Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I leave 2013 with Kylee bringing home William, happy and healthy ready to grow into 2014.
He is the bright light of 2013 for us and of course Kylee.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, may 2014 bring you all good health, a little wealth but above all love and happiness. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby has arrived..

We have totally fallen in love with our newest family member, WILLIAM STUART. He was born at 9.17am this morning by cesarean section. 
A BIG boy, weighing in at 9lb 110z and 52 cm long.
A very placid babe, content to feed and sleep….so far.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have a very Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to one and all. Take care and be safe over the festive season. 

We are not going far over the break…I will be working….and waiting the birth of our grandson.

              MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This is dear daughter…nearly ready to pop last week. This week she was scheduled to have her cesarean as bub is not interested in turning out of his breech position. Today as she had not received word from the hospital as to when she was scheduled her and Garry visited the hospital and they were informed that a place had NOT been booked for her!!!!  Now she has to wait for her due date late NEXT week unless of course she goes into labour before then….and they will do an emergency cesear. 
I was soooo looking forward to meeting my little grandson on Friday….now I have to wait…..very impatiently.

I too am disappointed in myself….I can't get myself back on track. My clothes are getting tighter and tighter….and I am finding some things at work a real chore to do, because of the weight.  I HAVE TO do something and do it soon, or I am going to find myself right back where I started in 2004….fat, very fat. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Christmas gathering..

 This is me and my mum. My brother bought her up for the gathering and it was lovely to see her looking a lot better than she has been.  She has been rather unwell, was loosing weight she can't afford to lose and hadn't been sleeping much but now she has settled into her new flat, made friends and established a garden she is a lot better.
And above are all my little and not so little grandees and great nieces and nephews with my Christmas elf dil Tracey. Missing is Jess, who was there but was leaning up against a pole and I couldn't get her in the pic, Luke, my eldest grandson who was at work, and a great niece and nephew. There were 16 kids running around, aged 2 to nearly 12…11 were my grandee's. What an awesome day it was. 

Yesterday we had Kylee's appointment to try and turn baby. I was so proud of my girl, she endured so much pain and discomfort as Dr tried to get him to turn, but unfortunately his head is up under Kylee's ribcage and he stubbornly refused to move. My poor girl cried in disappointment. A caesar has been booked for next week…won't tell you the date, a mumma to be has to have some secrets ehhh? But there is still a chance the little man can turn between now and then…fingers crossed he does. 

My weight…well so much for a good week, we'll leave it at that and try again this week. 

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Counting down...

This is the ultrasound pic of my next grandchild….Kylee's little man. I love this pic.
She had to have a ultrasound yesterday to see if he was still breech…which he is, but everything else is all okay. 
On Friday she is going to see a specialist to see if he can be turned…hope so, Kylee doesn't want to have a caesar unless she has to.

I have woken up with a headache this morning, trying to get rid of it before work this morning…

Weigh in day too…a small gain, next week will be better.