Monday, September 10, 2018

3 years

They say as time goes by it does get easier...phewwwww I don't know about that!!
Today is 3 years since you left us Paul, but it hurts as much today as the day you left us. 
You would be so proud of Tanya and the strength she has shown....but you would beam with pride at your kids. Caity has been the tower of strength to Tanya, Ashlee is a mini you, she walks just like you did and Matty has your grin and infectious laugh.   Luke is struggling so much still, he regrets so much that he wasn't around more.
So you do live on in your kids....and our memories but hell I wish you were here. 


Thursday, September 06, 2018

My roster at work of late has been horrible. Have two girls off sick/holidays so we all been doing extra comes in handy though. Also throw in babysitting overnight grandkids 2 nights a week..
The roster change meant weight watchers meetings were few and far in-between. The one I could get too was closed down because of lack of attendance and my roster changes made the other 2 not viable.
So I put meetings on hold for a month. 
Don't know if that was good or bad as it threw all my good intentions out the window...and ate.
Been trying to get back on track since but its been hard. I went to Drs the other day to get thyroid tablet prescription done and told her about my troubles.I now have a big bruise on my arm from blood tests...Doc thinks my thyroid levels may have done a nose dive!!
Anyways...I aint no quitter so I'll keep on trying...I want this weight off!!! Its only me that can do it. 

I have Shawn's kids every 2nd weekend as respite for their foster mother. They are no problem...too addicted to their social media to get into much!!  They love their Dad, they love the change in him as we all do.