Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another week down….

Another week has flown by….a week with lots of work shifts, but the $'s are needed…only 7 weeks and we are off on holidays again.
Monday was a day off so picked up Shawn and took him to meet his kids after school and have some fun with them. Unless I organise it he won't do it, things aren't the best between Shawn and the kids mothers partner. Its stupid stubborn pride on his part and I can't get him to realise how much the kids do miss him, especially the eldest girl Skye. 
Anyways most of the weekend off for me, only have a 6 hour shift to do on Sunday which will be finished at 12 then Monday is a public holiday too. I am picking up the 2 boys for a sleepover on Friday night, taking them back on Saturday and picking up the girls and I don't think I am going to get them home till Monday. They love staying here…and I enjoy having them. 

Weigh in today, a 400 gram loss this week…onwards to next week. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another week….

Another week has slipped by. I stayed 98% on track and had a loss of 100grams…totally disappointed in that, but hopefully next week the results will be better.
Ted's late brothers daughter got married on Saturday, it was a horrible wet and windy day, but Serena's smile shone through..she was a stunning bride. Her cousin gave her away. Tahan was involved in a traffic accident a few years ago and has a few disabilities…but those weren't even apparent to anyone as he escorted her to her groom. 
The reception was in a gorgeous location up in the Ferguson valley. It wasn't a sit down reception, just a mingle and nibbles were bought around all night. I drank diet coke and water as I was the skipper and ate only what was in my pp allowance for the night.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A gain...

After my absolute shit week 2 weeks ago, I decided on a "no weigh" last week to give myself time to sort my head out, find my "mojo" again. Well I had a reasonable week last week, got back on track, well 90% on track, upped the exercise and got my head ready for a weigh in. 
Weigh in showed a 1.2 gain…yep disappointed but it was no surprise. 
This week I am "with it" and have put a lot of thought into my food, and after browsing my old old way back when I got to goal books, I am ready to give this my best shot.
Under 10 weeks to go before we head off on our drive across the nullabor to Queensland …I hope to have lost at least 5 kilo's before then. I just want to fit back into my clothes properly again and be comfy travelling. 

Late night trading every night of the week has just been introduced here so all my hours are to be adjusted to fit in with that. Roster goes up tomorrow….fingers crossed that the hours will suit me. Going to be a few growls if they don't…..

Monday, May 04, 2015

No weigh tomorrow...

It's been a tough week, been walking around in a dream. Eating comfort food and not caring, just couldn't get my head in the right space. Yesterday I managed a half decent day, the best I have had in a damn long time so this morning I awoke and decided enough was enough and I had to stop this dillydallying. I hopped on my scales, saw what damage I had done to myself and started organising myself to get on the right road. Tomorrow is weigh in day, I am having a no weigh, but will go to the meeting, I need to do that. 
In 10 weeks I am off on holidays, we are driving across the nullabor, visiting friends in South Australia, New South Wales, Canberra before heading up to Rockhampton in Queensland and spending time with some very good friends.  I want to be a comfortable weight again, since the cruise I have only managed 1 good week where I lost that 1.5 but I have regained that plus more…nearly back to where I was after the cruise. 

Kylee is back in Carnarvon safely. She had drama's on the way back, she witnessed a fatal accident right in front of her then had to stop and use her first aide to one of the cars passengers. Poor girl said it was terrifying witnessing it all play out in front of her, so much so she had nightmares all that night. So proud of her strength, being first on the scene she pushed all her fears aside and did what she was trained to do till more help arrived.

Kylee and Garry came down for a wedding, Kylee's best male friend. Some pics of them above. I got the dress she was wearing off a Bidding Wars site for just $6.00, it so suited her. 

William had his first haircut while here too….he kept that awesome smile of his right up till Kylee took the lollypop of him coz he was dribbling it all over his shirt…they had to change him. I managed to get a cute grin out of him before he was changed.

Right…off to a better week...