He and Kylee have some mutual friends, a married couple, and he has been harassing them with calls and texts to the point that they are over it and him big time!! But he has revealed to them that his lawyer has told him not to try to override the vro as he hasn't got a chance of it happening. They have told Kylee this and also told him to fuck off and leave them alone.

Its been tough on us all. I have the kids from Thursday night to Monday night. I dearly love them but boy are they hard work. I have started to take supplements (vitamins) as I am constantly drained...but I wouldn't change a thing. 

With all happening I was able to stick to plan and was delighted to see a kilo loss this week. 

I am off to be bed early tonight, I need a good night sleep. And a lay in bed in the morning with no demanding little bodies wanting me....

Saturday, March 09, 2019

A gain this week...

A terrible week this week....a lot of eating on the run...and though I tried to eat Keto it didn't always work that way.  Too much snacking didn't help either but the stress levels were high.
Kylee's situation escalated to the point that we had to go and get legal advice, which we did.
End result, a violence restraining order was put on her ex to stop him from having contact with her or the kids.  His intimidating threats and bullying phone calls and texts that Kylee had recorded/saved were enough for the magistrate to grant her the vro.  
He was getting worse daily, he wanted to control Kylee's life and was trying to manipulate her into doing as he wanted. He was even telling William his Mummy didn't like/love him. Who does that to a little 5 year old boy ?  William adored his Daddy and is going to find it hard without him...BUT he bought this upon himself. I hope he goes and seeks some help...he is mentally unstable. 
I can tell you this last week has been horrid....glad the vro is in place and we can try and move forward.  
Tomorrow I board the Keto train 100% again and see if I can remove this kilo I have gained. 

Friday, March 01, 2019

Weigh in day

Whether you want to loose weight, like me, or get fitter and healthier... it's not going to happen overnight! But if you just keep working at it a little each and every day, over time you will look back and be amazed at how much you've improved! I look back to when I started on the 16th January to now and I am amazed how far I have come. Since the start I have not been inclined to indulge or cheat. I have found ways to keep my carbs low and yet  indulge in foods that I love. I am winning.... The weight is coming off slower now than it was in the first few weeks, but if each week I shed a few hundred grams I will be happy. My clothes are fitting me better...I feel better and my skin feels great.  500g off today. I weighed in a day early as I have a early shift at work tomorrow morning.

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Talking about was no uniform and crazy hair day at school Uncle Shawn did Williams hair for him. He donned his favourite clothes and went to school with a grin from ear to ear...he LOVED his hair. One happy man. 

And look at this little Miss..
Was a hot night the night before last so kept her out playing longer than normal...I couldn't resist taking this pic....

Loves these little ones.
They hard work, have had them 6 nights this week....helping out Kylee due to her shifts and the ex changing his access night plans. But when they give you such happy smiles like these two do it makes it all worth it.