Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my hubby

Rain clouds over the ocean
Sunset in the sand dunes
Road down to the coast
Caity and Ashlee checking out a sea sponge
Dear hubby

 Happy Birthday to my man today....xxxx

Happy belated wishes to eldest grandie,  Luke,  on Anzac Day he turned 15

Today is the last of the birthdays for this mad month of birthdays for is my mans. He is at work today after the easter/anzac long weekend.
Pics above were taken on our few days away, we drove down the coast on Saturday and came back on a wet and windy Monday. Had a relaxing time away and enjoyed the break....hubby needed it.
Op time is coming up real quickly...Friday is the big day. Yep...I am scared, hope it all goes well....and I recover quickly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And more birthdays....

Mathew with his pressie from Pop and Jenna
                                                       Happy Birthday Hannah

Have had a very busy week with work and birthdays so far. Monday I worked my 1st full shift as a cleaner in my local shopping center. At the end of the day boy was I footsore...but happy. I was kept busy the whole day and I enjoyed the work and the social aspect of the job.  Straight after work it was up to see Matthew and give him his pressie and  his birthday cuddle...
It was also Hannah's birthday Monday too....but I had given her her parcel on Kalebs birthday last Friday. But I called in and had a cuppa with her today...she was enjoying a visit from Jaydene and Shayden. She told me Kaleb has his 1st overnight stay next week in the lead up to him coming home...:-)
Today was weigh in day...very happy to report the scales were down 1.2  And so they should be....I worked darn hard to do that. This new pro-points is great,  but I find I really have to work hard to get a decent loss....the "slush" fund (the 49 weekly points) is very tempting .... so this week I used all my 29 points on as many "filling foods" as I could and didn't touch the "slush fund" at all!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday grandies

                                                          Little Kaleb turned 2 on Friday. 
We had a little birthday party here yesterday when Shawn had his access visit with all his kids.
                                                   Caitlin turned 9 on the 14th
Picture is her (with sister Ashlee looking over her shoulder) looking delighted with the West Coast Eagles doona we gave her for her birthday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another week gone.....

Very funny mum !!!

That lovely lady above is my Mum. This was taken yesterday when I met up with her in Bunbury when a friend bought her up for the day. I have been very worried about her, and she is stressing out some herself as she has been going to the Drs to get some moles burnt off & cut out. She has one being cut out tomorrow which is quite a nasty looking one....but its her blood tests results we are concerned about. All the blood test results that came back were great except her liver. Her liver worries us as in 1994 she had liver cancer. Surgery was very major with pieces that were cancerous taken from both sides of the liver and then months of chemo.  Next Thursday the 21st she is booked in for scans/ultrasounds on her liver. We pray that all is okay, mum is now 82 and though healthy we are not sure if she is strong enough to deal with anything major!Weigh in this morning, I stayed the same. My fault, although I did have 30 excersise points I used up the whole of my 49  weekly points on a sugar overload! All the walking just evened out the overload!

My new job starts officially on Monday with a shift from 9.30 to 4.30....geeee what a change that is from the farms hours.  This job is only going to be part-time with so far only 12 hours a week, but I will also be filling in for any of the other girls when they are sick or on leave.

Monday I saw my surgeon re: my veins and my op is scheduled for April 29th. It is as he thought, the deep veins in my thighs are the worst and the ones he is very concerned about, so thats what he is going to concentrate on in surgery. He said it would be too much to do the whole legs in one go.  Plus he is hoping that just doing the thighs it will relieve the pressure in the ones in my lower legs. He will review everything in 6 months time.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Its quiet....

Geeeeee blogger world is very anyone here??

Not much happening on the home front. I was offered a job the other day, as a cleaner in shopping centre, so after going out to see my boss at the farm I have accepted it. I have someone coming to see me today to tell me all about it, hours etc.

The farm is very quiet. Its so dry, crops have been blown away in the dust (just seeded one's), have had no rain since heck knows when, the dams are nearly empty or empty so crops are limited! The farm actually looks terrible....the worst I have seen it in the 9.5 years I have worked there.

Anyways boss said accept this job as they can't offer me anything till July, and please consider them then as they need me. Nice to be appreciated ehhhh?

On the weight front...welllllllll thats slow but it is going down, 400 grams lost at weigh in this morning.

ohhh the pic was taken at a place called Cockatoo Lake in South Australia on our way home from Tassie.